Wenger: Henry To Arsenal “A Certainty” And All The Latest News From Overseas

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has broken his silence.

During a press conference, the Gunner’s manager all but confirmed Thierry Henry’s return to the club of his legend. “For two months it certainly will happen,” Wenger is quoted by the BBC. “I don’t take care of the agreement and insurance and that is not completed We cannot announce anything [now] because the paperwork is not done.”

The Gunners legend and current New York Red Bull captain has been said to have agreed on principle to the terms of a loan deal, and is simply awaiting approval by his current club and Major League Soccer to hammer out the final details over an insurance policy for the 34 year old striker.

… But you already know all that don’t you? Want to get caught up on all the latest? Here are some stories and tidbits to fill in the blanks while you enjoy your cup of coffee and await the final (and seemingly inevitable) confirmation:

– As if Wenger’s proclamation wasn’t enough of a confirmation, the large American outlets are picking up Henry’s loan story, and you know when that happens, something big is brewing. With that said, ESPN Soccernet prominently featured the Henry to Arsenal story, as did Sports Illustrated. Nothing new there mind you, but it is always noteworthy when news reaches that echelon of import.

– Not to be outdone, ESPNUK put their own spin on the news, interviewing former Henry teammate Nigel Winterburn about the expected loan deal.

– No interest from a former Arsenal players views on Henry’s move? What about a current teammate? The Daily Express caught up with Henry’s current Red Bull teammate and striking partner Luke Rodgers, who absolutely gushed over his relationship with the French legend and the prospect of his return to Arsenal.

– How soon will we see Henry in a Gunners kit? Well, earlier reports from the Daily Star claim the time can come as soon as January 2nd against Fulham. The Mirror doubles down on that, claiming Henry will be going through extra training sessions in order to obtain match fitness in a more expedient timeframe.

– And if you think there will be a problem reclaiming his #14 jersey from Theo Walcott … you are wrong. In an effort not to ruffle feathers, the Daily Mail reports Henry will actually don the #12 when he makes his long awaited debut with the Gunners.