Lawsuit? Cosmos’ Orozco defends agent from remarks by FC Dallas’ Bazan



Steeped in two months of negotiations, Yohandry Orozco looked all but set to make a move to MLS outfit, FC Dallas.

Instead, he joined the New York Cosmos and that rosy relationship with Dallas wilted to the point of litigious threats.

How did this happen? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

As has been reported in recent months, Orozco’s agent was deep in conversations with FC Dallas Strength and Conditioning coach Fabian Bazan before being formally presented to the FC Dallas front office. Bazan, the former longtime Strength and Conditioning coach of the Venezuelan National Team, was eager to get the familiar Orozco on board with the club. Likewise, Orozco seemed eager for a new challenge following nearly six months of stagnation.

That didn’t go as planned.

If you ask Bazan what went wrong, it was a matter of money. Speaking to Venezuelan outlet Panorama, the Dallas staffer claims Orozco came with a high price tag — and some added, unforseen costs as well.

“In the case of Yohandry Orozco, it was a long conversation with his agent due to the situation he was currently living. We spoke for two months, came to an accord, but MLS does not allow us to sign players for one year. It is a complicated matter,” Bazan explained. “When we looked over the contract, we noticed that his agent wanted to earn more than the player and that is simply not possible.”

Orozco says that simply isn’t true. Speaking to EoS last week, the young Venezuelan was practically jumping at the opportunity to address and dispel Bazan’s claims — going so far as to insinuate litigation to resolve the matter.

“[Bazan] was putting together the deal between us and Dallas, but [Dallas] never delivered on the deal we spoke about,” Orozco tells EoS. “My agent then decided to go to the Cosmos. Bazan noticed and it bothered him. He then made some comments he shouldn’t have made. Bad comments. He is the one saying bad things, not my agent. He said my agent would make more money than me and that’s impossible.

“I wanted to clarify that and he can even be sued for saying something like that.”

For Orozco, this was just the latest problem to cap off a difficult 2015. Orozco missed six months of action due to on-going litigation with his former club team, Al-Ittihad, over unpaid wages.

Now with the Cosmos, Orozco is hoping to leave those issues behind. The attacking midfielder is hopeful to regain his form and fitness, with an eye on competing with his new club side and returning to the Venezuelan National Team.

“[Cosmos Head Coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese] knows I haven’t played in six months. He wanted to help me come to the Cosmos and he came to an agreement with my agent and i decided to come because they are giving me the opportunity to show face, to show what I have and to show everyday that it matters to be playing at any level,” he said. “They gave me the opportunity.”

“Perhaps people would like to see me on another club,” Orozco acknowledged. “But this is the club that game me the opportunity and I want to take advantage of that.”


  • Norma Ray Hudson

    The single entity is designed to undermine the bargaining power of players in order to keep costs down for the owners.

    Deep-pocketed (or foolish) NASL teams present a problem for MLS owners who care more than Bob & Stan.

    These irritating collisions of interest are long term good news for the players and their bargaining power

    • HydraHamster

      It’s also to keep investors/operators from bidding against each other for the same players. Basically, it’s a bunch of grown men who need another group of fellows to handicap themselves so they can have a better chance at success and money. It’s what every Business School teaches you, right? No, but they are having increase followers so who cares.

  • slowleftarm

    Too short for MLS

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