Garber says NYCFC will not follow the path of Chivas USA

New York City FC Unveil_Levine_Garber_Soriano

MLS Commissioner Don Garber concedes that part of the failure of Chivas USA was in its “execution.” A lack of local identity with the Los Angeles market along with an over-reliance on the Chivas Guadalajara name were major stumbling blocks for the team and ultimately contributed to their demise.

“The challenge with Chivas USA is that it did not represent the city in ways that soccer fans, whether they were Chivas Guadalajara fans or otherwise, were embracing,” Garber said. “That was the unfortunate aspect of it. It did not deliver on our expectations of what the original plan would be able to achieve.”

Now, similar concerns surround the coming addition of Manchester City owned New York City FC. Until recently, the nascent club has relied upon the Manchester club to raise self awareness, offering ticket giveaways to English matches and even going so far as adapting the clubs sky blue color scheme.

Is history repeating itself? Garber argues that is not the case.

“I believe that New York City FC is a team that will be very, very focused on trying to be the best possible team it can be in New York and try to be a rival, a strong rival with the Red Bulls, who are also trying to be the best possible team in this area,” he explains. “Both will try to bring in great, great players, whether those players are associated with Man City or associated with Red Bull Austria or not, and try to have local operations that will be embedded in the community and understand the sports business in ways that will deliver on their goals.”

In Garber’s opinion, one negative experience with foreign club ownership of an MLS franchise will not deter the league from seeking out similar options in the future, nor will it cloud the relationship with current owners. This time, with the proper experience and implementation, he feels that the league can make it work.

“So I don’t believe it’s a rebuke of the concept,” he says. “As you know, we’re very very committed to trying to have international clubs invest in our league and help us grow this sport in U.S. and Canada in ways perhaps faster than we would be able to do without those resources.”

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  • JP

    Just look at it has more info about manchester city then nycfc. and the first link at top encourage you to visit
    yeah right nycfc is going to fail so hard. new yorkers don’t a want a mini man city

    • Stan

      Man City USA is just a commercial for Manchester City. RedBull NY is a just a commercial for RedBull energy drink. Nothing more and nothing less.

      • The real Stan

        FYI, above comment was not by me, RBNY4ever, that being said wsw get a life, LMNYAO

  • Anthony

    What an idiot, the problem isn’t if they are good or not it’s the identiy issue, he doesn’t even address it at all!!!

  • Anthony

    Seriously the cosmos are the only thing remotely resembling an authentic ny soccer club around here

    • Stan

      100% true.

  • Garber is absolutely delusional. Listen to how Vague his answers are.

    • The real Stan

      Who cares, the league is less than 25 yrs old, stop acting like a kid that found out Santa isn’t real. Whatever needs to be done to make MLS better lets get that done.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha yeah let’s put a little make believe dust on it & make believe it will get better.

  • Stan

    Well, that proves it. Garber is officially a moron. “Major” League Soccer should not be a home for farm clubs.

    • The real Stan

      Moron, can’t wait till that Moron destroys the NASL

  • regisp

    This is exactly why I support the cosmos and will through the day they get their shot at mls

    • The fake Stan

      Why don’t you just support Long Island Rough Riders? Posers.

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