“Homesick” Morris shuns Werder Bremen for hometown Sounders

Jordan Morris Sounders


The questions over Jordan Morris’ future are finally over.

In a shocking turn of events, the Stanford University product turned down Werder Bremen in favor of a move to Major League Soccer with his hometown, Seattle Sounders.

The Seattle Sounders made official the signing of U.S. Men’s National Team starlet Morris to a Homegrown deal, believed to be the largest compensatory package to a homegrown in league history.

“Today we’re excited and proud to officially welcome Jordan back into the Sounders FC organization,” Seattle Owner Adrian Hanauer said in a club statement. “Jordan and his family have a long history with our organization, so it’s a pleasure to make him the seventh Homegrown Player in club history. As one of the most promising U.S. Soccer prospects in recent memory, we’re thrilled to have him join the club as we move into our eighth season in Major League Soccer.”

Hours prior to the official announcer, Bremen CEO Thomas Eichin cited that the 21-year-old was “homesick” as the primary reason for Morris’ decision to turn down the club’s offer.

“Jordan was homesick,”Eichin told Blid. “It’s better that Jordan says how he feels straight away. It would have been more problematic after three, four weeks.”

With Werder Bremen out of the picture, Morris put the speculation to rest with a tweet early Thursday afternoon, just prior to his official club announcement.

“We’ve been following Jordan for a long time and have been impressed with his athleticism, work rate and finishing ability,” Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid said. “He’s also a guy with great character and a strong family who we know very well, so we think he’ll be a great fit for our team.”

Bremen based newspaper Weser Kurier had previously reported that MLS pressured Morris into rejecting an offer from the German side. Werder Bremen Sporting Director Rouven Schroder denied the report, stating that the player wished to begin his career in the United States.

The Seattle Sounders have scheduled a “significant announcement” set for 2 PM ET. The press conference will unveil Morris as the Sounders latest newest signee to the most lucrative Homegrown Player Deal in league history.

Watch the announcement here:

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  • Cosmos

    Score goals like a maniac and go to Europe son. You’re young and have the skills, please be our American chicharito.
    Dempsey is old and sucks, altidore sucks and is overrated, you are probably our last hope for Russia.

  • Anonymous


    • HydraHamster


  • HydraHamster

    Morris seem like a player who could care less about competition and being under pressure to succeed. He actually got an offer from a really good first division team in Germany and turns it down for Seattle Sounders. Who does that? Morris is known for his horrible decision making with his soccer career path. For his talents, he stayed in the NCAA way longer than he should and now he turns down a good German team that would further his talent. Even Donovan went to Germany for a few years before joining MLS. MLS is not good yet a developing players to their potential.

    • Anthony

      Big fish small pond syndrome, he probably just isn’t that good and knows it.Probably saw the talent and competition at Bremen and was like, **** i better sign with the Sounders and get paid to be mediocre.

      • HydraHamster

        I agree 100%.

      • George

        Yep, that pretty much sums it up. He probably saw in Bremen ten guys as good as him if not better (and youunger, as he’s already behind in development compared to most elite euro players) in his position alone and thought “No chance”. He’ll play, score goals, and plateau- hey, maybe he’ll be as good as Wondolowski.

    • Sammy the Red Bull

      I agree with everything you said except for Werder Bremen being a “really good first division team.” They actually are not a good team and are currently in the relegation zone. He probably would not have seen much first team action with them battling relegation but in the long run it would have developed his game quicker. Just the competition he would have in practice would have helped him.

  • Anthony

    Homesick….ugh, got another Landycakes on our hands it seems.

  • CosmosFan

    I look forward to watching him back up Haji Wright in a few years on the #USMNT.

  • Gazza

    You guys are all drunk.

    The Bremen coach was pissed Morris didn’t sign there and made this ‘homesick’ crap up.

  • Bremen sucks and will likely be relegated….but he is a *****. Bad karma may now be lurking. We will see what this decision will bring him in this shitty league….stay tuned.

  • Cirris

    I’m scared of him playing on that Concrete carpet at Centurylink. That crap surface will take about 3 years off his knees and countless trips to the rehab room.

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