Lampard will stay with Manchester City through May; loan may never have existed


It’s official; Frank Lampard is staying with Manchester City through the end of the Premiership campaign.

And that’s not all; his loan may very well have never existed in the first place!

In a terse statement, Manchester City confirmed they “extended Frank Lampard’s contract up to the end of Manchester City’s season, enabling his continued participation in both domestic and European campaigns.”

New York City FC followed that announcement with a statement from Director of Football, Claudio Reyna.

“Frank is a star and it is no surprise that Manchester City is rewarded by his contributions on the field every single day. He is eager to get to New York once his commitment ends in England and will be available to play on arrival as a permanent member of the squad given he will come to us having played at the highest level.”

With that controversial decision made, another controversy has emerged; reporter Mark Ogden of England’s Telegraph has insisted that Lampard is not — and has never been — on loan to Manchester City. Instead, he was contracted to the club directly through December and was due to begin his NYCFC contract on January 1st.

Backing up his report, neither the statement from NYCFC or Manchester City mentioned the word “loan.” Instead, Manchester offered they “extended” Lampard’s “contract” while NYCFC said they extended his “stay.”  For those following along, NYCFC have consistently said that the midfielder was signed on to the club, and was being loaned to City through January 1st. In fact, part of the initial reports were that Manchester would be paying the entirety of his salary during the loan agreement, but at no point did either club mention he was already Manchester property. Even NYCFC manager Jason Kreis publicly denounced the idea of having a Designated Player join the club at midseason, preferring to have all three of the team’s expected stars available for opening day.

“For me, players that enter in the middle of the season are typical fails,” Kreis told reporters this past summer. “The chances for those players to really contribute meaningfully in a second half of a season in MLS are very, very small.”

The muddied message from both sides and the lack of involvement from MLS on the situation seem to affirm Ogden’s report.

EOS tried to get a direct comment from NYCFC on the loan ordeal but were unsuccessful in acquiring a club statement.

Manchester City’s final match comes on May 24th. After a long, arduous season, Lampard will likely take a rest after the campaign and return to New York by mid-July to early August, missing the first half of the MLS season, and the early rounds of the U.S. Open Cup.

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  • Anonymous

    NYCFC walking around with a pink sock
    hangin out they ass

    • NYsoccerfan

      Brilliant. Sums it up perfectly.

      Remember however that Lampard belongs to Chelsea SCUM.

  • Smith

    ah, the lies of MLS

    I would rather sit in a college stadium and watch the Cosmos play on field turf than put up with MLS and its lack of transparency

    I will still see RBNY a couple of times yearly as I have been a supporter since the begining but I am sooooooo tired of Dandy Don and his nonsense

    This latest fiasco is just not acceptable

    Don has done good things in the pasy but NYCFC reeks and Atlanta playing in a football stadium reeks only marginally less

    • NYsoccerfan

      Lack of transparency…Garber would a great fit for FIFA….

  • Stevie

    Wow! People can actually go back and document factual and literal lies coming from Reyna. I think people could actually sue to get their season tickets refunded and have a very real case. I’m not advocating that I’m just saying it is a possibility.

    The fact that MLS leadership is totally silent makes me think they were wrong footed by CFG management. It is also a real possibility they played Garber like a pawn.

    Garber has been very clear that he was the driving force behind both the Chivas and ManCity deals. Add to that the fact that last years Golden Boot winner walked away from the league in the most embarrassing of ways and Garber’s public spat with the national team manager….man, league ownership better get serious about moving on from Garber.

    • Sean

      I disagree. This was a major error and Garber has some culpability. But he’s not the only one who authorizes these things. There’s a Board of Governors and I have a strong feeling the blame goes far around the league.

      As far as his spat with US Soccer, that is more than enough to continue to give Don my 100% support.

      • Stevie

        Man, I would take Klinsman over Garber as MLS commish in a heartbeat. don’s time has come. However, your point about other governors of the league being culpable is probably accurate.

  • Jspech

    Hee hee! Cheeeeese!!!

  • Fabio

    Ridicolous Man city, Reyna and above all Lampard !!!
    I don’t wish Lampard at NYCFC !!!!

    • Stephen

      Keep his American hating euro trash ass in england

  • Stephen

    Major egg on face!!! Eff arrogant lam pared he’ll be crap next half season. What a joke

  • Stephen

    No stadium no dp can’t wait till fire crush nycfc go red bulls go cosmos

    • The Public

      The Public demands a formal response from Nick Chavez to this article!

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