Georgios Samaras continues training with Cosmos



Quietly, the New York Cosmos and former Celtic striker Georgios Samaras have been sizing each other up for a potential move.

Samaras has been an active participant in New York Cosmos camp for several weeks. In fact, he has been in and around the New York area for the better part of two months. Initially, he fell under the Cosmos radar as a possible summer acquisition. However, back issues derailed those talks and prevented the two parties from coming to an accord. Samaras had a similar issue with Serie A club Sampdoria whom passed up on the imposing Greek striker for the same reasons.

Cosmos head coach and sporting director Giovanni Savarese commented on Samaras training with the club during a conference call two weeks ago. “He has been training with us. He trains with us everyday. He’s with us at practices and right now the situation is that he is in New York,” Savarese offered. “He wanted to have a place to train; he feels very comfortable training with us. He’s getting back his strength and getting back to top shape.”

With both Marcos Senna and Raul set to retire at season’s end, Samaras becomes a likely target for the club in 2016. Like Senna and Raul, Samaras is a club hero, playing with Celtic of the Scottish Premier League for five years, appearing in 171 matches, scoring 53 goals and adding 34 assists for the club. He has also been a fixture with the Greek National team, earning 81 caps and scoring nine goals. He started all four matches for Greece in the 2014 World Cup as well.

At just 30-years-old, a healthy, 6’4″ Samaras would be an admirable addition to the NASL side. While his production has dropped in recent years, his pedigree would be a boon for the Cosmos who traditionally have suffered at the striker position — before this season and the arrival of Raul and Lucky Mkosana of course.

While Samaras continues to train with the club, the Cosmos, New York is focusing in on an important match this weekend. The Cosmos face Fort Lauderdale Strikers at MCU Park on Saturday, 2 p.m. ET.



  • Justin

    A guy with chronic back issues playing on turf. That’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that. It has already ended the career of Raul but I’m sure it will work this time

    • rebel fighter

      He will play only when the Cosmos are at MCU Park

  • Kevin

    I saw him at one of the team practices, you can’t miss him. Maybe he can help the Knicks

  • William

    back issues aside this could be a great move.

    • slowleftarm

      Yeah, washed up injury plagued has-been who’s barely played in a year. Should be a perfect fit.

      • William

        really u should come out to Long Island and say that to his face keyboard warrior.

        • slowleftarm

          I actually did. He said he agreed but thought he could still dupe Cosmos into one more paycheck. He’s probably right.

          • William

            dude u are a major trolle prob a non athlete 5-3 280 pounds eating rotten chili with a bag of Cheetos. get a life !!!!

            • slowleftarm

              Funny, that’s how I always pictured you except heavier and sitting by yourself at the lacrosse stadium wearing a Cosmos shirt.

              • William

                actually played Division 1 baseball and tennis. I can serve a tennis ball about 110 mph. and u ?

      • Resguard

        ha, keyboard warrior ><