Frustrations lead to suspensions for NYCFC



HARRISON, N.J. – New York City FC felt the heat and the frustration Sunday afternoon against the New York Red Bulls. And their hot headedness will result in four players suspended — and possibly their manager as well.

Ethan White was sent off for two yellows; R.J. Allen, David Villa and Federico Bravo were also cautioned. All four players will be suspended for NYCFC’s match against the Colorado Rapids next Saturday.

Patrick Vieira was dismissed from the touchline during the first half water break but dismissals don’t necessarily guarantee that there will be an automatic suspension.

However, Vieira could be disciplined for suggesting referee Mark Geiger’s objectivity was compromised.

“When you put in question the referee’s credibility before the match begins, that can have an impact,” Vieira said. “I think you will agree that it had an impact on the referee’s performance today.”

As the second half of the match progressed, tensions between the two teams continued to escalate with shoving matches occurring more often. That led to stricter officiating from Geiger who cautioned Allen for a late shove on Sacha Kljestan. Geiger booked Bravo for a late challenge and moments later carded David Villa for failing to retreat for a free kick.

“I have nothing to say,” Villa said when asked of Geiger’s performance. “In my career, 15 years, I think I’ve been successful in never talking about the referees or talking about things outside soccer.”

Thomas McNamara also did not discuss Geiger’s performance nor if Jesse Marsch’s comments about Villa had any effect. Frank Lampard was also booked in Sunday’s loss. He said he’s seen coaches attempt to wind up referees before.

“It’s the oldest trick in the book to complain pregame about the decisions,” Lampard said. “I don’t know what [Marsch] was talking about, but in the last game we played there were some bad tackles on David and [Andrea] Pirlo —but I think it was probably tactical for him to speak like that. And no need, we keep quiet, we wanted to come here and play. Sometimes you have to hold your dignity and hold your tongue. You get beat, you get beat.”

  • Andrew Bissonette

    Whenever we beat NYC, it never seems to be because we were the better team…

    • Smith

      What a bunch of Nancy Boys.

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  • Rest of World

    We want larry!!!!!
    Or is it cynthia these days.
    Fn loser

    • Angry Bill

      Fate has spoken! NEW YORK IS RED!!! I am now the biggest Red Bull supporter on EOS!!!

      Farewell to all you losers who follow the Cosmos! Goodbye to minor league soccer in minor stadiums! Adios to pretending the Cosmos are anything but little league! Ta ta to associating myself with losers, racists, hmophobes, and brain dead morons that follow the Cosmos!

      Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I’m free at last!!!!

      • John

        How can NY be red ? Redbulls are a NJ team same as the NJ Devils. They play, practice and headquartered in NJ. So NJ is red…. Well earned win. … Embrace your jersey roots

        • Smith

          How can NYCFC be a NEW YORK team when 3/4 of their fan base are hipster transplants from the Midwest and the other quarter live in Connecticut? Embrace your Midwestern rpots. Return to Ohio and stay there.

        • Bill Parcells

          …Says the man who’s goes to New York Giants or New York Jets games in East Rutherford, NJ.

      • Pancho villa

        So why are the cosmos in this conversation ? This MLS game looked like a minor 4 division game …. It was horrible , I’m sorry dude , but open your eyes and recognize. That MLS is not very Good …. Thank God we have other options ..

        • Bill Parcells

          Says the man who thinks ‘other options’ include watching a fake minor league team play on a turf lacrosse field with bleachers worse than my high school. All for a chance to play in what’s called a soccer bowl? Whoopee!

          • Angry Bill

            You are so spot on coach! I can only shake my head when I think of all that wasted time I spent following the Cosmos. Thank God I saw the light!

    • The truth

      You won’t hear from Larry for a few weeks now. That fat bastard goes into hiding whenever NYCFCLMNOP loses to the Red Bulls or gets knocked out of the Open Cup by the Cosmos. He’s a Fairweather fan and a jackass.

      • Angry Bill

        You sound like a bitter Cosmos fan my friend. See the light and join me! Don’t waste any more time following the little league Cosmos. Come join me and follow a real team in a real league..

        Believe it or not there is a soccer league in this country that has SSS, media attention and thousands of fans flocking to see the matches. You know, unlike what takes place out in Nassau County.

        Embrace MLS! The truth shall set you free!

  • Upbeat Gunner

    Villa clearly took the yellow on purpose. Geiger told him to get to distance many, many times and gave him more than one final warning. Villa stood there and smiled at him. Finally got the card (and suspension) and goes to the spray line docile as a kitten. What was that about? Why did he intentionally get himself suspended?

    • Daxsucks

      I wondered about that too! I think it’s because with the mid-week All-star game, he may have been told that he might get subbed out in the next game three days later. He’s been sitting on a suspension for his next yellow for a little while. This way, he gets it out of the way so that he only misses a game when he wasn’t going to play the whole game anyway.

      That dude is crafty.

      • slowleftarm

        When Real Madrid players pulled similar nonsense a few years back, they were suspended an additional game. MLS should do the same with Villa.

        • Daxsucks

          Seriously though….how could you prove that? He would have been eligible to play in the Saturday game… just makes a lot more sense that he did it on purpose than refusing to step back for no reason.

          And if the league doesn’t suspend guys for the flailing around trying to draw penalties…then they can’t suspend for suspected intentionally getting a yellow. I thought a sniper had picked off some of those RB players. Marsch coaches them well.

  • Angry Bill


    Thank God I finally saw the light and became a supporter of a team in the major leagues! I can kick myself for all that wasted time following the little league Cosmos in the minor league NASL!

    How wonderful to sit in a SSS rather than some dumpy third rate college lacrosse stadium!

    How wonderful to sit in a stadium jammed pack with 25,000 cheering fans! I never saw more than a couple of thousand out in Nassau County. What a difference!

    Oh and what can I say about all that Media attention? The Times! The Post! The Daily News! FOX SPORTS! I never knew soccer got this much attention. These were things I dreamed of when I was a Cosmos fan.

    Goodbye to minor league soccer and all the dim witted, racist, hmophobic tweeners that follow the Cosmos.


    • migz0909

      25,000 lmao please. Good luck in retaining that attendance the WHOLE year. They BARELY even go over 19,000 in their attendance. Pathetic team.

      • migz0909

        Poor as bastards too. Red Bull arena is like $30-$40 most seatings. Yet THEIR fans can’t even afford it to be constant over 20k attendance. Yet at Yankee Stadium, tickets are sky high, their attendance constant 25-30k. please come back when you have real fan base

      • james w

        ok, “they barely get over 19K”, well the cos-shmos are down at 2000 per game maybe, so it is a major vs. minor league difference…

        • james w

          …and the 5000 difference between NY MLS teams does not mean much…

        • Angry Bill

          You are correct james w. I was once an angry, bitter delusional fanboy of the Cosmos, but I saw the light. I had a blast at Red Bull Arena yesterday.

          As an ex-Cosmos fanboy, who knew so many people could attend a soccer match? I honestly thought 1,500 was the norm. I was certain no team in the USA could ever out draw the Mighty Cosmos of New York! Imagine my surprise when I saw all those peeps at RBA!

          I just ordered my Dax McCarty jersey from the MLS Store. What should I do with the Cosmos jersey I have? At first I wanted to give it to a homeless guy, but I figured he has a rough enough life as it is.

          • james w

            use the cos-shmos jersey to wipe your ass with, that’s about all it’s good for as the nasl will fold in a couple years – their teams can’t even pay their people, are folding due to relegation (what a great system that is!), or leaving for other better leagues like MLS or USL…

            • The Don

              Yes, you tell them, Larry. You are a good man servant. Lie beside me like a lamb in the field and I shall protect you from relegation and promotion and terrible things like free market cspitalism. NFL soccer loves you, Larry. Be my concubine and I will reward you.

              • Larry\’s A Simpleton

                Oh bitter bitter f,cosmos fans.. how sad. hoe embarassing. i feel so sorry for you.

                • What Larry Really Means

                  My butt is bleeding from the whipping my team took Sunday.

                  I am a desperate and lonely man and I hate myself.

                  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

                    u spend far far to much time obsessed with my butt. then again as a f.cosmos fanboy i guess male butts gets you all hot and bothered. come out of the closet opencupfan. liberate yourself.

                    • William

                      I thought I told u to shut up

            • slowleftarm

              You are so pathetic all 4 foot 3 of you.

              • slowleftarm

                What a shock – right after Angry Bill posts, there is a fake post from Angry Bill posing as me. I’d be angry too if my team played in a college lacrosse stadium while the two MLS teams in town play in front of a packed house and on national network TV in one of the best SSS in the country.

                • slowleftarm

                  why am I such a little punk whinning bitch huh why ? are my panties too tight ?

  • Larry n goats

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    Stop using fake names!!!!
    2 years of team glam and all this trash talking. Gotta be coming from same fan.
    Fn loser!!!!!

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      poor bitter loser. you must be embarssed to be a f.cosmos fanboy. red bulls get 25ooo people to the match yesterday, so i guess that make you insane, because the f.cosmos wont get that many in a entire season.

      i smply cant imagine the level of suckitude it must be t0 follow minor crap like the f.cosmos.

      why dont you join you frined angry bill and suport a real team like the red bulls. gawd f.cosmos fans are embarassing

      • Larrrrrrryyyyyyyyy

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        I lost my job at pathmark
        Boooo hoo why dp they make fun of my Mix jersey
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      • William

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        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

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          loser punk ass bitchface. ROFLMAO!

          will the f.cosmos get more than 2ooo this weekend? how come the redbuls can pull in crowds of 25ooo and it takes the f.comsos 1o games to match that number.


          • William

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  • Jolly roger

    We are going to the promised land!! Woohoo!! MLS Cup here we come….on the backs of such pros like Lade,Zizzo,Grella,Duvall….redbulls beat a team lamer than themselves,and all of a sudden we are heroes? I don’t think so boys…they got a long way to go, and with this squad,it ain’t happening. So victories like this,to me, are rather hollow. Woop it up if you want dumasses,but it’s gonna be another year of nowhere.

  • Jolly roger

    Lastly…Jesse has to be the biggest bitch in soccer history. Such over the top whining, that his conduct alone will create enough bad karma all by itself to ultimately stop RB dead in its tracks. Combine that with Sasha and his child molester moustache… got no chance ever

    • William

      for real he is the polar opposite of the great Gio Savarese.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton


        • William

          Larry cmon try to keep up dummy