Lampard joins Villa in ruling out possible offseason loan

Frank Lampard


As he did earlier this week, David Villa once again dispelled rumors of a loan spell in Spain following Thursday’s New York City FC practice session.

And Frank Lampard joined him in that chorus.

Villa had been linked to a handful of La Liga clubs. Earlier this week, he went on the Murcielago show, a Valencia based program, clearly stating his desire to take the offseason to recover for the 2016 NYCFC campaign.

On Thursday, he reiterated his stance that a loan would not be realistic for him.

“The most important thing to do is to rest,” Villa said through a translator. “It will be a long season next year and I want to be able to go to Spain to see my family and my friends because I haven’t been there in awhile.”

Villa added that he has finalized his offseason plans.

Another man who falls under the same specter of an offseason loan is former Chelsea star, Frank Lampard. When asked about a possible move this winter, Lampard said he has also finalized his offseason plans — and they do not include a loan spell in Europe.

“I need the rest, I need to be fully fit next year for the club,” Lampard said.

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  • Cirris

    good deal, a full season with Lampard, Poku, villa, maybe Pirlo, and a few new editions. I could see NYCFC making a solid run.

    NYCFC really put themselves in a bind this season with most of the early season playing with a weak USL+ line-up.

  • maso

    Were teams actually interested in Lampard? Was Man City about to take him back?

    • William

      can we send Larry the loon back to Manchester

  • Anonymous

    Wow – 7 Points behind Orlando. 8th Place. Just wow.

  • Smith

    I love how this team blows leads.

    They’re so bad.

    It’s so much fun.

    Thank you for the laughs, guys.

  • William

    Villa is so soft