Geoff Cameron offers support for Trump’s immigration ban



The United States is awash in political opinions and differences. Why should the national team be any different?

In an interview with’s Grant Wahl, Stoke City defender and United States Men’s International team member Geoff Cameron provided support for Donald Trump’s recent executive order that established a travel ban for citizens from several Muslim nations.

“I believe it’s important to support our President whether he was your candidate or not,” stated Cameron. “I am pleased he is making security of all Americans one of his top priorities. Our enemies have stated—and in Europe they have proven—they will take advantage of lax immigration procedures for the purposes of staging attacks. A temporary pause on immigration for the purpose of evaluating and improving vetting procedures makes sense.

“The United States is one of the most generous and compassionate nations. Our ability to care for and support countries and refugees in need resides in our own sense of security. If we don’t feel safe, how can we protect others?”

Cameron’s international teammate Michael Bradley discussed the executive order with Grant Wahl earlier this week, providing a different perspective on the matter.

Michael Bradley opens up on Trump’s immigration ban


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