Frank Lampard to debut for NYCFC in mid-July


The wait for Frank Lampard’s New York City FC debut is finally coming to an end.

Sources tell EoS Lampard will arrive in New York by the end of June, following a two-three week vacation and honeymoon. From there, he will train with the club for his mid-summer debut, which will likely come after NYCFC face Toronto FC at Yankee Stadium.

That time frame means the former Chelsea legend will either debut on the road against New England on July 18th or at Yankee Stadium on July 26th against Orlando City SC — one year and two days after his announced NYCFC signing on July 24th, 2014.

Lampard’s signing has been both a boon and a curse for New York City FC. His talent and pedigree is undeniable, leading Chelsea to four league titles, three FA Cups and a UEFA Championship. However, his signing was completely mishandled and miscommunicated by the club and their affiliates, with New York City FC and the City Football Group initially claiming he signed with the fledgling MLS side only for it to be revealed later that Lampard had, in fact, put pen to paper with Manchester City.

With the player’s tumultuous signing issues in the past, he enters the fray at New York City at a pivotal time. NYCFC are currently mired in a ten match winless streak, holding an unsightly 1-7-4 record — good for dead last amongst all MLS teams. With a need for an offensive spark, Lampard fits the bill. An attacking midfielder with a deadly right foot, Lampard can play a pivotal role beneath David Villa, connecting the middle of the NYCFC attack and contributing as a secondary threat to the forwards.

Lampard made 32 appearances and 10 starts for Manchester City, scoring six goals in the last Premier League campaign.


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  • Lou

    Frank Lampard to debut for NYCFC in mid-July*



  • Realist

    By that time, they will be so far out of the playoff race that it won’t make the slightest difference.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      You’re a realist by name so I’m going to just toss out these numbers for you.

      By July 18th(assuming that will be his debut), NYCFC will have played 19 games. I think by then they will have accumulated 15-20 points. I think the 6th seed, whoever it is, by that same time will have about 25 points. That’s just usually about where a 6th seed would be in MLS through that many games.

      That leaves NYCFC with approximately 5-10 points to make up in 15 games. Assuming you are an MLS fan, you should know that that can easily be made up in MLS. My point is that being in the East, if NYCFC can even string together minimal points until Lampard’s arrival, they will be alive for a playoff spot.

      • Realist


        But I don’t see them winning another game before Lampard arrives so I see a flat point total and life outside the playoffs.

        This is a very bad, unentertaining team. They are essentially the ’62 Mets. The only players who are watchable thus far are Saunders, Ballouchy and Villa. Everyone else is just terrible. I think you are overestimating their abilities. I see them ending up with 5 or less wins. They are terrible.

        • Andrew Bissonette

          If Mix gets back to good form and they fix up whatever is wrong with the backline, they will win games before Lampard suits up. The team is too good to go winless for almost 4 months.

          • Realist

            I disagree. The backline is horrivle. The midfield can’t hold onto the ball and the forwards other than Villa can’t finish. This team may not earn another 10 points all season. This is a very bad team.

          • Ali is my man

            Too good? What have you been smoking?

      • Everyone wins!

        • Jessie

          where/who will the Cosmos play when the NASL folds?

          • slowleftarm

            Oh they’re a global brand that’s known even in Sweden. They can survive having no league to play in. They could drop down to NASL but based on this week’s results in the Open Cup, that might be too high a level.

    • Sean

      Since you posted this they have gone 2-0-1 for 7 points out of 9 possible.

  • bench warmer

    When is someone going to admit, kreis is not the right person for nyc.
    We are talking about mancity owners and Yankee money.
    They need a big name, lampard and villa r going to go nuts with this average coach of mls.

  • James

    4-23-7 lol

    • Anonymous

      prob still good enough for east playoffs

  • Realist

    The four wins may be a stretch. This is an extraordinarily bad team

  • Ali is my man

    Ridiculous. His last game in England was May 24th. He should take one month off and START on June 28th for the key derby match vs. NYRB. This is what the team needs and the fans deserve. Rubbish management.

  • Fraud Lampard

    He enters at a pivotal time? No, starting play with the team he claimed to have signed for last year would be a pivotal time. Finally coming over in mid-freakin’ July is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY past a pivotal time. I hope he enjoys his three-week vacation and honeymoon while the team he claimed to have signed for loses any hope of a playoff shot. Mid July, he should have stayed in England so we could get a DP with an interest in playing here…

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