Leaked: New York Red Bulls 2014 Away Jersey


There won’t be a third jersey for New York Red Bull fans to look forward to, but there will be some noticeable changes to their traditional road garb.

FootyHeadlines.com has leaked the new-look Red Bull away shirt for 2014 and revealed details on the overall kit as well.

2013 and 2014 shirts

Unlike most away jerseys of year’s past, the shirt sports yellow stripes instead of the traditional white accents. The reason will make superstitious Red Bull fans happy; it ties together with yellow shorts — an article of clothing that has been viewed as lucky by many supporters over the years.

The uniform also adds a nice wrinkle. With New York becoming a crowded soccer market, the Red Bulls are leaving no doubt as to what region they represent, adding the city name to the bottom of the jersey.

The kit comes complete with navy blue socks to tie together the new look.

Blue and yellow are not necessarily the kind of combination that would make New York fans think ‘Red Bulls.’ Traditionally, the color combination has been a favorite of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Nevertheless, it won’t be the first time the Red Bulls have experimented with the road look. From 2007-10, New York featured a standard navy blue with white trim. However, the team did have some fun with their inaugural 2006 shirt and the 2011-12 road kits:

Old Red Bull Away Jerseys

What are your thoughts on the new shirts? Like the official incorporation of the “Lucky Yellow Shorts?” Is it too far off from the established norm? Give us your thoughts.

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  • KittyKat

    This is their sharpest secondary shirt thus far. The yellow stripes tie in nicely with the sun and serve to pull the whole shirt together, almost subduing the charging bulls on either side of the fiery orb. The inclusion of NEW YORK on the bottom reeks slightly of desperation as they seek to build their identity as a NYC team prior to the launch of NYCFC next season. Too little, too late perhaps? They’d be better served highlighting their NJ identity and embracing it.

    • I get the New York inclusion. It’s important to lay their gauntlet down with all the competition. But overall, this is a class shirt. The blue and yellow scheme always looks regal, and it finally makes the yellow shorts mesh in a kit instead of just looking like they ran out of pants!

  • Gustavo Calderón

    Can I purchase the uniform jersey

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