Kranjcar Loving Life with Cosmos, Open to Stay for Fall Season



It may seem crazy, but after only five games, midfielder Niko Kranjcar is already halfway through his contract with the New York Cosmos.

The 31-year-old is only signed up for the 10-game NASL Spring Season, meaning his future with the club for the more arduous 22-game Fall Season is still uncertain.

Following last night’s critical 1-0 win over the first-place Carolina RailHawks, though, Kranjcar spoke glowingly about his time with the Cosmos — and his openness to stay on under the right circumstances.

“I’ve said it from the first day, I love it here,” Kranjcar said. “We’ve got important games coming up, and I think the way it’s set up, I did sign for the Spring Season. At the end of the day, you have to get with the people here and see if they want me, or if it’s a good fit, a good combination.

“If everything is alright, yeah I love it. I must say, I love it here. I think it’s a great team, a great soccer club. Yes, we would like to have more fans come in. We hope we’re going to get them in , especially when the weather gets better. I think there’s talent on the team and I’m really enjoying my time here. My main focus is obviously on the next game, to win the next game and then hopefully the Spring Season at the end of it. And then it will be easier at the end of it to talk about my future and obviously what the club wants to do.”

Sunday night’s performance was easily Kranjcar’s most masterful of the spring. The Croatian was all over the field for the Cosmos, completing 42 of 47 of his passes, setting up teammates with three scoring chances, and narrowly missing the frame on two opportunities himself.

His performance wasn’t lost on Cosmos Head Coach Gio Savarese, who is impressed with the way Kranjcar has progressed and integrated into the squad over the first month of the season.

“It’s great that you guys point it out because he had a fantastic match,” Savarese said after the match. “He was very good on the ball. He created so many opportunities and just gave us so much fluidity in our play. He was good defensively. He was smart to know what the game called for at that particular time. He’s just a tremendous player. He’s experienced and you can see his quality. Every game, he grows more and more physically and we start seeing more and more of him.”

The Cosmos would need to free up an international roster spot if they were to bring Kranjcar back for the fall, as Brazilian center back Roversio will have returned from his knee injury by then. The club is working on securing a green card for one of their international players, so that could ensure  Kranjcar’s spot.

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  • William

    I love this guy has added so much to the COSMOS this season and it will only get better.

  • slowleftarm

    Considering no one else wanted him, I’m sure he’s happy to stay.

    • Bobby

      Such arrogance so you are speaking for the entire soccerworld. You are a real trip. Typical passive aggressive behavior.

      • slowleftarm

        The “entire soccerworld” spoke for itself when this dude had no club for almost a year. I’m just passing on what it said.

        • Don Garber

          Slow and I know everything.
          I invented soccer leagues and he invented scouting.

        • Bobby

          Maybe the price was right with the Cosmos did you ever think of that halfwit

          • slowleftarm

            No William, I didn’t think of that because it’s nonsense. Dude had no club for a year because he isn’t good enough to play above NASL level any longer. Ever think of that angry Bill?

            • Geroge Guerra

              its just not the case he certainly wouldn’t go over to that mess in Harrrison. 20 years of absolute futility. Why do you Metrostar fanboys keep parroting the same lines of bullshit ?

              • slowleftarm

                Why are you bringing up RBNY? They have better players than the 2016 version of Kranjcar.

        • Smith*

          Why do u keep commenting on the Cosmo stories ?

  • Not Erik Stover

    Guys getting fit and back to form. Would not be surprised if MLS teams come knocking this summer.

    • Juergen Kinsman

      If he’s good enough, some MLS will surely give him a tryout.
      I will make sure it happens.

  • He’s played very well here, a nice fit with this team, despite what the expert troll says.

    • slowleftarm

      I never said he wasn’t playing well with the team. I actually would have no way of knowing that because, like most people, I don’t watch Cosmos games.

      • Anthony

        Funny, you always seem like such an expert on them.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        but wait until the f.cosmos sign a deal to play at citi field. then they’ll be at least 40000 fans in the seats to watch the greatest brand in north american history and kranjcar play!


      • slowlefttroll

        “Dude had no club for a year because he isn’t good enough to play above NASL level any longer.” Which you know because you channel the “entire soccerworld”, so you don’t have to see him play. Or because only you could imagine the skill sets of MLS and NASL players as non-overlapping. But nice to see you can be summoned as “expert troll”. It half fits.

        • slowleftarm

          Why do I need to channel the entire soccerworld? This guy was just hanging out with no club because he felt like it? Doubt it. He didn’t get any offers.

          • William

            he was hanging out because of his back not because he didn’t have the talent. Even the Cosmos were hesitant on signing him because of his previous injuries.

            • slowleftarm

              Yeah I’m sure all kind of European teams were after him and he was like “nah my back hurts.” Nice one.

              • William

                This was widely known so teams stayed away from him. Cmon dummy try to keep up I know its hard for u.

              • William

                and please can you stop posing as Larry and using my name allover this site.

          • slowleftroll

            “Doubt it”, “I assume”, blah blah, more content-free blather from the resident troll.

  • Kevin

    Larry why would they go to citi field,your insiders have them going to Conn.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      they were going to connecticut until the city of hartford did their due diligence and wanted no part of them. they told the f.cosmos to take a hike (just like the officials that run shuart stadium)

      ask leo he knows the entire story.

      • Kevin

        That’s funny I know the story too and it was NEVER going like that. Bottom line is im happy for my team. It’s a win they needed. Just like your team needed to win their 2nd game of the season to suddenly b good enough for the playoffs.

  • smurf040

    these clowns are funny. first of all the Cosmos are N.Y. They would never leave to Connecticut. 2) i think Flushing is a fantastic idea, just not City Field. soccer has no place on a baseball diamond. look at that atrocity in the Bronx! (Hofstra is no better either). 3) The Cosmos need to find a way to keep Niko here for at least a couple of seasons. He has quality and has shown flashes of brilliance with the ball. I truly believe that if the Cosmos are going to win another Championship this year, he needs to be with the team. Plus we’ll see what real game he has with better opposition in the U.S. Open Cup.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      ur right! screw citi field. lets think bigger!

      Met Life Stadium would be perfect for the cosmos! YES! Met Life Stadium.

      Think of it! The glorious cosmos can return to the place where they became the most famous soccer brand in north american histroy! theyll easily draws crowds of 50000 at met life!


      • Larry you remember the US Open Cup right? You lost. Or as some technical people say “you didn’t advance”. You have a lot of strong words for a team you haven’t beaten yet.

        • Larry\’s A Simpleton

          congrats the mighty cosmos beat an expansion team. good for you! its a shame that some meaningless tournament like the us open cup is what the cosmos grasp onto.

          now lets address the stadium problem. since leo doesnt have the courage to answer ill ask you.

          what would the attendence be for the cosmos at citi field?

          simple question. please answer.

          • The Don

            You are a good and loyal servant to me, Larry. I will let you have the honor of bathing me and clipping my toenails tonight.

          • Larry your guess is as good as mine. I’m at every home game and every game in the Open Cup that is away, and the Brooklyn games. I couldn’t tell you. It drives me crazy. The team is fun to watch, but the crowds have been a nightmare. Do i wish we were the team in the MLS &NYCFC never existed, absolutely. But neither the Cosmos or MLS wanted to blink so here we are. This is my team and I’m sticking with them. Do I think a 25000 seat stadium request is too much? Yes. But I know this team is doing everything it can. Its really up to the fans and who wants to support a team that isn’t in the MLS. I think thats what it comes down to. I’d love the chance to play a season in real stadium to see if people show up. I have no idea, but neither do you.

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