Injured Lampard game-time decision for NYCFC, DC United clash


Is Frank Lampard set to miss time for New York City FC yet again?

Reports out of NYCFC training suggest the 37-year-old midfielder will be a game-time decision for Thursday’s DC United encounter at Yankee Stadium after leaving practice with a quad injury on Wednesday afternoon.

Since becoming eligible to play with New York City FC on July 8th, Lampard has only appeared in two out of six possible matches; a substitute debut against Montreal at Yankee Stadium, followed by this weekend’s listless start against the New York Red Bulls.

This is the second time since his arrival stateside that the Chelsea legend has picked up an injury. His initial debut against Toronto FC in early July was set back after Lampard suffered a calf strain in training. While initially thought to be a minor injury, the calf issue persisted leaving the former Manchester City midfielder out of four consecutive matches.

The severity of this injury is yet to be known, and it is worth noting that Lampard may still indeed feature for NYCFC despite this latest setback. However, it is just the latest in a litany of concerns that have surrounded Lampard since his decision to play for the expansion club.

NYCFC takes on DC United in a crucial Eastern Conference clash Thursday night at Yankee Stadium.

  • Frank lamp fart

    Now now…I’ll be just fine. If you need me I’ll be at the pub,err I mean the locker room working on my ‘fitness’.

    • send over the RFP

      hmmm something’s not right. I don’t think the real frank lampard would write this online, esp not with a name like that

  • Red Tube Bar

    This guy is making Carl Pavano look the picture of good health.

  • Lothar

    This funny every time it happens and only getting funnier

    • Mad Cow

      Alot like when your namesake signed for the Metrostars years ago….

  • John

    Lets hope he retires at year end.

    He was a good player a number of years ago , he is old and injured now.

    Was never a fan of the signing.

  • US Soccer Fan

    Fat Frank Limpard – a US National teamer would have been a better signing

    • BleedingRed

      They have one of those, and for some reason there is a limited supply. So, two is all the more difficult.

  • maso

    you cant make this stuff up.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Does that mean he’s going back to Manchester city to get fit?