“A Heavyweight Fight:” Marsch addresses facing DC United on Seeing Red!



In his first public comments on facing DC United, New York Red Bulls coach Jesse Marsch told Seeing Red! that the Eastern Conference Semifinal will be “like a heavyweight fight.”

“It’s not going to be an easy task. There is a lot behind the New York, DC match-up and rivalry, and so I know maybe on paper it may look like a good match up, but in these types of games, anything can go,” Marsch said. “With the emotion and revenge on DC’s mind, this will not be easy by any means.”

Revenge, of course, stems from DC’s lousy record against the Red Bulls this season. New York are 2-0-1 against their original rivals, outscoring DC 7-2 in that span.

With Ben Olsen at the helm of DC, Marsch knows that he and his club will understand the meaning of this weekend’s match, presenting a tough competition to the high flying Red Bulls attack.

“Their coach primarily and they are a team of great competitors. It is going to be like a heavyweight fight,” Marsch said. “We are going to go out to DC and leave it all out there.”

For more from Jesse Marsch, take a listen to last night’s live show below:

2 shieldz ad Red Bulls

  • Cosmo

    C’mon dc united has a bad team and red bull has had the same team almost for 3 years.
    Revolution should have gotten the penalty and gone to extra time and made it more difficult to red bull soda.
    Red bull will win and face Montreal and Montreal will get them out.
    I got timbers or Seattle vs Montreal.
    I would love timbers vs Montreal .

    By the way if timbers make the western championship game,why not host at Oregon ducks stadium. That would be amazing. Make all tickets 25$ and sell out all the stadium.

    • slowleftarm

      U of Oregon is like 125 miles away from Portland. Why would you mess with the best atmosphere in MLS?

      • Cosmo

        C’mon they can easily get 50 thousand fans.
        30 thousand will easily drive and 20k more can easily also get there from Eugene and surrounding areas.
        Make tickets cheap.

      • Marc

        Seriously? Man I can’t stand Timbers fans. I’m not even sure they like soccer.

    • BleedingRed

      1) DC’s postition at the end of the season: 4th. Rev’s position: 5th.

      2) Number of starters on this year’s RedBulls that were also starters on last year’s team: 5. BWP, Sam, Dax, Perinelle, and Robles.
      Brand new coach and brand new director.

      3) Number of inches either team will give eachother because of a 20 year long rivalry: none.

      • BleedingRed

        Grab your popcorn and sit back for a 2 round slug fest.

        • Cosmo

          It won’t, red bull will win and play Montreal and Montreal is one scary team.
          The west is too wild though.

          • BleedingRed

            A win doesn’t mean non-competitive match. And how can you be so sure that Montreal will beat Columbus? That match should be even more closely contested. As a soccer fan you should know to wait for the last whistle.

  • JS

    Nice scheduling job MLS. This game conflicts with BOTH NY NFL franchises Sunday game day. Yeah, I will record it but it’s anyone’s guess whether I will watch after I already know the result. STOOOOOPID.