From the End Line: NYRBII’s The Rampage


Red Bulls II logoEoS has asked representatives from the supporters groups of all the local teams to contribute to the site with updates and news about the teams they follow. The Rampage, which supports New York Red Bulls II, is up first.

The state of the New York Red Bulls II right now is good from what I can see.

The club has only two home games left out of the seven remaining in the United Soccer League season. Those two games are on Saturday, Sept. 2 (against the Tampa Bay Rowdies) and Saturday, Sept. 30. Both games are set to kick off at 4 p.m.

The team hasn’t performed like this did last season but we still show up, support and have a good time. Our supporters group, The Rampage, has been great this season and we are definitely looking to expand our membership for next season. This year, we have learned a lot as far as what it takes to run a supporters club. We’re hoping to get more people on board for next season and are already planning what our scarf design for our members will look like.

We are encouraging more people to show up next year. Montclair State’s Soccer Park has been a great venue from RBII this season and I, for one, love watching people show up to the matches and have talked to a few of the regulars about joining our group. The stadium is intimate and an all-around good experience. Jamie Ponce and Willy Whitelaw from the front office have been really great for our club as well and we really appreciate everything they have done for us and for RBII. We both look forward to expanding our relationship for next season.

We are a small, passionate group of supporters who show up to MSU to support the boys on the field. Since this is our first year, we’re not nearly as popular or as big as the senior teams Supporters Groups, but we’re hoping one day we can get there. We have been inspired by other USL clubs groups (Cincinnati, Louisville, Phoenix to name a few) and the size of their groups. Our goal is to one day be at their level. It’s hard to judge that though because of the size of the New York/New Jersey market and the abundance of other local teams and sports. Not downplaying their support but they just don’t have the level of other sports in the area.
As far as our group, we are immensely grateful for the people who are there every match. Their support and dedication has been great. We’re working on our scarf design for next year, and will see if our club can get an actual patch that represents The Rampage and we’re going to try to get to more away matches next year.
We had a successful trip to Bethlehem, Pa., in July, and ended up going with about 30 people to support the boys for the full 90 minutes. It was great to see that support on a Sunday for this team. Something that we hope to build on in the coming years.
Our Facebook page is here.