Highlights: Philadelphia Union 2-1 New York City FC


  • Carlito Coco Coco Garcia Lopez DeJesus De la Cruz

    Yo, bro, we missed the game. We got stuck in traffic on the way down and we wasn’t able to get there. There was 8 of us stuck in a chevy, listening to music and smokin chuba and eating chicken and smokin marlboros and passing wind. Yo, bro, it was nasty in there so we got outta the car in Trenton to let the coche air out. We met some fine lookin ladies but they wouldn’t get in the car ’cause, yo, it smelled so bad. Then we had a tire that was leakin air so we drove all da way home to da Bronx on the rim so now the car is in the shop. On top of that, NYC lost in stoppage time. This week we gonna take the train to the game, sit next to Fancy Dan Chance Michaels, give him a wedegee, rip some potent ones and cheer the team on the way. Then we going to Sin City after the game. Word.