Kreis hopes to keep Manchester loanees Facey, Angelino at NYCFC



Shay Facey and Angelino have each made the most of their loan spell with New York City FC. Facey has made 20 appearances this season and is seventh on the team in minutes played with 1593. Angelino has started nine matches since joining the team in July, providing a much-needed spark on the left hand side of the pitch.

Both men are on season-long loans from parent club, Manchester City. Kreis said he is hopeful that he has been instrumental to both players’ development — and that they would be willing to extend their stay.

“I think they’re both fantastic people and they’re obviously both very, very talented players with a very high level of potential,” Kreis said. “At the end of the day, when I took this job, one of my goals is to be a part of the development of some special players.”

Wingert said he is hopeful of the club’s chances of retaining both players for next season. He said he sees both players’ talent and potential.

“I think it would be pretty easy for those guys to fit into any team and certainly we’re happy that they’re here,” Wingert said.

Both players have shown why they are highly regarded by the Manchester City coaching staff during the time in MLS. If Kreis has it his way, their time playing in MLS may be extended into next season.

“I also would like them to stay,” Kreis said. “There’s no doubt that from our point of view, from New York City’s point of view, we would like them to stay, no doubt.”

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  • Anonymous

    When they’ve proven that they’re good enough for the real team, they will play for the real team. If not, you can still keep them.
    That’s how a Global Football Group works.

    Thank you for your service. The Varsity team appreciates all your work

    • slowleftarm

      That’s true. Pellegrini said as much last year when Man City decided to keep Lampard for the whole EPL season.

    • Rip

      As opposed to any Premier league team that owns the rights to players and loans them out for the season to any team in MLS? What’s the matter? None of the other Red Bull teams will share players with you?

      • slowleftarm

        What other EPL players are on loan in MLS? That’s right, there aren’t any. RBNY doesn’t need players from the other RB teams and if someone succeeds at RBNY they won’t just be transferred to Leipzig or Salzburg.

        • Jordy

          Very true, but I also think that a lot of that has to do with the rule MLS has where they won’t accept loans unless there is a buy option for the team at the end of the loan. It would be nice if they removed that, but it is what it is. I have wondered why there aren’t more players loaned to RB or RBII from the Brazilian academy that Red Bulls operates.

          • bottlcaps

            Since it’s inception, the MLS had archaic and draconian rules on transfers, including, at one time, not allowing US players owned by Euro Clubs to be loaned to a team in the MLS. Over the years, loan contracts have fallen more in line with European standards.

            Usually loan contracts spell out when a player can be recalled before it’s loan spell is done. And MOST loan agreements have a buy-out number or an option to extend. If the player has a future with the club lending him, there might not be a buyout clause, or it will be very high, if he doesn’t, the price will be reasonable, but will also have rigid deadlines.

        • Anonymous

          Miazga is going to Leipzig

          • slowleftarm

            Yes we heard those rumors in the offseason and lo and behold he’s still here.

        • Rip

          The Red Bulls may not need anyone from Liepzig but you can’t seriously be saying that the Red Bulls wouldn’t take a player on loan from the EPL if they could get them.

          And if someone succeeds at NYCFC what are you basing the opinion that they will go to Man City? Yes, the players they loaned us will…they own their contracts. And what is the difference if a players develops and gets signed by Man City rather than any other EPL team? That is just a natural progression of player development. If Miazga leaves you aren’t going to complaint hat your team is a farm team for the EPL. Sorry but of all the complaints of NYCFC….that’s one of the dumbest.

          • slowleftarm

            I’m not complaining about it and I don’t complain about NYCFC. Mostly I laugh at them. If someone comes up through the NYCFC academy and Man City thinks he can help them that’s where he’ll head. My basis for saying that is the Pellegrini said it’s all the same club. Man City thought Lampard could help so he stayed last season.

            • DanGerman

              Except that if the kid is a U.S citizen he cant go to Man City. The player has to play in 75% of his national teams games in a two year period to get a WP in england. So I highly doubt any player from the NYCFC academy would be eligible to play for Man City straight away.

              • slowleftarm

                He could if he had a European passport. Or let’s say they develop a USMNT regular and Man City thinks he can help. He’ll be there in a heartbeat.

            • Ulrich

              It’s further complicated that any player leaving MLS, even for MCFC from NYCFC, would be subject to either a full transfer or a loan transfer both of which are subject to MLS approving it along with the terms of the deal. So MCFC cannot simply say they want Joe Smith from NYCFC and take him for nothing – MLS would have a huge say in what the minimum price would be and if the money wasn’t ponied up, then the deal fails immediately. So contrary to your suggestion that NYCFC is simply kneeling before MCFC’s needs, the league and NYCFC’s academy/roster players have built-in protections.

              • slowleftarm

                Yeah those built in protections helped them a lot during the Fat Frank saga right?

  • Ken Reeves

    God I hope everyone stays AS IS, including the coach. Another year of boy city follies would be beyond enjoyable. Make it happen, my dear sheik.

  • George Addis

    I don’t really understand any of the complaints from nycfc fans. In europe clubs often get young players on loan to improve their team/squad. often options to buy are not included but both clubs still benefit. there would be no difference between these loan deals if it was mcfc or a club completed unrelated like chelsea. the fact is that the manager can choose who he wants knowing that he most likely won’t have the loan players next season. both of these players have made an important contribution and without them nycfc wouldn’t have a chance of making the playoffs.

    • Rip

      NYCFC fans aren’t complaining. It’s Red Bull fans and Cosmos fans that just come on the page to complain about everything NYCFC…since they have little else to do.

  • Go ‘mos

    How’s it feel to be a farm club with nothing NYC about it, citeh fans?