LAFC Could Field USL Team by 2017



LAFC may be two years away from hitting an MLS field, but Executive Vice President of Soccer Operations John Thorrington has his sights set on an established academy and potentially a USL team before the first team takes the field.

This past Thursday, LAFC’s youth academy took a major step forward as the U-12 team played their first ever game in Dallas, Texas at the Generation Adidas Cup. While there, the team will face competition from youth academies at Celta Vigo in La Liga, Toronto FC and Orlando City from MLS. So far, the early focus has been on youth development, and as such, a team playing in the USL as early as possible makes the most sense for that progression.

“There are so many strategic and competitive advantages to when you can have a USL team,” said Thorrington on He also recently stated that LAFC are in conversation over an exact timeline for the USL team’s debut. “We just see that as a critical step on the pathway of development of our players that will be coming through the academy.”

Currently, USL has 11 teams owned by MLS franchises, and with the growing success of developed players from those squads, we should anticipate that number to grow in the coming years. LAFC, getting in before their MLS start wouldn’t be too dissimilar from Orlando City were were able to vet quite a number of new players before starting in MLS.


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