Henry on a return to Arsenal: “It’s a wish”


Thierry Henry considers himself a Londoner.  His family resides in London.  The team of his love, Arsenal, is, of course, a London based club.

That combination has made the Gunners the most obvious destination for the departing New York Red Bulls captain.

If it is, however, Henry was not ready to reveal his next move.

“Christmas is arriving soon, so it’s a wish,” Henry told reporters in his final local media availability Tuesday morning. “It’s a wish. Its not something that’s going to happen like this, but it is a wish.”

The shadow of Arsenal has always followed Henry since his departure from the club in 2007.  In fact, since arriving in New York, his presence alone made for not one, but two friendly matches against his former club — both at home and abroad.

Now with his Red Bull career firmly behind him, Henry is entertaining all avenues — whether on the touchline, or on the field.

“I do think I still can play,” Henry admits.

However, there are a plethora of options for him to consider in and around the game, including a much anticipated jump into the coaching ranks. Already, Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger has publicly stated his desire to see Henry return to Arsenal.

“He is an Arsenal man. It was the best moment certainly of his life and of his career has been experienced here,” Wenger told ESPN.  “Certainly one day he will come back here. In what role I don’t know, that is what he has to think about: what direction he wants to give to his next life.”

For his part, the French legend would not presently commit towards any path.

“It’s all a bit blurry right now,” said Henry.  “It’s only a day.  We will see what happens.”

While a return ‘home’ is likely in Henry’s future, he doesn’t plan to fully uproot himself from New York, either.  Unlike his former teammate Rafa Marquez, Henry fully intends to keep his downtown home, and hopes to continue to be visible in and around the organization.

“I will come back and watch some games — if they let me come back and watch some games,” Henry said with a smile.  “I feel like I can come back here and watch some games and be part of the team.”

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