Kickers Romp NYRB II in First of Six Game Road Trip


USL Beat Writer

The Richmond Kickers snapped a four game winless streak with a 4-2 victory over NYRB II in City Stadium Saturday night.

Three first half goals from Ownby, Yeisley and Garner gave Richmond a commanding lead that New York couldn’t fight back from despite their best efforts. A first half penalty could have equalized at 1 but Manolo Sanchez was unable to convert, even after a secondary attempt was stuffed by goalkeeper Ryan Talyor. New York would add two goals in the second half but¬†still fell short.

The first half showed that Richmond was above and beyond the better prepared team. Eight minutes into the game, Brian Ownby was able to knock in a headed effort after a corner to put the Kickers up early and from there New York did not show the usual high pressure offense we have grown accustomed to seeing. Despite some sustained pressure in the middle of the first half, New York was unable to convert on a Manolo Sanchez penalty or in the chaos that ensued just after. Ryan Taylor provided one of the more exciting moments of the weekend thus far, making two saves to keep the Kickers ahead early. Two additional goals, one by Yeisly and a nutmeg goal by Garner, proved to be more than enough for the resurgent Virginia side.

The one shining moment for New York came in the second half when Derrick Etienne scored his second goal of the season. The young academy standout was able to chip goalkeeper Taylor after breaking free of a tackle from Kicker’s defender Braeden Troyer. It is Etienne’s second goal in as many game as his progress continues grow by leaps and bounds. Lastly Chris Tonis was able to score his first of the season after he failed to convert on a penalty opportunity but knocked in the rebound.

New York will now travel to Montreal, where they will face familiar opposition FC Montreal. Last week, they narrowly beat the Impact’s USL team by a final score of 3-2. NYRB II has yet to win a game on the road this season and will hope to get that victory against one of the leagues worst teams this season.