Los Angeles FC break ground on stadium

Image, LAFC


Los Angeles FC broke ground today on the soccer-specific stadium that will be their home starting in 2018.

At an event today with fans and local officials, members of the expansion side’s ownership group put shovels in the ground, officially starting the construction process on their stadium.

The 22,000 seat arena will be known as Banc of California Stadium as part of a 15-year naming rights deal announced today. Renderings show it featuring a stunning glass roof on all four sides, creating what could be a crown jewel for soccer stadiums in North America.

In contrast to the LA Galaxy, who play in nearby Carson, LAFC will be playing in downtown Los Angeles, on the site where the LA Sports Arena still stands. The old basketball arena will be torn down to make way for soccer. 

LAFC’s stadium opening is one of three on tap for the 2018 MLS season, along with DC United and Minnesota United. MNUFC will be playing at a temporary venue for at least 2017.

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  • Garbers son

    who’s next?
    Portland needs serious thinking, they can easily get 30,000 every home game
    Nycfc needs to open their wallet more than they thought
    Chicago new owner equals new stadium

  • John

    Stadium looks great. I think MLS needs to start building or make sure they can expand these new stadiums 22k is okay for now but I think 5 years from now you will need the additional capacity.

    As far as future stadiums DC United will break ground within the next 12 months.

    Minnesota will have a new stadium in 2 years.

    NYC and New England will take more time given difficulties building in both cities due to availability of land and politics.

    Columbus needs a new stadium doubtful they will get one.

  • slowleftarm

    Wow, so this club starting completely from scratch is building a 22k seat stadium while the world famous global brand continues to play minor league games in a college lacrosse stadium. Ouch!

    • Garbers son

      Exactly my thoughts but it’s the nasl and nobody cares about the nasl.
      MLS is going to be 3.0 once LAFC and Miami join in 2018. Can you picture messi and cr7 in one team, well it could happen in 2018 in Miami or LAFC.
      Too bad cosmos owner/s is delusional and incompetent of not joking MLS.
      Now hopefully Seattle,Vancouver Columbus, NE, get a stadium one day.

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      No, no, no, good sir. The world famous global brand will be playing their minor league games in a minor league baseball stadium.

      • Larry is cynthia IRL

        Cynthia. Are you posting again?

  • Sesos

    The site of the new stadium is not Downtown (nearby, yes). Exposition Park is South LA.

  • Pancho villa

    No one cares about this team , just another chivas usa 2.0 … Sad , how American soccer fans worry more about attendance than what product is on the field . no wonder MLS is still very low . at least I got other options that in 5 -10 yrs from now , could give me something good to watch and support here in the U.S

    • slowleftarm

      You really think Cosmos/NASL exist in 5-10 years? Seems optimistic.

      • Slow takes it up rear

        U think u and larry will keep having anal?

        • OpenCupFan

          Wow, “Slow takes it up the …” makes past the censors, but my “mls fans are SUCKERS” gets censored. Unbelievable. Also, who cares about Show’s sexuality, the only problem w/him is that he is a bot.
          Support your local INDEPENDENT soccer CLUBS!

          • slowleftarm

            Maybe they removed your comment because it’s the same pointless garbage you’ve been posting for years.

      • MTF

        Where’s that guy who always posts about the Cosmos buying out Red Bull? Maybe the Cosmos should forget about staying in New York and instead buy out LAFC. Rebrand the team as Cosmos and get a shiny new stadium! LA will have the Galaxy and the Cosmos, and their derby can be the ‘Intergalactic Classic.’ Lol.

    • John

      NASL will be out of business in 5 to 10 years. Look around the league things are a disaster , open your eyes. MLS is the league in the US whether you like it our not it will continue to grow , bigger investors and larger TV revenues.

      Soccer is about revenues and NASL does not have it.

      • eddy

        agree with John here, not much in the way of future for nasl, relegated rayo will be out along with ft. lauderdale soon, who’s next?
        the 1-2000 that show for cosmos games will not work over the long haul, it is just a matter of time…

  • LAFC are setting the stage to redefine how things are done in MLS: https://mlsboardingpass.com/2016/09/04/lafc-breaking-ground-with-more-than-a-soccer-specific-stadium-part-1/

    Do you not think Las Vegas are close to being a new franchise?

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