Garber predicts long wait for NYCFC stadium, credits City for rise in RBNY



Don Garber has a lot to say about the New York soccer scene.

The MLS Commissioner conducted a media roundtable on Thursday touching on several topics, from expansion, to new stadiums, team names and more. In that discussion, he addressed New York City FC’s pursuit of a soccer specific stadium.

“We waited many, many years for the Red Bulls to get their stadium situation resolved and it’s going to take quite some time in the case of NYCFC. But they are laser focused on it,” Garber said. “The partnership with the Yankees is very strong. The games are fun and packed with passionate fans. For now, it’s working really, really well.”

While giving his assessment of the NYCFC stadium search, Garber threw in another notable quote, crediting the recent rise of the New York Red Bulls — to the existence of NYCFC

“NYCFC is a great MLS team. It’s proven that the [New York] market can support two clubs. The Red Bulls are better because NYCFC is in town,” Garber said. “More people care about the sport in a very important city.”

The Red Bulls have indeed experienced a renaissance since 2013, roughly coinciding with the creation stage of NYCFC. However, it is important to note that the Red Bulls were going through a cultural change of their own at the time — one that de-emphasized the big spending days of the Thierry Henry years for a more homegrown, moneyball approach to soccer. That has led to success on the field, including the winning of two Supporters’ Shield trophies in three season.

Nevertheless, Garber points out the growing interest stemming from the Hudson River Derby as fueling the fortunes of both sides.

“Both teams have focused academy and development programs. Both have great commercial partners.

“The rivalry breaks through the professional sports clutter in the Tri-State area,” he states, making for an environment where “both teams are performing very well competitively.”



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  • Troy

    This man is evil !

    • Peter pan

      MLS has a pretty good commissioner. The nba just kinda copied MLS with the type of commissioner and the Nfls suck.
      As a matter of fact, the Nba and NFL need a black commissioner.

      • John Smith

        And a black commisioner would do what exactly?

        • Johnny Idiot

          Make things fair. It’s all about fairness, not competence, don’t cha know?

    • troy

      An imposter.

    • Hernando Peralta

      And you’re a complete a$$hole, big time.

  • Peter pan

    If there’s a city in the US that can support 3 MLS teams, it would be LA or NYC.
    Both markets are massive and full of soccer fans but it will never happen due to MLS expansion plans.
    Even if MLS reaches 32 teams, it will not happen, due to the high demand of MLS expansion.

  • Just a bit of news for Garber is that there are three teams in NY… Two are in MLS and the NY Cosmos in NASL. As dominant as the Cosmos have been they could just as easily be dominant in the MLS if they could get THEIR stadium situation resolved. I love NYRB, but I love the Cosmos just as much and they deserve an equal amount of respect and praise.

    • FLACO

      A cosmos team playing in a dysfunctional league like nasl where teams get announce and fold with out ever playing.. Okc is done at the end of the season Minnesota left to better things in mls ft lauderdale cant play players and draw 20 people on a good day ottowa is gone next year maybe to usl….. Crap attendance thru out nasl **** facilities thru out nasl… The cosmos are insignificant in every single way.. Attendance at 1k to 2k how does that say any one is interested in them.. Nyc is a MAJOR league town and no one gives two shits about minor league nasl… Nasl a league where a team traded one of their players so that the home team theybwere playing would pick up hotel stay costs and meal money… Pathetic… Ny cosmos will fold twice in a life time… You can blame their **** owners and their pipe dream that nasl was going to rival mls in any way…. No way they get astadium for 20k when they have shown that 2k only show upnwhen there is nothing better to do…. Thats the damn truth it hurts but its the reality they are in… Poor train wreck… Steve ross weeps in the after life seeing his cosmos in the hands of unambitious people..

      Up nycfc the present the future of nyc soccer

    • Dean

      Even if the cosmos are on par with mls teams skill wise they wont get respect because they are in NASL.

  • Peter pan

    Let’s be honest, nycfc has a bright future and nycfc will battle Miami and LAFC/ galaxy to be the IT teams of MLS.
    All cosmos need to do is open their wallet or get new owners and buy red bull.
    Red bull is for sale and they will sell for $450 million.
    If $450 million gets u into MLS with a stadium, a core of fans, facilities, and the cosmos name,what else can u ask for.

    • MTF

      Red Bulls are for sale? Really? Please name your source.

  • James

    I can’t wait until this ******* retires. Giving credit for the success of New York’s 1st team to New York’s 3rd team. Unbelievable.

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