Lampard Focuses On Fitness After “Difficult” NYCFC Debut


BRONX, N.Y. – Frank Lampard’s debut paled in comparison to that of fellow Designated Player, Andrea Pirlo — an understandably so.

While both men were greeted with heroes receptions at Yankee Stadium upon their match insertions, Lampard failed to spark New York City FC in the same way his Italian counterpart did one week ago.

Of course, expecting much out of Lampard may have been wishful thinking for anyone awaiting an impactful debut. After all, Lampard picked up a calf injury in training with New York City FC just over two weeks ago and was previously a sparsely-used commodity for Manchester City in the waning weeks of his Premier League stay.

Fitness was always going to be an issue, and proved to be once he made his debut.

“It’s disappointing with the result,” Lampard said of his performance. “I think being asked to come on with the team winning considering I hadn’t trained much and stuff would have been better but it was nice to get out on the pitch.”

Labeling the encounter “difficult,” Lampard admitted he needs time to get himself in the best shape possible to compete.

“I’ve only trained a couple of days with the team,” he said. “I’ve been out a few weeks. I had one weeks training, then obviously the injury in training, so I am short. It was just trying to get minutes on the pitch, that’s why it was difficult to come in with a difficult situation with the team down and wanting to score goals and win the game. That’s important for me personally to get my fitness up and get it completely right so I can give everything.”

Saying he is “frustrated” with his inability to make the pitch, Lampard hopes to continue rehabbing his aching calf muscle this week by taking a few extra days of rest before Sunday’s encounter with the New York Red Bulls.

“Hopefully (I’ll) get the calf right and get fit in the meantime and start contributing quickly. The season is getting on and we have to win games,” he said. “The fans support the team fantastically and they did today. It’s up to me to repay that by playing well.”

  • Anonymous

    This whole Lampard situation makes me so sad. I really do wish that he was 100% when he made his debut because I feel that we as fans really deserved that after waiting so long. But then again, missing another week would have just caused more hate and criticism so I understand why he was put on today. But I will say that his performance in today’s game (for entirely understandable reasons) was really underwhelming. Lots of mistakes made and balls given away. I suppose the rest of the team wasn’t great either, but I think the fans really hoped for a more impactful debut.

    • This about sums up my thoughts on the entire affair.

    • Anonymous

      You boy city fans are a hoot. You act so tortured, like ‘we as fans deserved that after waiting so long’….Deserved what? You really need to get a grip. The team has been around for a couple months. Christ get a life.

      • Anonymous

        Lampard was signed for the team (supposedly) over a year ago and just played his first game in an NYCFC jersey this past Saturday. You’ll have to forgive us if we may sound a bit tortured after all the drama and false starts associated with him. But for those of us that are around, we stuck by him and we stuck by the team. So I think all of the fans that continued to show up and support the team despite all of the broken promises and botched debut deserved more out of Lampard’s first time on the field than what we got.

        It’s not some “City Fan” sense of entitlement. Any fan for any team would feel the same way put in the same situation. Granted, not many other fans will find themselves in anywhere near a similar situation. Maybe you should try putting yourself in the same position and see how you’d react before shoveling **** on fans that actually care. Or maybe you wouldn’t care if you were in the same situation because you’re just a **** fan of whatever team you follow.

        And before you go off about how the team has been around for just a few months, it doesn’t matter if the team’s been around a week. There are fans that care and are emotionally invested in the success of the team and for them, this entire affair has understandably been upsetting. I always hear all this **** about how the team’s brand new and plastic with no history or tradition and that may all be true. But that’s every team at one point or another.

        A lack of history and tradition for completely logical reasons (It’s a new team…) doesn’t make the fanbase any less legitimate. It would have been nice to have the benefit of decades of history, but in lieu of that, we’re just following in the footsteps of all of the other teams and fanbases that were formed before us.

        And before you tell someone else to get a life, take a look in the mirror and ask who’s the one being a jackass troll commenting on articles involving a team that he obviously doesn’t give a **** about. If you don’t care about NYCFC, that’s fine. Go worry about your own team and leave us alone, fucktard.

        • Smith

          You signed an out of shape pale old Englishman who melts in the heat. You got exactly what you deserve.

          Enjoy Frank.

          He’s all yours.

        • Anonymous

          I hit a nerve huh? Lol

  • Smith

    Fat Frank Lives!

  • Rebel fighter

    Plastic vs aluminum. Wow. Will Lampard have a follow up to his child book “Frankies New York Adventure”? How many people will be drinking Red Bull? This is sad.

  • slowleftarm

    Fat Frank is going to have some problems with Dax next week. If he can be bothered to play that is.

  • He will get there as he is a true champion

    • Smith

      No. He’s here for the money at the end of his career.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    sounds like he’s heading back to Manchester City to get
    fit. Lol