De Grandpre: Honoring Metrostars On Red Bull Jerseys


EOS had the opportunity to speak to Head of Commercial Operations Marc de Grandpre.  
In this second of a three part interview,  we discuss the possibility of Red Bulls honoring their Metrostars history on their kits.


If you have followed the New York Red Bulls over the years, you have seen several different mockup jerseys designed by fans attempting to meld the iconic red and black stripes of the Metrostars era with the logo and shield of the New York Red Bulls.

The idea behind each has always been the same; giving a nod to the team’s roots and history while celebrating their current success.

That school of thought has become the fixed message of the Red Bulls’ marketing department.  In our first installment of this series, Head of Commercial Operations Marc de Grandpre tells EOS of the Red Bulls’ attempt to reconnect and strengthen their ties to the Metrostars years.

Will that change in philosophy also mean a push towards a third jersey honoring the team’s past?  Or even a representation of the Metro years on their home and away kits?

For the first time since the Red Bull takeover, the answer seems to be yes.

“As we are focusing on our history, our experience and our fans, part of it is exploring all options on how we can honor our history on the jersey,” De Grandpre tells EOS.  “All ideas are on the table right now.”

Does that mean a red and black striped jersey with the Red Bull logo across the chest?  That remains unlikely.  Proprietary guidelines from the Red Bull organization as well MLS and Adidas limit the usage of the Red Bull logo to certain color schematics.  To put it in simple terms, you would not see the Coca Cola logo on a blue background.  The brand demands that the recognized red and white design remain true and constant to preserve identity.  That, in part, makes the popular black and red stripe designs floated by fans a near-impossibility.

But it isn’t just Red Bull that represents an obstacle in that sense.  MLS and Adidas as a designer set clear color guidelines to separate and accentuate team brands league wide.  Add on to that an effort from MLS to discourage third jerseys, and it would seem New York would be fighting an uphill battle in their quest for Metro representation.

Nevertheless, next year will be the team’s 20th anniversary, and De Grandpre is set on representing their history in kit form — and merchandise.

“The league is trying to shy away from third jerseys, but that is a hurdle we will obviously have to overcome if it is going to happen,” he states.  “If it’s not a third jersey, we are looking for subtle ways to [represent the Metrostars] on our current jerseys.

“We are trying to look at all the options and make sure we can in every way possible give a wink, nod and honor our history through our jerseys. Third jersey or current jerseys next year — we are looking at all options.”

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  • DannyD

    A wink?

    We all have other ways to spend our time and money, Marc.

    Make us happy or we won’t support your “club”

    New Name, New Badge, New Kit.

    • Hell. Yes. Bring back the real identity, badge, kit. Is a jersey and stadium sponsorship not enough? They just don’t get it it. The irony is, they would make more money bringing back the Metrostars, but they’re too dumb to realize it.

  • Strange since most leagues seem to like third jerseys because it means more merchandise for fans to buy

  • Anonymous


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  • Don’t blow smoke up our asses, granola man. Honor Metro strongly and eternally.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t drink the kool-aid… Errr Energy drink.

  • James in LI

    We demand a rebrand

  • That’s an attractive kit, for sure. I still would love to Red Bull to scale back their identity in the name of the club. It’s impossibly hard to get over supporting a team named after a well-known energy drink, no matter how much of a connection I have to the team.

    The original name, MetroStars, is no good either. It would be something like New York Athletic or Harrison FC or something better that someone else can come up with.

    I’m more than happy to still be owned by Red Bull, brandish their crest on the Kit, play in Red Bull Arena, and have Red Bull be the brand who supports and owns the club. But, I think it’s important to be taken seriously to change the name of the club to something which fans can identify with more.

    I’ve also said, and still stand by it, that locale is the key to passionate support. More than nicknames, it’s locale. It breeds more local pride and adoration and, crazy concept!, nicknames arise naturally over time. Maybe this club will always be known as the “Metros”.

    • Ya know, thinking about it?

      When a new soccer team shows up actually in NYC (which I’ve dreamed about) with an easier and faster commute and with more money and commitment to bringing in big players… I’d be more likely to continue support a Harrison FC club to which I have a connection to its history than I would a New York Red Bulls club to which I have a connection to its history.

      Hope it helps the people at NYRB understand some fan mentalities.

  • EL Paso tx

    My team is the cosmos, then it was metrostars. I still remember tony meola in his ninja turtle units but my point is, that I want the cosmos back or metrostars in less than 5 years if not MLS is smoking something.
    I really don’t trust red bull ownership, imagine nba naming a team Starbucks Seattle basketball club, makes no sense at all. Red bull ownership need to rebrand and join the cosmos ownership or buy cosmos and simply make red bull the sponsor or simply metrostars.
    Hopefully teams like crew, rapids, fc Dallas and red bull rebrand.
    Colorado can be denver arsenal, due to the owner.
    Columbus pioneers or ohio pioneers
    Dallas should be Dfw united or Dallas united due to all the massive suburbs.
    Red bull, well cosmos or metrostars.

  • Thumbs

    Having foreign ownership is definitely hurting this team. The whole New York thing shows how little these people understand the local population, the managed to insult Jersey people, but they play & practice in Jersey ? So stupid, why not call yourself Metro FCC with the Red bull logo ?

  • speaking of a new jersey, any chance we can actually get NJ represented on the jersey, once again?

  • Anonymous

    vertical stripes even blue and red just make the blue much thinner stripe

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