Kreis frustrated with Red Bulls loss — and officiating


HARRISON, N.J. – On one end stood New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch, prowling the edge of his touchline and getting several reprimands from the officiating staff to keep his distance from the action.

On the other? A frustrated New York City FC boss Jason Kreis, simmering angry on his team’s bench, occasionally jumping from his seat to shout instructions, or more often than not, to challenge calls.

It was an odd juxtaposition between the two bosses, but an uncharacteristically frustrated showing from Kreis who clearly grew angry at the job of the officials — particularly that of head referee, Ismael Elfath.

“The frustration I showed on the first goal actually came because their player fouled us but their referee actually gave them the ball,” Kreis said after the match. “It was a ridiculous call. It led directly to the goal and in my point of view, [Elfath] had a very poor night.”

The call in question came moments before Wright-Phillips put the Red Bulls up on NYCFC. A 50/50 tug of war between Mix Diskerud and Damien Perrinelle resulted in a called foul by Elfath on the NYCFC midfielder. As the shock call settled in, the Red Bulls went on the immediate attack, breaking through the NYCFC defense towards their eventual go-ahead goal.

NYCFC didn’t fare much better there. The veteran MLS coach struggled to find the right formula against the younger, quicker Red Bulls, particularly in light of the surprise start of Frank Lampard. NYCFC created several chances early on, including a perfect opportunity from Lampard in the opening minutes, but simply failed to convert. As the match went on, those chances slowly dwindled as the in-form Red Bulls ran through the tired veteran legs of New York City’s vaunted DP core.

Overall, NYCFC only had four more fouls than their Red Bulls counterparts — not a stark difference. However, they did earn three yellow cards to the Red Bulls one, showing a bit of the frustration from the players on the field — and perhaps a clue to the consternation that haunted Kreis throughout the match.

“Very frustrated with the third loss to any opponent,” Kreis said. “This has become a pretty heated rivalry very quickly and so we were really up for this game and I really thought we would have a better result.”

  • Smith

    He should be more frustrated with the sub-par performances of Pirlo & Lampard.

    • NYBOY


  • Anonymous

    Eat a dick, crybaby

  • slowrightarm

    Coach your prized bunch is nothing but a leaky, stinky garbage bag in the middle of summer. You and your idiot loser fans deserve every loss- hopefully worse than the previous- the rest of the year. Just because you’re you, no other reason. Hands down the most obnoxious group of fans I’ve ever seen going back to the 70’s.

    • Brian

      Yet they’re the 3rd in the mls with the highest attendance in New York. Jason kreis is garbage, but just cause you don’t like the team doesn’t change the fact that they’ll continue to play in the mls.

      • Frankly Speaking

        Your attendance is great because you are new & there is a buzz. Two years from now when your team is older, slower, still hasn’t made the playoffs and is still playing at Yankee Stadium, let’s see how you draw.

    • slowleftarm

      Look at this impostor. At least he posts pro RBNY stuff unlike my prior imitators.

    • Rip

      Yes…..nothing shows that you are not the obnoxious one like religiously going on articles about a team that you dislike to rant like an idiot. No, no….it’s the NYCFC fans that are obnoxious. In 22 games played….you’ve won four more than they have. Three of those are the head to head matches. Enjoy the wins, as the Red Bulls have shown that right now, they are just a more complete team. But comparing another team that has only won ONE more game in all other matches “garbage.” Well…that makes you look like an idiot. Lighten up Francis.

      • slowrightarm

        3 for 3
        9 pts
        7-2 goals
        8th place.
        12 pts ahead w a game in hand.
        I know it sucks. I know it’s a letdown.
        You have no answers.
        Your team is garbage.

  • maso

    Both coaches need to start whining, especially Kreiss. Does he think if not for that episode his limping team would have won?

  • Wah. Officiating was fine.
    Should be more concerned with the big money DPs not delivering.

  • Can someone explain how a free kick in RBNY’s end is an automatic goal for RBNY? It’s not like it was a PK or Red Card, a decent defensive team would not let Kemar Lawrence get that free and would mark BWP.

    • the Realist

      Yes, that is true, but NYCFC is NOT a decent team. They are a deeply sub-par team with old, slow, out of shape midfielders and terrible defense.

      Kreis really needs someone to give him a sub-atomic wedgee.

  • it was a good call

    Wbatch the replay. Mix attempted a head butt right in front of the official. That’s just idiotic.


    I’m a NYC season ticket holder, haven’t missed a home game yet…but stop the freakin’ whining and excuses. Lampard should be LAMBASTED! How about kicking his sorry ass into shape. He had a full year to prepare. Villa’s been doing his part all year waiting for the cavalry to show, and they show up without bullets. And how about lighting some fire under the defense? And can we mount a counterattack at any point? And cross the ball like every freakin’ team does to us? And can Poku start more than one game after being clearly effective in the win against Orlando? Pirlo was great in that game. Sit Fat Frank since he’s got all sort of excuses anyhow and consolidate Pirlo and Villa.

    • I think one of their biggest personnel mistakes was trading Zizzo for Meara. You guys would look a lot better with Zizzo’s competency either starting or off the bench. He’s no big name and only a solid player, but good teams ar built with solid players.

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