Injured Red Bulls midfielder Dax McCarty to miss more action

(Photo, New York Red Bulls)

(Photo, New York Red Bulls)

The New York Red Bulls were hopeful that stalwart midfielder Dax McCarty would be ready for action against the Columbus Crew this weekend, but his recovery has taken a bit longer than expected.

After picking up a torn quadricep late in the game against New England last week, McCarty may not see the field until the next time the Red Bulls face the Revolution. That’s May 11th; a total of two weeks where he will be missing in action.

“I’m not counting on him for Montreal,” head coach Mike Petke told MLSSoccer. “It would be a huge plus and a bonus if we had him but I’m not counting on him that quick, to be honest with you. I think it would be stupid, unless I’m told by the doctors, ‘He’s absolutely fine,’ to bring him back that quick.

“He just had a slight tear and I was told two to two-and-a-half weeks and I believe that is around the Montreal game, so he still needs to get back in a little bit of fitness and get back with the team. I don’t project it.”

“It could be reasonable but then again I have to talk to the medical staff to see if turf has any impact on the injury he has,” said Petke. “I know it’s a muscle injury and I think that’s more of a possibility.”

The New York Post caught up with McCarty
who stressed his desire to return, but not at the cost of further harming his body.

“I’ve had this injury before. I tore my quad when I was in Dallas, and I tried to play through it and I put myself out for eight weeks,” said McCarty. “That was a torn quad, and that was because I wasn’t smart about the initial injury. I tried to play through it.

“This one the trainers did a great job of diagnosing it and getting me a scan. I was frustrated at first, but at the same time I’ve been through something like this and I don’t want to rush it, because if I rush it and I come back a day early and I put myself out for eight weeks, then I’m going to be real pissed. It’s better to be two or three weeks rather than eight or nine.”

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