Lampard Leaves Drama Behind: “I’m not here to rectify anything”



Frank Lampard‘s longer-than-expected recovery and his time at Manchester City have soured his reputation with the New York City FC fans. They booed Lampard when he made his season debut last Saturday. They have been calling for answers ever since.

But while the fans are still frustrated with his past, Lampard said he is ready to move on and focus on the future.

“I don’t want to rectify anything,” Lampard said. “I’m not here to prove, I’m here to win. I can’t change injuries, I can’t change circumstances. All I can do is try to help us win.”

Though the decision to remain in Manchester City was never Lampard’s to make, the player bears the brunt of the fans’ frustration to this day. He missed the first half of the 2015 season due to his Manchester commitments and the first 12 matches of this season to a calf injury.

He said the severity of the strain was misdiagnosed.

“It’s frustrating for me this year,” Lampard said, “I take injuries very badly. I’m not fun to be around. I live for my football. Every club I’ve been at, I’ve tried to work hard and win and I’m trying to do that here. I’m not rectifying anything, I want to play, I want to play well. Then I’m hoping the results personally and for the team come.”

Lampard was listed as questionable for several weeks until coming off the injury report before NYCFC’s match against Toronto FC. The club insists that they weren’t covering anything up with Lampard’s recovery. In fact, the midfielder did do conditioning training in recent weeks thus justifying the “questionable” status.

How bad was the injury? Lampard revealed he could not run for a month after suffering the calf knock in preseason.

“The injury was diagnosed as a small injury and it wasn’t,” Lampard said. “It was a bad calf injury. It’s been hard, it’s been a slow process getting fit. I’m starting to gain confidence. I had a good week of training last week but I wasn’t ready to start a game at the weekend. I’m getting towards that. I’ve lost the nervousness of having the injury.”

Lampard said he has no expectations about his future playing time, adding that the decision rests with head coach Patrick Vieira. Vieira said he is more concerned with how Lampard looks in training than with his playing time as well as Jack Harrison‘s, who also made his season debut after a long recovery.

“They didn’t train with the team, they didn’t play games so I don’t want to break them down,” Vieira said. “I just want them to believe in themselves. It is important for Frank to believe in his calf and keep playing and training like he has the past week. Then he will get 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there but what is important for him is to train every day and not to miss training.

“The game will come with how long he’s been training.”

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