Happy New Year, EoS Fam!


On behalf of the EoS staff, Happy New Year everyone!

2015 has seen yet another year of growth on Empire. In fact, the site has continuously grown year to year since our inception some four years ago. That is thanks, of course, to you — and to the hard work of our staff and contributors.

As we continue looking forward, we aim to add some new and exciting elements to the site. EoS is working on creating a new podcast to serve all three local teams, adding a video element to give a new perspective on our daily news, growing our online “Shop EoS” and we are already underway on a general overhaul and upgrade to our current site.

We are also expecting a few writers to leave the nest! Our staff works very hard each and everyday to bring you the latest news and sharpest opinions you have come to expect. Without them, we simply do not exist! As we anticipate some turnover, we have already put out word through our social media channels to find people who may be interested in writing for the site. If you are one of them, email us at contact@empireofsoccer.com.

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your continued support! Though the New York soccer scene can be prickly at times (just read the comments section!), we here are a family. The EoS Family. And together, we will march on to a bigger and better 2016.

As we do, we would like to hear from you. What do you want from EoS this year? What can we improve? Be candid. Be real. It only serves to help up.

Have a wonderful, happy, peaceful and prosperous 2016!

Much Love,