Grabavoy to file for free agency after NYCFC declines contract option



Ned Grabavoy will declare for free agency after New York City FC declined his contract option, Empire of Soccer has learned.

The 32-year-old Grabavoy has played in MLS for 13 seasons allowing him to be eligible for free agency.

Grabavoy was listed as “eligible for Free Agency” in New York City FC’s roster release on Friday afternoon. According to sources, Grabavoy will choose to hit the open market instead of returning to MLS via the re-entry draft. As a result, he is able to negotiate the terms of his next contract with any club in MLS that is interested in him this offseason.

Grabavoy, who will be 33 next week, featured for NYCFC in 26 matches this season, starting 22 games and scoring two goals and netting three assists. He entered the league in 2004 with the Los Angeles Galaxy, selected 14th in the 2004 SuperDraft. He is a two-time MLS Cup winner with the LA Galaxy and then Real Salt Lake.

Under the new CBA, free agency is defined as follows:

[colored_box color=”blue”]“Players 28 years of age and older with eight years of MLS service who are out of contract, or have not had their option exercised, are eligible for Free Agency in 2015, allowing them the freedom to negotiate a new contract with any MLS club, including their previous club, subject to certain restrictions. A player has fulfilled a year of service if they were on a club’s roster prior to August 15 or played in at least one regular season or postseason game in the relevant year. The list of eligible Free Agents will be released on Monday, Dec. 7. Starting at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Dec. 8, Free Agents may engage in negotiations with MLS clubs outside of their previous club.”[/colored_box]


  • Sell Chivas USA 2.0 —> RB NY

    Is it me, or New York has become the soccer hub of the US.
    Cosmos= has drama from stadium issues, they dont like MLS, are delusional and believe in NASL future.
    Red Bull= dont want to get high price Dps like Carlos Vela and believe they will be the best with their academy and their fans are totally brainwashed.I always asked myself, what would they be without their stadium or red bull marketing.
    NYCFC= is hated by all mls fans and their fans defend nycfc like if they had 5 years in the league. Nycfc will spend and be the highroller of MLS and have no stadium plans.
    NY is officially the soccer hub of MLS and America. Imagine if NY had 3 MLS teams with stadium and good owners.

    • HydraHamster

      You have a good point about New York professional soccer clubs. However, most MLS teams would be nothing without forced parity. Over half the league would have problems without force parity because the MLS believe it’s investors/operators would crumble under a sports environment.

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  • john

    It’s great that grabavoy is gone, he was not a good player for NYC, he was Kreiss pet and was played at the expense of developing younger players like Poku.

    • Anonymous

      red bull ny should merge with cosmos ownership.
      Change name to what the area knows soccer as. NY Cosmos. Let mls comissioner shower in nyfc lockers and all is good.

      • BleedingRed

        You Cosmos guys are so desperate to go to the big dance. It sucks being the ugly girl.

      • Anonymous

        Take off the tin foil hat. Would love the cosmos to get their own stadium. Just be realistic about what the NASL can accomplish. It’s not a bad league and I sincerely hope it thrives, but it’s clearly a level below MLS in every aspect.

        The fact of the matter is all three NY teams have good ownership. I guess it’s a sign of progress considering people now complain when owners drop 100’s of mm of dollars into infrastructure and players.

        • Anonymous

          Cosmos have the richest history in the area.
          Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, San Jose Earthquakes, Vancouver Whitecaps all former NASL fanchsises. Adding the biggest one in MLS doesnt make sense. Pele in 1977 made more money than 99.99 % of current MLS players. Adjusted for inflation, I made more playing recreational soccer as a 10 year old in 2001.
          Enjoy redull….its a great drink.
          NYCFC is a glamour play for MLS. They dont have a team in NY otherwise. Redbull not cutting it. They have had 20 mediocre years. Nice stadium, will give them that.

          • Anonymous

            Great point on Deadbull NY!!!!!

  • Charlie Stillitano

    Big name washed up Euro Stars? Check

    Fire the coach and bring in a European with no knowledge of MLS to run things? Check

    High roster turnover? Check

    Playing on field that’s not right for soccer? Check

    Ah, it feels good to be home!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dear MLS Commissioner,
    Have you ever played soccer?
    Do you know anyone players not named David Beckham?
    Do you have any clue about the history and heritage of US soccer?
    Please leave soon!
    League going backwards in honor of your ego.
    It wont last long the way you are running it.
    MISL Commissioner

  • George

    good riddance. God, I hated it when this guy was on the team sheet. HE provided nothing except one freak game in which he score a pair of miracle goals.