San Francisco NASL Expansion Group Reveal Logo

San Francisco


A leading candidate in the NASL’s next round of expansion has been San Francisco, and it now appears the group involved with bringing a professional club to the city is one step closer to becoming a reality.

This week, those who signed up for the group’s mailing list at were treated to an early look at the future club’s logo.

San Francisco

The logo is made up of the colors red, black and grey. The city’s initials are prominently showcased in an overlaid pattern in the center of the logo.

What might throw the public off is the unique triangle shape of the potential logo. The expansion group provides a few clues as to the thinking behind the decision on its website. The first is that the logo is a broad way to represent the role triangles have played in shaping modern tactics in the sport, with the tiki-taka style of Barcelona being mentioned as a prime example. On a more local level, the triangle is meant as an homage to the Red Triangle; the name given to the geographic region that extends from Sonoma, out to the Farallon Islands, and down to Monterey Bay.

An official announcement on the San Francisco group’s admittance into the NASL could come as early as February. NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson confirmed to EOS in a recent interview that the league is in serious discussions with multiple groups in the western half of the United States and several expansion groups could be revealed over the next two months.


  • ryan

    I hope it’s just a joke. They put out a crazy name earlier this year so hopefully this is another “prank”

  • Lou

    Is this the part where I should wish disease upon the logo and you? <3

  • Rebel Fighter

    I don’t know which logo looks worse the San Francisco or Oklahoma one.

  • Mrs. Garber

    RedBull NJ has the worst logo in all of sports.
    I’m a closet redbull fan.

    • Cosmo

      Tell me about it, their name, their identity, their stingy owner.
      It’s time for garber to give them reality check. If Rapids do end up getting Howard, Carlos vela and another big dp, then red bull fans should really ask for a new owner.

      • MTF

        You’re delusional. The Red Bulls had arguably their best season ever in 2015 with a real team, and no costly DPs. Fans have enjoyed three years of success. They are turning into one of the best run organizations in MLS. Do you really think Tim Howard would be an upgrade over Luis Robles at this stage of his career? I sure don’t. You’re the fellow who just repeats ad nauseum: “Red Bulls owners should get Ronaldinho, Carlos Vela, Zlatan, Neymar, Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Steph Curry…”.

        • Nat Mac

          Tim Howard does not need to be in New York.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t get my point. I’m not saying Howard should go to red bull, I’m saying IF from all the teams, the rapids spend more money than red bull for some good dps, it will be really depressing for red bull fans.
          New York is a huge market and red bull has nothing.

          • MTF

            Red Bull has nothing…except two Supporters’ Shield wins and two conference finals appearances in the past three seasons. What’s your hang up about spending money and signing big name DPs? So the Rapids might sign Tim Howard. Big deal! The Red Bulls are winners. Your argument is moot.

      • Soapy & Sal

        Red Bull bankrolled a new stadium (which is one of the best in MLS), a brand new training facility, and spent millions on DP’s. Not sure how they can be called cheap or stingy. The decision to have a smaller pay roll was not a Red Bull decision. As a RBNY fan I’m actually pretty happy with the direction they are heading in, even if that involves not dropping tens of millions on big names. If MLS continues to grow, over time RBNY should be able to create their own stars.

        • Scott

          The way RB operates their organization right now is the best its been in there history. So keep saying that if the Rapids spend more then that’s sad because that statement is false.

  • Cosmo

    San Francisco should be in MLS, simple as that. California is gold for MLS, too bad Sacramento jump the gun before San Diego and San Francisco.
    Back when the league started and San Jose lost their team, I thought San Diego, San Francisco would end up with an MLS team and LA with another one, but the opposite has happen, San Jose has a team and Sacramento wants in.
    If the money is there, then let them have MLS. San Diego is a no brainier, San Francisco is too good to be let go, now imagine nasl adding another nasl New York team.

  • Anthony

    Logo is, uh, interesting…honestly, NASL just needs a couple west coast teams to get USSF off their nuts. Just hope the ownership is really good and committed, that’s most important for NASL right now.

  • Arsenal 10023

    Good for the NASL. They are finding soft spots in the MLS network and filling in strategically. I like downtown Chicago move and now this San Francisco move….plenty of other big cities that MLS will miss that are great markets.

    NASL gets to 20 teams and they should push for D1 status…then their next move should be promotion/relegation.

    • Philip

      Who would they do that with? Maybe the independent USL teams?

      • Arsenal 10023

        Yes. Independent USL teams would be good candidates as many of them will likely have greater aspirations than being a farm system for MLS. In addition, I believe there are likely to be some good candidates coming up from the NPSL…Chattanooga as an example.

        • Philip

          I would love to see that get MLS on board with pro/rel.

          • Arsenal 10023

            It is highly unlikely that MLS will ever get onboard for pro/rel. The owners of MLS (many of whom are NFL owners) are looking to run MLS like the NFL. They want to dominate the US market and run soccer like a monopoly….they do not want any competition.

            NASL wants to do it like the rest of the world, while MLS is adopting NFL/NBA/MLB league structures.

            What type of league structure is best? TBD.

            • Philip

              A closed shop probably but it is so boring. I will continue to dream though.

            • johnny99

              MLS may not want any competition (honestly, what business owner does), but the NASL is competition. Maybe not very good competition now, but there’s nothing stopping the NASL from elevating the league to a level that competes with MLS.

              The NASL isn’t there yet, and although they talk a good game I have my doubts that they can ever get there. What they need are more owners with the money and the ambition to build real facilities and start signing the better players that now are going to MLS.

  • John

    Horrible logo looks like a child designed it.

    Another NASL failure .

    League is so minor league

    • The Don

      Yes, it lacks the artistic integrity of LAFC’s scintillating logo and name. Now THAT was brilliant!

  • Soapy & Sal

    This should be good for the NASL; developing a presence in key west coast cities. At some point they need to really get the ball rolling on the stadium fronts and have the ability to better control revenue. It was a major benefit to MLS and the NASL would be smart to learn this lesson – hopefully they are. Soccer history in America has clearly shown that teams who continue to rent facilities with no long term plan are on shaky ground financially.

    • HydraHamster

      Most NASL teams have stadium plans, but not in a rush compared to MLS. As a new team, it’s smart to understand the fan base before building a stadium. That’s what Miami is doing. Chicago Stings, Indy Eleven and the New York Cosmos are trying to build a stadium. Miami FC is waiting to see how it’s fan base look like before make a stadium plan (which is smart) and Rayo Oklahoma is also looking at stadium plan (but not in a rush).

      The Fort Lauderdale Strikers, Tampa Bay Rowdies (who need to either expand it into more of a standard soccer stadium or move) and FC Edmonton all have their own stadiums.

  • Kevin

    Is there a name for this team? Did I miss it?

    • Anonymous

      San Fransico Fairies

      • HydraHamster

        Oh…. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Please tell me it’s not true? That would be the most random name yet.

    • Anonymous

      The Anal Warriors.

  • Aljalikeakick

    This looks like one of those things a shrink gives you and says ‘What do you see?”

  • george

    nasl is low level minor league, they can’t even beat USL teams

    • Dr. FREUD

      Ah, Larry. You know only one song on your piano and you play it constantly. You are the Rain Main of American Soccer.

  • RMc

    It’s not *horrible*…I mean, we’re not talking about the Caribous of Colorado here…

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