Sources: NASL to introduce Under Armour as official match ball partner

Under Armour


Local news in Jacksonville managed to reveal something more than just an Armada preseason training camp last week.

As several industrious fans spotted on social media, the Armada were playing with balls that were not the league-issued Voit offerings of season’s past.

Well, that is because the league has moved on to a new match ball partner.

EoS has learned the North American Soccer League has an agreement in principal to unveil Under Armour as their new, official match ball partner. One sources tells us the announcement is set for early March. However, the league is trying to finalize the details of their agreement in order to introduce their new partner within the next three weeks.

As that process continues, teams are utilizing the Under Armour Desafio balls for their preseason training sessions; the companies highly rated, top model offering. The new NASL specific design will be unveiled by the start of March.

Under Armour becomes the third match ball partner for the NASL in the past four years, following Voit (2014-15) and Joma (2011-13).

  • Resguard

    Joma where kinda terrible, Voit was okay, but difficult to find, Under Armour should be great.

  • Seth

    Great news NASP..oh boy here cone the uneducated USL third division mom & pop soccer fans trolls. How old are USL fan, 13 year old. Right?

    • Yankiboy

      Bro, your post totally confused me. Not quite sure where you were going with it…

  • Max

    This is a pretty good move by NASL.
    UA investing is soccer overseas. Nice to see it here in states too.

  • Jim

    Should be great? they are just making a soccer ball to take someone elses share of the market, next year we will have a Speedo Ball? Voit is a great manufacturer and Voit is partially responsible for the creation of many of the modern sports balls we use now. Kicked out to get a pinch more money from someone trying to dominate all corners of a particular market. Poor.

    Welcome Under Armor the world renowned soccer ball maker that everyone knows about?

    • Resguard

      Under Armour has expanded into soccer big time, they have a large division dedicated to soccer globally, they are trying to be one of the top soccer sponsors.

  • Max

    Why isnt anyone ever happy on this site???

  • Anonymous

    No one has mentioned the soccer stadium renderings from st.louis.
    st.louis and Sacramento to mls 2019 has begun.

    • Chet

      St Louis will relocated to Sacremento after year 1.

  • Yankiboy

    Hey, being a Baltimore guy, I. Have love for UA. Hopefully, they learn how to make a decent pair of cleats that can be used for soccer. Must be harder than one would think.

    If this ball brings the NASL any buzz at all, then great. Unless it somehow negatively affects the performance on the field, leaving Voit for UA doesn’t seem it has any sort of “down side” to me.

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