Ideas for Red Bulls Fans for the Off-Weekend


Staff Writer

New York’s post-Labor Day death march through Philly, El Salvador, Montreal and Los Angeles is still a few weeks away. 

This weekend, for the first time in a long, long time, every MLS club not called the New York Red Bulls will play a league match. While some Red Bulls fans will take the time to visit the beach, enjoy a park, get together with non-soccer friends, or have a BBQ, here are a few suggestions on what folks can do to maintain a connection to the club they love during this upcoming off-weekend.

  1. Develop derisive baseball-themed chants for the Blue Team
  2. Purchase ticket to the US Open Cup Final in Chester to root against the Union.
  3. Scan Academy team rosters & look for future benchwarmers
  4. Plan “Merci Henry” banner for the final regular-season home match
  5. Debate the Front Office’s decision to acknowledge its “Metro” history ad nauseum on Twitter & Facebook
  6. Wait for that “30 Days – 30 Prizes” call from the Ticket Office… for yet another day
  7. Read Nick Abbott’s stellar piece on Medium about Petke’s substitution strategy
  8. Debate Sene’s future contribution to the club endlessly on Twitter & Facebook
  9. Send greeting cards to Xavi in an attempt to steer him to the West side of the Hudson in January
  10. Be thankful that the club is still in playoff position
  11. Feel optimistic that seven New York’s remaining league eleven matches are at Red Bull Arena

Suggestions aside, enjoy the weekend off, Red Bulls fans, because the rest of the season, including the Concacaf Champions League, promises to be a wild ride.