Cosmos’ Hunter Freeman trading in boots for mic to cover Asian Cup on OWS

Hunter Freeman New York Cosmos

A chance meeting has led to a big opportunity for New York Cosmos fullback Hunter Freeman.

The 2014 Cosmos MVP will join renowned soccer broadcaster JP Dellacamera for One World Sports’ coverage of the 2015 Asian Cup.

“I am really looking forward to working with JP as he is someone I have known for a while now through the soccer world and living here in New York,” Freeman tells EOS.  “I think that JP is one of the best play by play announcers we have here in the US, so to be able to work alongside him and pick his brain will be a fantastic opportunity and one that I look forward to.”

It isn’t unusual to see veteran athletes join the commentary booth.  Many pros have attempted the transition to secure their post-playing careers across various different sports around the world.

Freeman’s story is a bit different.  At 29-years-old, the Texas native still has several good years left in the tank.  The Cosmos’ intertwined relationship with One World Sports, however, has offered the team leader a chance to expand his horizons.

“To be very honest, this all came about in a pretty organic way,” Freeman explains.  “During preseason we were doing some interviews with OWS out at our training facility and I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Brian Gordon [Director of Production]. After a rather lengthy interview and shooting some promotional stuff, he and I began talking.

“Long story short, I told him that I had always had an interest in doing some commentating and if there were ever an opportunity to arrive I would love to jump in and give it a shot.”

It took nearly a year, but Gordon finally reached out to Freeman about covering a major event on their Asian-focused sporting network.

“I guess it was sometime in September when Brian contacted me saying he wanted to discuss a possible opportunity,” Freeman recalled.  “We spoke and he told me of OWS’s plan to air some of the Asian Cup games and he was putting together a pitch to have JP as the play-by-play and myself as the color commentator. Needless to say I was ecstatic, and it was perfect timing with our schedule as it will be happening during the month of January when we are in the offseason.

“Honestly, what I had in mind was jumping on one of our telecast during a home game if I happened to be injured or suspended,” Freeman exclaimed.  “Thankfully, neither one of those happened to me during the season!”

Dellacamera and Freeman will cover eight of the tournament’s matches live on OWS this January — an opportunity and challenge the Cosmos’ star is ready to meet head on.

“I could not tell you if I was the only person they had in mind or spoke to, but I am certainly grateful to Brian for remembering our conversation,” said Freeman.  “This is an opportunity that a lot of people would work for many years to obtain and I know if it were not for Brian, OWS and the New York Cosmos, that I would not be getting such a wonderful opportunity — and one that could ultimately lead me in the direction of my post playing career.

“But don’t get me wrong,” he quips.  “I don’t plan on retiring any time soon!”

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  • Fred

    That’s awesome! Looking forward to hearing you, Hunter!

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