Rumor Killer: Marsch deads Osvaldo-to-Red Bulls report


For those wondering whether the New York Red Bulls were truly pursuing Southampton’s Pablo Osvaldo, don’t get your hopes up.

“Who is that?” was the response from Red Bull boss Jesse Marsch when asked about the player by reporters at Red Bulls Training Facility Friday afternoon.

That simple response told the entire story. Even after some prodding from reporters, Marsch only offered a glimpse of recognition of the current Boca Juniors forward. “Osvaldo, OK, I know who that is. He was in Roma? I saw him play at Roma with Michael Bradley.”

That, however, was about as far as the Red Bull boss knew of the supposed team target. “There is nothing to comment,” Marsch said. “The fact that I didn’t know the player should be an indication.”

Respected Argentine publication Ole first reported the story Friday morning, linking the eccentric Osvaldo to a Red Bulls move. At face value, it seemed an odd fit. After all, the Argentine-born Italian National Team player is perhaps best known for his off-field antics than his on-field production. Nevertheless, the talented striker would certainly fill a need for the Red Bulls, whose forward depth takes a steep drop off after Bradley Wright-Phillips.

But that is neither here nor there. Regardless of speculation, it is clear; the Red Bulls’ name is back in the summer rumor mill, and this, like many other transfer window rumors before it, has been proven baseless.

  • El CB

    Another example on how Marsch seems to be hellbent on not improving a Red Bulls team that is in desperate need of players that can provide much needed offense. In ten games they have never scored more than two goals and that in only four games. Dangerous chances have been at a minimum and that was especially clear against Dallas where Red Bulls only had two shots on goal, both easily handled. Grella and Zizzo on the left side are simply not the answer.

    • KP

      Chill out chief, the guy was never coming here. Every player with a contract running out gets linked to MLS. On top of that the guy may be the biggest ******* in world football.

      • El CB

        That is not my point. Red Bulls have not signed a new DP in three years. They do not have a quality playmaking attacker to support Phillips or Sam. While other clubs have indicated a desire to improve their teams with new summer signings, Marsch has gone out of his way to indicate a lack of interest even in instances where the players involved have demonstrated an interest in playing with the Red Bulls.

        • KP

          Yeah? What playmaking gem of a player said specifically “I want to come to the Red Bulls” and Marsch, who is not in charge of player personnel anyway, said no?

          • El CB

            Again you are misstating my comment, this time by conflating my point that RBNY lacks a quality playmaking attacking midfielder with my separate point in my last sentence about Marsch shooting down any prospective signings. If you want examples of this, try Boateng, Muntari, Yusif and McClean. No one can seriously deny that any one of these players would improve the quality and depth of the team. Who wouldn’t take McClean over Grella or Zizzo?

            • KP

              Yes I would take them, but when did any of them say they want to come to the NYRB? If the RB are not in negotiations with those players, what do you want Marsch to say? He is not going to talk up players he doesn’t have or talk down the ones he does have publicly. The conversations he and Curtis have privately are way more direct and frank than he is going to let on too in public. If they are in negotiations, Marsch is going to play it down anyway as not to put pressure on the talks.

              Getting back to Osvaldo, I dont want him! Terrific talent, complete locker room cancer. 11 teams in 11 years is all you need to know.

              • El CB

                “Rumors” of interest are typically planted by their agents and such plants would not occur if there wasn’t at least some interest. Obviously no player is going to call a press conference and state outright they want to play for a particular team(s). As far as negotiations, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. MLS and especially RBNY have always been very secretive about potential player moves. As far as what Marsch should be saying, the proper answer would be “While we cannot comment on which, if any, players we are interested in pursuing or signing, we are always looking to make moves that might improve the team.” Instead we get snarky or dead end answers that indicate that Marsch thinks that the personnel RBNY has now is sufficient to win the Cup. I’m sure Marsch has a very high opinion of his coaching but all the hustling defense and possession between the boxes in the world does not change the fact that RBNY is sadly lacking in the ability to create the dangerous chances that can lead to goals. It will be interesting to see how RBNY’s thus far anemic attack does against Philly today, with Philly having one of the worse defensive records in the league

  • andrew

    It’s not Marsch’s job to bring in players. And we don’t want this headcase either way.

    • El CB

      No coach speaks publicly with such certainty without support of management. Agree that signing this guy would be a huge risk that is not worth taking.

  • After all,we got Dane!!!