LAFC unveils crest, colors



Los Angeles Football Club officially unveiled its crest today, two years before taking the field.

The defining feature of their new branding is a stylized LA with an angel wing protruding through the A. The shield borrows its shape from the city seal of Los Angeles

The crest leaked online a few hours prior to the LAFC’s press conference, leading to the usual mixed reactions of social media. Some have noted similarities between the wing and that used by Minnesota United.

While LAFC has used a black and red color scheme since being announced, there is no red to be found in the crest. Black remains the primary color, but it is paired with gold. This should help alleviate concerns that, along with Atlanta United, black and red were becoming overused in MLS.

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  • HydraHamster

    Outside from the fancy ‘A’ it lacking in personality. It a city as grand as LA, you would think they would put more effort into the crest design.

  • Paul

    I heard that Will Farrell will be one of the owners of the team. I swear I will lead a strident boycott of MLS if they start trying to make us watch his films or hire color commentators sprinkling ELF or Anchorman quotes in the play-by-play. We can only take so much.

  • Nocky

    I keep hearing black and red are too common in MLS. Give me the teams that are black and red? Other than DC who has black as a primary color? Columbus? Their yellow and black. If anything the league is dominated by blue and red.

    • Resguard

      Atlanta I think is going to be Black and Red, but besides that I don’t know, and yeah I have heard that over and over also.

  • Cosmo

    I can’t believe no red bull fan came out and ask for a rebrand.
    Unbelievable from red bull fans, I guess they really love their name and owner.
    I can’t wait for the LAFC vs Galaxy games.
    Well red bull ever rebrand?

    • Ali C is my man


      • Cosmo

        So are you proud of the team name red bull New York. What makes red bull vs NYCfc interesting is that NYC uses their money and have real owners and identity.
        I always said, LAFC vs Galaxy would be a bigger derby than rb vs nycfc, until someone buys red bull or rebrands them.

        • Anonymous

          lol, derp

        • MTF

          Who cares? NYRB-NYFC, NYRB-DC, and LAFC-LAG will all be strong rivalries, as are the Pacific Northwest rivalries. Why would rebranding the Red Bulls make for more hatred or a bigger rivalry?

          Maybe you aren’t aware of a little movement called ‘Red Bull Out.’ Cosmo, don’t worry about the Red Bulls with their solid support, great arena and training facility, terrific academy, and strong USL and PDL clubs. Worry that the Cosmos don’t draw flies and might soon be a brand without a team if they don’t get their stadium situation sorted out.

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