“Keep The Faith:” Cosmos chairman Seamus O’Brien addresses the fans



Last week, EoS sat down with New York Cosmos owner and chairman Seamus O’Brien. We touched on several issues, including the team’s future, their take on USL, NASL and MLS, and one other very important topic — the fans.

In recent months, Cosmos fans have taken to several different mediums to get a response from ownership about the viability of the league. There have been personal letters sent to O’Brien, statements issued on behalf of fans and supporters, and more recently, there was even a demand for sale of the franchise.

Through it all, O’Brien has avoided addressing the situation. However, he did speak to EoS regarding the fan’s outcry — and the team’s lack of an official statement.

“That’s just how we are. I don’t believe in engaging in rumors and speculation,” O’Brien explained. “It’s not for us to talk about other people and all the rest of it. That has never been us. It has never been our modus operandi. As I said, there’s been enough out there about the status of the league, so again, I don’t want to comment further than we have done.

“We have been, to be frank, waiting to see how things totally unfolded. That seems to be taking a bit longer than we thought it might.”

Asked to directly address the fans, O’Brien stated, “We have got a very great core fanbase. They will be as saddened as we are to how this has evolved.

“At the end of the day, we will look at all options and keep the faith. Keep the faith.”