NYCFC’s Frank Lampard stretchered off field after injury with Manchester City


New York City FC, hold your breath.

The team’s second Designated Player, Frank Lampard, was forced out of Saturday afternoon’s encounter between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur after stretching for a challenge and apparently injuring his upper left thigh. The former Chelsea great was carted off the field in the 26th minute, replaced by Fernandinho.

Now the wait begins to learn just how severe his condition will be. In mild cases of quadricep strains, recovery can take from 10-14 days. More serious injuries could require surgery and would see the 36-year-old midfielder miss significant time — possibly affecting his anticipated debut with NYCFC in 2015.  By all indications, Lampard’s strain seemed anything but mild as the English midfielder winced and grimaced his way into the lockerroom area.

Lampard has enjoyed a strong run with Manchester City, netting four goals in six games throughout all competitions. Even against Tottenham,  he played a role in both goals prior to his exit; first with an assist, and then, drawing a penalty in the box. His work overall earned him the honor of being the “Etihad Player of the Month” for September — and has also sparked several rumors about an extended stay in Manchester City.  For his part, Lampard came out this week and said a loan extension was not in the cards.

With this injury, Lampard’s future either at City or NYCFC seem very much up in the air.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll hold my “breath” as well.

  • Lampard’s Thigh

    Maybe Frank can go to NYCFC & i can stay in England. I feel like a piece of ham off the bone today.

  • Lampard’s debut at NYCFC has always been “up in the air”. He was making it very clear he didn’t want to play in New York at any rate. Now he may get his wish.

    • Anonymous

      Leo Glickman with the usual anti NYCFC rant.

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