Five Lessons: DC United 1-0 New York Red Bulls


Are you a glass half full or glass half empty type of person?

Right now, those lines are clearly being defined in Red Bull Nation. Are the Red Bulls really as bad their winless record indicates? Or have they been sidelined by injuries and setbacks? Is the team at the cusp of something great offensively as they showed towards the end of their match against DC? Or are they unable to convert chances to opportunity? Are these not the Supporters’ Shield champions? Or do we have a cheap imitation this year? Is Petke up to the task? Or has the sophomore jinx settled into the technical staff?

Red Bull fans have fallen into two distinct camps on these issues. To use Petke’s own words, there is reason for “optimism,” but this is also a “results business.” Do you focus on the results alone in casting your judgement of this team? Or can you find rays of hope amidst the madness?

Our five lessons highlight a bit of both:

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