LAFC Get Their “Wings?” Expansion Club Trademarks Nickname



Is the imminent MLS expansion side Los Angeles FC adding some character to their nondescript moniker?

Empire of Soccer has discovered that Major League Soccer has trademarked the terms “LAFC Wings” and “The Wings,” both featuring the side’s art deco angel wing logo above the trademark name.

The trademark was filed last week on March 17th. While many sports leagues don’t file their trademarks until days—if not hours before their announcements go public—Major League Soccer has had a pattern of filing their trademarks weeks, if not months before formal announcements are made.

Just last month, MLS filed trademarks for “Minnesota FC” and “MNFC” just a day after a Brian Straus SI report on how Minnesota United FC of the NASL would be forced to drop “United” upon their entry into MLS at the request of Atlanta United FC owner Arthur Blank.

It’s doubtful that LAFC will re-brand themselves as LAFC Wings. More than likely, the team is attempting to establish their own nickname while simultaneously preventing unauthorized retailers from profiting off the nickname. If fans are going to call LAFC “The Wings,” the club may as well own rights to that name.

This reporter hopes that LAFC wishes to attract legendary Beatle and Wings frontman Paul McCartney to join the laundry list of celebrity co-owners at the club.

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  • Petes sause

    Any news about their stadium?
    I feel like Minnesota and Atlanta are behind schedule with their uniforms.
    By the way, LAFC nickname Should be the Hollywood boys.

  • Gutter Punk

    That nickname could not suck anymore if they tried.

    • The Don

      I have decided that, going forward, I will name all the teams after defunct 70’s bands. Look at what we have in store:

      LAFC Wings
      Kentucky Electric Light Orchestra
      Cleveland Earth, Wind & Fire
      St. Louis Sex Pistols
      San Jose Clash (oh, wait…)

      I may even have NYCFC change their name to the NYCFC Sugar Hill Gang.

      How about Afrika Bambatta United?


      • Gutter Punk

        St. Louis Sex Pistols actually has a nice ring to it.

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  • smurf040

    rotf!! and these clowns want to be taken seriously?

  • Garber

    I will rename the league MLSUNITED
    We will only play in the summer
    All league owners must have modeling experience

    • Sunil

      Yes, my Dark Lord. I worship you. I long to suck the nectar from your stem. You are the almighty and I am slavish in my devotion to you.

      In the name of the Don
      Single Entity
      And Expanded Playoffs

      • Garber

        I am working on bringing the world cup to the US for the first time ever.

        • Don

          NYCFC will get an automatic bid to the quarter finals.
          My rules.

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