Lahoud Recalled from Cosmos Loan by Philadelphia Union


Michael Lahoud was noticeably absent from the New York Cosmos starting lineup for Sunday’s 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rowdies — and now we know why.

EoS has independently confirmed an initial report from Big Apple Soccer on Monday morning that the midfielder has been recalled from his loan by the Philadelphia Union. The original report also states that the MLS side has agreed to sell Lahoud to NASL expansion side Miami FC.

Lahoud has been a mainstay for the Cosmos throughout the Spring Season, starting in all seven matches prior to Sunday and going the full 90-plus minutes in each outing as a defensive midfielder.

Adding another fascinating wrinkle to the development is where Lahoud might ultimately suit up next. Philadelphia held the right to recall the Sierra Leonne international at any point during his season-long loan to New York, but they may not be looking to get him back in camp on a permanent basis.

Miami FC, which recently spent $750,000 in transfer money on the acquisition of Richie Ryan, could be in line to land Lahoud on a permanent basis, bringing stability and strength to the club’s midfield that it was previously missing. Attempts to reach Miami were not successful at the time of this report.

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  • Smurf040

    Barber is sweating bullets! That bold headed stooge picked a fine time to throw a monkey wrench at the Cosmos. What a time to weakened the team that give you the most headache in U.S. Open Cup competition. You can do whatever you want Garber,,, but the boogie man which is the Cosmos are coming for you!

  • Eric B

    Do you understand how loans work?

    Also, what headache? Beating one MLS team a year is barely a headache, especially when you need to beat 5 to win the cup. The Railhawks on the other hand beat two MLS teams in each of 2013 and 2014…I would call that more of a headache.

  • DanGerman

    Philly pulled Lahoud because apparently Miami FC is buying him, so its actually a fellow NASL team that’s is screwing the Cosmos.

  • Anthony

    Strange. He is a good player and I can understand why Miami would want him. Yet another reason the Cosmos should stay away from MLS loan deals. This is twice the loaning club has recalled in the middle of a campaign.

  • William Sannuto

    Really sorry to see Michael go he has played so well for us. We will miss him.

  • DanGerman

    I don’t know, I would think that the Cosmos were offered to buy him but thought better of it. I think what Miami offered may have been on the excessive side for a player of Lahoud’s quality. The Cosmos should still consider loans from MLS teams this is a rare example of a player being brought and Philly didn’t pull Fernandes last year so I think its a one off.

  • Anthony

    Im referring to recall clauses, typically most loanees are there for a period of time. Its usually the exception to the rule as clubs need to plan on having players in their squads. They basically renegged on a loan deal to sell the player to someone else. How often does that happen in the middle of a loan and outside a transfer window?

  • Jimbo

    Two off, at least: Conor Lade and Red Bulls.

  • Len

    On the other hand it helps Philadelphia if they meet in USOC by weakening the Cosmos as well.

  • Len

    NY Cosmos should stay away from loans with the MLS, its beneath them and they have the money to bring in other players.

  • Totally agree. He was the center of everything that moved up field. Will be missed. Loans are tough gamble.

  • DanGerman

    They may be a “gamble” but seriously its a low risk move. While it sucks Lahoud is leaving, Leo Fernandes was also on loan and cost a fraction of what Raul did and all he did was match the man’s scoring rate. You should never discount how helpful a player can be just because he may be pulled by a parent team. I also don’t think its a coincidence that there haven’t been any players loaned from RB since Lade.

  • DanGerman

    From my understanding even if he was on the Cosmos he couldn’t play against Philly in the open cup because they are the parent club and most clubs put in a anti-compete clause so that their player doesn’t hurt them in a cup competition.

  • True. I liked Lade as well. I know its a low risk, not really a gamble. Still tough though, you get into those players. They become part of the your team, then they are gone. Lade, Fernandez, Lahoud. 3 solid players that did well for us.

  • Anthony

    Its not about discounting the player, quite the opposite, its discounting the viability of agreeing to any loan deal that allows the parent club to recall for any reason at all, especially to sell the player to your league rival mid-season. If the loan terms call out he be here through end of Spring season, that is what it should mean. Most loan deals have no recall clause, and if they do it is for a defined set of very limited reasons.

  • Len

    Ah yes,forgot about that.

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