Justice: EA Sports spikes Tim Cahill’s FIFA 15 rating after fan outcry

Fans of the FIFA video game franchise have been pouring through leaked player ratings for this year’s FIFA 15 offering.

New York Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill has been high on that topic of conversation — for all the wrong reasons.

Despite an outstanding showing at the World Cup and a highlight reel 2013 season, the Australian talisman saw a major dip in his FIFA rating. Where Cahill was once rated a respectable 75 in last year’s version of the game, FIFA 15 had his initial rating as a 69 overall.

For novices of the game, that may seem like nothing. However, FIFA aficionados will recognize the slight a bit more clearly. FIFA ranks players with a 75 rating and above as “gold cards;” players considered of a higher standard than their counterparts. With a 69 rating, Cahill is relegated to a rather pedestrian position. To put it into context, Cahill was a top 13 MLS player in FIFA 14. In FIFA 15, he doesn’t even crack the top 50. In fact, eight current Australian players are ranked higher than Cahill.

EA answered the fan outcry, claiming that the leaked numbers were “pulled from a resource without access to final FIFA 15 data.” In fact, they revealed Cahill will be ranked a 74 in this year’s version of the game; one point down from his rating last year.

How true that may be is anyone’s guess. It is worth noting, however, that Cahill is once again the cover star for FIFA 15 in Australia, and that certainly could carry some sway in the decision.

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