A Look At The Cosmos’ Attendance Woes



EDITORIAL – If New York loves a winner, then why aren’t fans showing up to see the Cosmos?

That is the question stumping everyone who is following the club this season.

After all, it has been a banner year for the Cosmos — on the field, anyway. They signed world superstar Raul. They have made impressive, first-division caliber signings like Adam Moffat and Gaston Cellerino. They drew a record 12,550 fans for their Spring opener. They beat NYCFC in Open Cup play. They made world history as the first pro team from the U.S. to feature in Cuba in the post-embargo era. They went undefeated in the Spring, taking the Spring title and wrapping up their postseason berth in June — with more than half a year to go in their campaign.

Away from winning the NASL Championship and taking the U.S. Open Cup, they have practically done it all.

Despite all of that success, the team has averaged a meager 5,113 fans in NASL play this season, placing them seventh in the 11 team league above only the sparsely attended FC Edmonton, the league-run Atlanta Silverbacks, the FIFA-embattled Carolina Railhawks and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, who recently underwent an ownership change.

Furthermore, the Cosmos have accounted for just 66,470 tickets sold in 13 home matches this year, which also ranks them seventh league wide — not the place you would want to see the NASL’s marquee franchise.

Cosmos Average Attendance

Lets put these numbers into context.

The Cosmos returned from their decades long slumber in the Fall of 2013, playing seven regular season matches at Hofstra. Those seven games remain the highest average attendance for the club to date. Interestingly enough, the closest they have come to matching that figure came this year during the Spring campaign, where they averaged 6,719.4 as opposed to 2013’s record number of 6,867.7.

Those impressive numbers were followed by a precipitous disinterest in the club during this year’s Fall campaign. With two home games remaining, the team has averaged just 4,109.1 fans per match through eight matches. Comparing apples to apples, that puts them below the Fall 2014 campaign average by a massive 16%.

Cosmos Total Attendance

NOTE: Each season has involved a different amount of matches played as follows: Fall ’13 (7), Spring ’14 (5), Fall ’14 (9), Spring ’15 (5) and Fall ’15 (10)

But the worries do not end there. Despite playing three more matches, the Cosmos have drawn fewer total fans for the Fall season than they did during the Spring of his very year, trailing their Spring totals by 724 tickets.

Some more uncomfortable facts: The team’s record total attendance number, just like their record attendance average, was set in the Fall of 2013. To highlight the club’s present day troubles, the Cosmos lowest attended match in the Fall ’13 season registered at 5,409 against the Carolina RailHawks. By comparison, that would rank it as the highest attended match of the Fall ’15 season, surpassing the August 30th Carolina RailHawks match (5,257) as the high water mark for the clausura.


When asked on various forums about the team’s unsightly attendance issues, Cosmos COO Erik Stover stated that scheduling issues with Hofstra are key to the problem. As a tenant, the Cosmos are low on the priority list at the University, relegating them to the least desirable dates on the calendar.

To put their woes into context, had the Cosmos advanced to the NASL Soccer Bowl last year, they would have faced a scheduling conflict with Hofstra due to a Lacrosse match being held at the stadium.

Could you imagine the NASL’s title game taking place in the 5k seat Belson Stadium?

The struggle is real — and there is truth to Stover’s claim. Out of their 15 game schedule, the Cosmos have played on Mother’s Day, Independence Day weekend, the weekend of the Catholic Pentecost and the Assumption of Mary, and of course, Yom Kippur. They are also scheduled to perform on Columbus Day weekend and on the day of Halloween.

Holidays are only part of the problem. A clear lack of coveted Saturday night matches has also hurt the club. The team has all of seven Saturday games this year at home, with six matches coming on Sunday, one on a Tuesday and another on a Wednesday.

Does Saturday make a difference? The answer, in short, is yes. Of the six Saturday matches already played this season, only one has failed to crack 5k fans in attendance (8/15 vs. Scorpions). Compare that to the total Sunday and weekday matches during the 2015 season, where the Cosmos only surpassed 5k once (8/30 vs. Carolina).


Another possible explanation for the steep Fall drop-off is the team’s unceremonious ouster from the U.S. Open Cup. Their first match against NYCFC was the third highest attended game in the Cosmos’ reboot history. Their ouster against the Red Bulls on July 2nd made for an uncomfortable and demure lead in to their Fall campaign on July 5th — even after winning the Spring season.

By putting so much emphasis in the U.S. Open Cup, the meaning of the regular season has arguably paled in the eyes of Cosmos fans. Once out of the tournament, people were less inclined to follow the action on a week-to-week basis.

Maybe it is the quality of play that is turning off fans as well. The Cosmos are a ground based, offensive minded club that, more often then not, suffers to compete against the majority of visiting clubs who insist on bunkering down in their defensive end and beating New York on the counter.

That has made for many a boring evening at Hofstra.

New York City FC’s addition to pro soccer in this area has certainly effected the way teams have done business in the region. How much of an impact that has made to the Cosmos is unclear, whether good or bad. However, it is worth noting that the Red Bulls have thrived under competition, surpassing team records for total season tickets sold since NYCFC’s arrival.

Behind these contributing factors is perhaps the most damning issue the Cosmos have to deal with: uncertainty. The team is going on year three in their chase for a once-promising bid for a stadium in Belmont. That hasn’t come to fruition. While that has stalled, the NASL has found itself embroiled in the ongoing FIFA scandal thanks to their connection to Aaron Davidson and Traffic Sports.

Whether it be scheduling, apathy, association, competition or uncertainty, the attendance issue is becoming a glaring problem for the team. For the first time in club history, they have drawn fewer than 3,500 fans for two consecutive matches. In fairness, Tuesday’s Fury encounter was an expected bust. However, there is no excuse for this Sunday’s Silverback’s match, which sold less tickets (3,326) than their Tuesday night clash (3,438) — on a gorgeous evening for soccer.

With four games remaining in the season, the Cosmos players are doing everything they can to make this year a success. New York trails the Fury by just one point in the combined standings, keeping their hopes of home advantage in play for the postseason.

But that clearly hasn’t been enough to draw, begging the question: what can remedy the situation?

It is tough to say. Stover did recently mention that the scheduling issues of 2015 would be lessened for the 2016 season at Hofstra. That is a start. However, this is still the same no-alcohol, no-public-transportation Hofstra that has hindered the fan experience for the past three years. While choosing Hofstra is a nice nod to history and perhaps the best possible fit for the club in the area, its functionality is proving more difficult year-to-year.

Their grassroots marketing efforts have been strong, but visibility on a grand scale has been noticeably lessened from past seasons. If that is a calculated move, perhaps it should be revisited.

Then there is the management of high-caliber superstar signings. The beauty of Marcos Senna is not only his willingness to take his extensive resume to the second division of American soccer, but his desire to be a club ambassador. He is a Cosmos evangelist, constantly spreading the word and engaging with fans. He has even agreed to talk about his Cosmos experiences candidly on these very pages to give his followers insight on his American journey.

Raul has delivered on the field, but the Cosmos have failed to leverage his position off of it, protecting him from the media spotlight instead of exploiting his star power. Remember, Raul’s acquisition was not just a sporting decision — he was brought in to remedy the team’s attack, establish the foot print of the Cosmos Academy and to bring attention to the team within the region. By treating him with the same deference and protection as the European clubs deploy, the Cosmos do themselves a disservice, losing the fleeting chance at garnering club attention through one of the game’s most celebrated superstars.

While all of these issues are contributing factors, the elephant in the room remains — and will always be — a soccer specific stadium. It is the one “silver bullet” solution that can once again revive the franchise.

As Stover tells EoS, “We remain fully committed to invest in our stadium and mixed use development. It’s essential to our future and the delays have certainly hindered our growth in the short term.” Few would argue that.

However, with the Cosmos already three years into what Chairman Seamus O’Brien has called his “10 year plan,” those short term issues have also drawn long term questions over the club’s sustainability.

As those issues continue to become more glaring, one message has become clear: there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix. Winning isn’t enough. Clearly. At this point, the only sure solution remains in the hands of the Empire State Development Corp. Until that situation is sorted, the Cosmos will have to continue their swim upstream in hopes of shoring their fan support, strengthening their ground game and making the best of the unpopular confines of Shuart Stadium.

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  • eltigreferoz

    I really hope for the best for them. Despite my initial cynicism and apprehension of having a rebooted Cosmos around (I am a Red Bull supporter), I think the team has done splendidly with limited resources and even more limited exposure. And they’ve done it in the right way. But more than those factors, I think their fans deserve a successful team. I was impressed with the numbers that traveled out to RBA for that Open Cup match (most from LI!) and who made some noise–many of whom we bonded with on the PATH train back. Our two sets of fans have more in common than not, and it probably took having the entitled Boy City around to realize it. In a more just world, they would be the second NYC MLS team. But regardless, I hope they pull through and stick around for good. I would share a beer with a Cosmo any day of the week.

    • Woot

      That’s one thing that I love about US soccer. We want it to work. I am a DC fan, 20 years worth. Red Bull is the team that I love to hate. Nothing against the fans at all. I want them to do well. I want NASL to do well, and even the Cosmos (whom I hated in their turn in the 70’s). The game needs rivalries.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Echoing Tigre. There is room for a third NY team, but the Cosmos have to look within for answers at least until Belmont happens. Marketing has been abysmal and they are invisible in media. Maybe some new blood in the FO before the stadium happens would stir things up.

    I dunno. I’m just an RB fan. What do I know. I’d just like to see them so better.

    • MTF

      Really? Abysmal marketing? Speaking as a big Red Bulls supporter, I see Cosmos posters on the LIRR, there are the digital advertising boards in Penn Station, there’s a painted billboard on Broadway in North Massapequa, Newsday covers them for cry in’ out loud. They advertise a helluva lot more than the Red Bulls. They are just the Long Island Ducks of metro soccer: once in awhile minor league entertainment for families and the local youth soccer clubs.

      • Troy

        Abysmal location. You can market the hell out of Hempstead but 5,000 fans per game is probably the top end of that as a destination.

  • Smith

    Before the comments devolve into name calling & insults, let me tell why I have missed games this year:

    1) It’s very hard to get from my job in Manhattan to Hofstra & back home to Brooklyn on a weeknight.

    2) Holiday weekend.

    3) I had tix to Red Bulls on the same night.

    4) Family event.

    Those are the four (4) I missed.

  • Anonymous

    All sides of the pro/rel debate can agree on one thing – First Division status matters.
    Things would be different if they were D1, but they’re not

    The odd thing about the Cosmos is that they can travel around in the offseason picking up some pretty nice checks for these little micro-tournaments like that hong kong thing

    Prizefighter FC

  • William

    All valid points by everyone really.

  • Red at the Tube bar

    Here’s the thing. Although I follow RB, I would support the Cosmos if I could find them. No tv, no radio, no ink, a home way too much of a pain to get to and even if I did, a **** lacrosse field. Christ the NY Liberty get more attention. Not trying to flame, just the truth. NY can handle 3 teams but the marketing on 2 of them is dreadful.

    • Woot

      NY can absolutely support three teams, but those teams need a natural constituency. Cosmos needs to be Brooklyn’s, or southern Queens. What about a redevelopment of Randall Stadium?

  • OpenCupFan

    Problem #1 – d1 label in US. That’s it, people dismiss it off hand just for not being d1.
    Problem #2 – Hofstra, not really Hofstra so much as lack of a better option/facility.
    On the other hand Cosmos name gets them level of exposure etc that would not be available to another team in the same predicament. Can’t discount this too easily either.
    But I believe all can be overcome if they get a stadium – so long as NASL is alive and well. I say this because even if they continue to beat both McWendys in the market, and even if they win the entire Open Cup a couple of times, not having their own venue will hamper revenue fatally. Could be wrong, but no matter how much they win they need a revenue producing venue. (Winning USOC etc is not easy, obviously, just saying even if they did it wouldn’t be enough)
    Stadium could fix all. Because, I believe, the big goal is hosting international friendlies. This will bring in revenue and exposure, which will help Cosmos and NASL. Honestly, beating #bushleaguemls McWendys will only get you so much attention unless you can beat 6 in a row, statistically difficult period – but hosting other Emirates sponsored clubs would get much more attention, imho. Or just hosting them in your stadium.
    Current revenue wise, only thing that is unclear is tv ratings and the related advertising/sponsor revenue. Yeah yeah, 1WS is small, but the telling thing is that the relationship didn’t end after year 1, it expanded. Don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, would love to know the numbers, but generally tv stations don’t expand coverage if it isn’t profitable for them. Actually expanded to incorporate the whole league as well. And no one knows the advertising/sponsorship money brought in. This is particularly interesting because of what comes out of Edmonton from time to time – yes, FC Edmonton gets low attendance, but they apparently are doing quite well in their tv market; been hearing good things about the Strikers as well since they got a tv deal.
    Personally, I’m quite content with the team’s progress and continued ability to attract quality talent. Only thing that will hurt these guys is if they don’t get a stadium – hey, it isn’t easy being different, what’d you expect?

    • slowleftarm

      Going to be tough winning Open Cup based on what I saw at RBA this year. So Cosmos goal is to host a bunch of meaningless friendlies? That’s the sum total of the global brand’s ambitions?

      • Tom

        @slowleftarm – The friendlies are only part of the plan and they have been successful. New York Cosmos won $200K prize money for winning the 2015 Lunar New Year Cup in Hong Kong, more money than the MLS cup winner gets!

        • Freddie Football

          And yet, is drawing crowds in Cuba, El Salvador, and Hong Kong but not on Long Island the answer?

          • slowleftarm

            MLS teams could go to those locations and draw similar crowds. They just have better things to do.

            • Dave

              Not 100% true.
              Certain MLS clubs would do quite well, but the Cosmos are also selling hazy fantasies of yesteryear.
              I imagine the Beckham Galaxy did some nice numbers on their friendlies

          • Tom

            @ Freddie Football – Like I said, just part of the plan, they made some cash and keep the Iconic New York Cosmos brand and rep as the USA’s most famous soccer club alive and in the international news. Other parts of the plan are obviously raising their level of recognition in NY and part of that problem is they must get their own stadium, get out of a poor stadium like Hofstra that inhibits their growth with its bad location and hinders attendance. With Cosmos in their own stadium and NASL attaining D1 in the future like they plan the club will be fine.

  • Kevin

    Great article. And great responses from everyone. I’m a die hard cosmos fan. Live and die with them. Enjoy them immensely. I read all of your responses and agree with all of them. I just wish Management for the Cosmos read them

    • south don cosmos

      Well said Kevin words I fully endorse.

  • Pirlo Wonder Pass

    The article could have just said: “Because no one likes them.”

    There won’t be an attendance chart in the 2020s.

    • BleedingRed

      The article also could have just said “Because America is done with the NASL.” The majority of American soccer fans want to build MLS because MLS has earned their support. There are still spots open before MLS hits its thirty team ceiling. The Cosmos shouldn’t waste another limited opportunity.

      • Too Little Too Late

        Cosmos had a chance and they didn’t want to give up marketing rights to the brand. Looks like it’s ending up costing them more than they would get from selling some t shirts and jerseys b

  • DanGerman

    The Cosmos should move on from the Belmont stadium situation, Albany see the attendance numbers and they’re simply not giving the Cosmos the land if they can’t draw people. And the fact the Cosmos are willing to pay for it all is not as attractive as they make it out to be, from my understanding all the other plans will do the same. They need to get out of Hofstra and do so soon. Another year of attendance like this one will only hurt the club in the long run.

  • Futbol

    The other major problem that has not been mentioned is that there is no assurance that New York state will approve the cosmos RFP for the property at Belmont. It is likely that nothing will happen and the state will not make a decision for the foreseeable future.

    Let’s say the RFP is approved in 1 year it will then take 5 years to get the stadium built (this included all the legal opposition from locals, enviromental studies and impact studies to the local area and then the 2 years of construction)
    Will the NASL survive 6 years from now given the current status as a D2 league , the lack of national television contract, major advertisers, strategic partnerships.

    It’s going to be a very difficult road for the Cosmos to get something built in New York.

  • Great article. I agree with it all. Couple of points from the comments.

    1. The Cosmos may not win the bid for the RFP, but it won’t be becauase of attendance. Any revenues going to the state is not tied to revenue the stadium would generate. Nor is it the case that the Cosmos would be the only thing happening in the stadium. And the stadium is just one part of the overall plan. The other two bids are for box stores.

    2. It will take less than 3 years to build the stadium if and when it is awarded.

    I worry for the project, however. The problem in this state, as we probably can all agree, is corruption. There are articles all over the internet discussing how Cuomo’s biggest campaign donors happen to be the same people who get contracts and development projects from the state. The Cosmos and their developer partner (whose name eludes me at the moment) are simply not important political players in New York State. Make no mistake, this was a political fix, and the ESDC was shocked as **** when the Cosmos came in with a bid.

    • MTF

      Attendance will be a cause. They are giving politicians no confidence that if they build the stadium they can draw 10,000 fans, let alone 25,000. What politician wants to risk political capital and see Elmont saddled with a White Elephant? There’s already a big hockey arena collecting dust in the Nassau Hub. I’ve said it before, MLS killed the Cosmos by admitting NYCFC. New Yorkers are apathetic to the minor league Cosmos.

  • OpenCupFan

    Why not? That’s the only interesting thing #bushleaguemls does.
    Just another typical trash comment from you, too bad you didn’t pay attention in school when they covered reading comprehension.
    Typical, hypocrite #bushleaguemlsbot technique of ignoring the post to single out one thing to attack with an irrelevant comment.
    I’m sending you to detention, and your punishment is to write an essay explaining why a team in Utah is named for the Spanish monarchy.

    • OpenCupFan

      Sorry, this was intended as a response to “Slow.”

      • slowleftarm

        Thanks for clarifying but, as always, you make no sense. Please try harder. One way to do this may not to post when you are so very angry. Calm down buddy!

  • Arsenal 10023

    The problem with the Cosmos is that they are a second division team with no chance of getting any higher in the pyramid – NASLs second division status really limits TV, radio and other revenue opportunities, lessens fan interest and most importantly limits the growth potential for each team in the league. This situation will not attract big time investors.

    Now you see why USSF/MLS are a problem for NASL. Without D1 status/or promotion relegation the Cosmos and NASL’s growth potential is limited and they will forever be viewed as minor league. Not a great outlook….without a change this team will never attract fans in great numbers.

    • Well I guess we will see about how accessible D1 status is in North America.

      The problem though Arsenal isn’t that we’re not drawing 20,000. The problem is we’re not drawing 7,000. Other NASL markets manage to do that. That’s what we need for now to keep things viable for a while, but still we fail to do it.

      • Arsenal 10023

        “Keep things viable for now” is not a long term strategy and will not attract investors in the future or stabilize the league. Until the D2 status of this league is removed it will continue to be viewed as a minor league and will struggle in a crowded sports marketplace. Bill Peterson knows this and is fighting like hell for D1 status or pro/rel.

        • Calvin

          In all honesty NASL is in danger of dropping to D3 Status if it doesn’t hit some more benchmarks. At this point USL is more established league than NASL and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it granted D2 status sooner rather than later. If NASL took a step back and decided to “play ball” instead of trying to knock MLS off of its’ perch, there is a way for all three to co-exist. NASL has to get over this idea that they are just as good as MLS. As this year’s Open Cup showed the quality of their league may not even be up to par with USL on the whole. And there’s no way for this league to get a CCL bid with the lack of revenue and stadium access it currently has. I’m not on teamMLS or against the NASL. This is just the honest truth of the matter from what I can see. And Minnesota United packing up and heading over to MLS only drives another nail in the NASL coffin unless it changes it’s strategy.

  • I’m a Cosmos fan. I’m a RB fan. I live in Queens. I’ve been to more RB and NYCFC games than the Cosmos each respective season. Reasons:

    1.) Shitty location. The number one and largest reason is location. Not just physical. Hofstra is a **** experience. Belmont would probably be equally as bad.

    2.) Shitty league. I don’t care who’s on my team if I’m watching them play FC Edmonton. One-sided superstars aren’t enough of a draw.

    3.) Shitty dates.

    I don’t think they care about attendance. Maybe it’s not that important in the Cosmos’ revenue model.

  • alex gago

    My heart was broken when NASL folded in 1984. I vowed never to live the beautiful game again. My heart opened up with news on a new NASL in 2010 full of joy and love for the beautiful game as my Fort Lauderdale Strikers were back and would play against the Cosmos once again. Now, were faced with NASL corruption, and the Cosmos woes once again and so without the Cosmos so goes the NASL in dust in the wind US soccer history.

  • Person

    I used to live in Suffolk County. It’s actually pretty densely populated compared to most places in this country. I think they could get decent numbers if they built their stadium further out on the island. They wouldn’t be getting the NYC crowd as much but I bet they could draw a decent crowd and it would probably be easier to build a stadium. Literally, most of the people in NY state live on Long Island (if you count Brooklyn & Queens).

  • Futbol

    here is more bad news for the NASL

    Dan Dickinson ‏@GothamistDan
    Sounds like NASL to Hartford is sadly — but understandably — dead in the water. http://wnpr.org/post/hartford-professional-soccer-stadium-project-all-dead-councilman-says%23stream/0

    • no one was concerned about that. Look out for Chicago, SF, OKC on line soon. Much more important.

      • Futbol

        So these are the teams that will be replacing Atlanta, Carolina, San Antonio and Minnesota?

      • DanGerman

        I’d really hope the NASL would focus on markets with little to no competition like Detroit or San Diego instead of those markets. SF won’t accept anything but a “Big time” team and Chicago would have to contend with an MLS team. OKC would go against an entrenched USL team that draws well. No those markets are not the ones NASL should go for Hartford would be better. I think you could get an Indy type team there and they’d have local rivals in the Cosmos but the prospective owner is an indicted embezzler so that’s a no-no.

    • Tom

      Hartford has never even made a NASL bid, and is in a market size not desirable to the league anymore since they have applied for D1 status. They’re looking at larger markets now with larger stadiums.

    • Bklyn Royals Fan

      Not good news, to NASL’s credit though, they didn’t announce Hartford as an expansion franchise like they did with Virginia and Oklahoma City.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of these comments. Hofstra is a rinky dink experience. However, I feel a big part of the issue is the lack of D1 status. Let’s face it in the NASL and USL no one really cares or knows much about any of the opposing teams. Pro/ rel would really fix this problem. The Rochester Rhinos are a prime example of how the US soccer pyramid has failed the team twice. Back in the late 90’s when they were knocking on the door of the MLS they were drawing over 13,000 fans a game which was a great number for the time. Yet they did not get into the MLS and things headed downwards from there. No in 2015 the Rhinos are once again a very good team. One could argue that they could possibly be the best team playing in NY state this year. However, again if you win the USL in their case or let’s say the NASL no one really cares. There is no reward for winning any of these leagues. You can not move up a division. And when you look at the Rhino’s attendance it is only around 5000-6000 this year. A big part of this is that the people know they will never move up in the current soccer pyramid. If people knew they might move up their attendance would be well over the 13,000 mark once again. The US Soccer federation is failing many markets in this country due to know pro/ rel and ultimately hindering the sports growth in this country. They have failed the Rhinos 2x now and I am sure many other markets as well.

    • I remember Doug Miller, dude could score. Never played for MLS however because no MLS franchise could pay him as much as Rochester could, given MLS rules.

      • slowleftarm

        And because he wasn’t good enough to play in MLS.

        • William

          actually I don’t u are good enuff to keep posted here I am looking for ban to come soon. Thank me !

          • slowleftarm

            Yes I can’t imagine why you aren’t banned already.

    • DanGerman

      USSF didn’t fail the Rhinos, Donner and the owners of the Rhinos failed them. There’s a really good article on this very website about it.

      • HydraHamster

        It’s both.

      • OpenCupFan

        mls bots can’t are so one dimensional. get a clue man

  • Anonymous

    Not quite. Read the article. The article fails to mention much of the politics that went into the stadium that they built etc. What failed the Rhinos was no one cares about lower league sports. Look at them now. They are a great team. Really. I have seen every pro NY state soccer team play this year. They may be the best. But there is no where to go. And the 2 million city limit for a MLS team is garbage. That rules out many of the EPL teams. You could take a city like Chicago and split their market among the NFL, MLB 2x, Hockey, and Basketball. Not a whole lot left for soccer. Where as a Market like Rochester could draw from Buffalo and Syracuse which are both less then 75 minute drive. The USSF is to blame for the lack of growth in the sport in the US. It will not surpass say hockey status until they have pro/ relg.

    • john

      Please stop with the Pro/Rel it will not happen in this country, it is not economically possible. MLS has made huge investments in infrastructure, investment in teams to allow Pro/rel.

      Soccer in the US will be follow the NFL structure and that has worked well for them.

      32 team MLS and then a second division that stays second division that is how soccer wil be in this country. It works fantastic for MLB,NBA, NHL, NFL they don’t have pro/rel and they are very successful.

      • Tom

        No need for the Divisional designations without pro/rel either – simply have a Major league moniker for the independant pro leagues MLS & NASL and dispense of the unneeded overkill stadium requirements and let the free market decide.

        A minor league designation for farm team/affiliate leagues like Usl would round out the pro league’s structure.

        • Correct Tom.

        • slowleftarm

          So in other words, alter everything to suit Cosmos? Nah, sorry that “global brand” just doesn’t have that kind of pull.

          • Tom

            Not at all, your leveling the playing field. They also need to create a fair system where USSF is truly independant and not connected unfairly to MLS. No TV deals connected to MLS for USMNT, no unfair representation of MLS on USSF groups to the expense of the other leagues. You may be afraid of that but it needs to be done.

      • HydraHamster

        I’m so sick of that excuse. If you like the Americanized sports system, then watch nfl, nba and mlb. Those sports have nothing to do with soccer. The Americanized way of soccer never worked. That’s way this country been through more than on D1 leagues. Americanized soccer is the reason for all of our past leagues deaths. Its also the reason for the USA having nothing, but mediocre to average players. Popularity does not mean anything when our player’s development [the right way] take a back seat.
        Arguments against pro/reg is more about fear than the facts. Americanized soccer never worked so way not try a system that’s soccer fans in this country that this country never tried in soccer? It would not hurt to make every club equal and having real divisions.

        • HydraHamster

          Sorry about the typo. I’m using my crappy cellphone.
          Way = Why

        • BleedingRed


        • John

          It’s not an excuse it is a reality why would anyone invest the hundred of millions dollars needed to establish an MLS franchise to allow pro/rel , they will protect their investment.

          They see how the NFL the amazing success that they have so that is the model MLS is following.

          This is the USA our sports are all closed to minor leagues and that is the way we do business in this country and it has proven very successful and soccer is very smart in doing the same thing.

          • Arsenal 10023

            You are looking at this purely from an economic perspective….but shouldn’t the objective be to produce the best players and win the world cup some day? Pro/rel is the answer and everyone knows this will produce better US players in the long run. Imagine at some point we field 88 teams (4 divisions of 22 teams). Each of these 88 teams would be required to maintain a Development Academy team underneath at no cost to the player. 88 cities across the USA with the opportunity to reach D1 and be crowned the top team in the country. Money would pour in to these 88 teams in a heartbeat if such an opportunity is offered.

            A closed system is great if you are in the MLS camp, but all other cities are left out with nowhere to go…..not ideal.

            • Smith

              One thing MLS has not done is produce world class players. The only truly world class player I can think of is Tim Howard.

  • OpenCupFan

    Biggest joke of all is saying mls put a lot of money into anything.
    USSF gives money earned by USNTs to mls, if we in this comments section (not including dumb ass mls bots) had money given to us by USSF we could do as much as, if not more than, #bushleaguemls
    Give me a break with b..s. mls excuses. Only thing propping it up is USSF, not anything they have done. It is embarrassing that NASL in five years is a threat to 20 year old #bushleaguemls.
    That’s why I say #bushleaguemls fans are suckers. S.U.C.K.E.R.S. Go take money from a lil kids academy again you hypocrites

    • slowleftarm

      NASL isn’t a threat though. MLS just cherry picks the teams it wants like Atlanta and Minnesota.

      • Freddie Football

        Do they? I thought it was the owners that are willingly leaving for MLS.
        Maybe I have it wrong.

        • slowleftarm

          Right, I’m sure any NASL would jump at the chance to come to MLS but MLS only wants certain markets.

          • Tom

            Fact is most NASL clubs aren’t interested in MLS and support the goal of a future D1 NASL.

            No need to spend $100 million on a McFranchise where they don’t even own the players in the single entity MLS mess. You say the NASL is no threat so get rid of the meaningless Divisional designations for the 2 independant pro leagues and let the free market decide.

  • Cosmos dude

    Oh boy, how can I start or end.
    Cosmos need to move out Hofstra and go to Brooklyn or Randall’s island for a temporary move, even pier 40.
    Cosmos need a fast move and it will only be temporary and I DONT BELIEVE COSMOS WILL GET THEIR STADIUM APPROVED DUE TO BEING NEW YORK POLITICS.
    Therefore, I say cosmos go use their money in Brooklyn or queens or go the easy road, swallow your pride and buy red bull.

  • rebel fighter

    Mr. Stover claims that scheduling is the reason why attendance is poor. Don’t buy it. Is he not the same person responsible for putting RB arena in Harrison? Mr. Stover needs to realize that the LIRR is expensive, say for a family of four. However, you play within walking distance off a city subway line your attendance would improve. Another reality check; playing within the city limits has more appeal than Long Island.

  • timmy gen

    no matter what you call them or tag them (call them Division 1+ – who cares), the cosmos are not up to par with the 2 NY MLS teams. The better cosmos players are MLS retires/rejects, and they are playing against teams that lost 7 in a row vs. USL Div. 3 teams – not interesting for the fans.

    • Tom

      But they are up to par, they’ve beated both MLS clubs. And this “MLS rejects” line by the fanboys is a joke – these players and others who have gone the other way from NASL to MLS can play in both leagues, MLS just likes to turn over their rosters so they can bring in new players to pay less.

      NASL players who’ve moved up to MLS like Johnny Steele, Luke Mulholland, etc play at the same level in both leagues and don’t have a hard time in MLS as its not a big gap between MLS and NASL.

  • Kevin

    Anyway the Cosmos can get out of Hofstra even next year. Are they tied into a multi year lease or is it year to year…

    • Smith

      It’s a year to year rolling lease

  • i am the nacho man

    Well its only 2 full years since the cosmos put a team and compete . so far NASL champions , international exposure,internationally draws more people and interest than any other American team . good ownership , but most importantly, a good team . now back in the new York , the problem can be the location . pier 40 would be cool

    • John

      Pier 40 prime NYC real estate to host a minor league team that can’t draw 3.000 fans you are dilusional.

      The cosmos are not know in NY what makes you think anyone knows who they are outside NY ?

    • slowleftarm

      What is the basis for saying Cosmos draw more interest internationally than any US team? MLS is on TV in a number of foreign countries. Meanwhile NASL isn’t even on TV here.

      • Tom

        The Cosmos are more well known internationally, easy to see except for the MLS fanboys.

        And if by foreign countries you mean MLS is on tv in UK the ratings are terrible and they all joke about the strange MLS single entity league and ever changing on the fly rules the MLS uses.

  • Newark

    said it before, and will say it again. the old Newark Bears stadium is a turn key deal just sitting there dormant!
    – It’s the right size
    – Cosmos would have free reign of scheduling
    – NJ Transit and PATH trains only 1 few blocks away
    – Easy access from NJ Turnpike
    – only 100 yards from I-280 with an exit right there
    – GREAT parking (a deck adjacent to stadium on south side and an open empty lot on north side).
    – To make it soccer specific, simple bleachers could be added to east side
    – Soccer history (old Cosmos played in Giants Stadium just one exit away)
    – Soccer hotbed Kearney/Harrison RIGHT THERE!
    – Yes, very close to RBA, but how close are teams in other cities (look at the UK leagues in all divisions).

    • OpenCupFan

      This is a cool spot actually. Not sure if it is the answer to the Cosmos problems, but it is a cool spot.

  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    it doesn’t matter whether you call nasl div. 1 or better than div. 1, or div. 5, its just a label mainly.

    The point is they are not in MLS with the 2 other big teams in the NY area, no matter what div. # its called. Their better players are MLS rejects and they play against teams that can’t even beat div. 3 USL sides at a turf lacrosse field, and only draw 3000 fans – they are not div. 1 nor ever will be, no matter who says so or labels them as such.

    No one wants to watch them on TV so they are not offered a real TV deal, they should focus on youth development and graduating up and coming players to MLS teams or Europe…

  • And MLS teams can’t beat English Championship teams, so I guess I’ll watch European football.

    • DanGerman

      Just curious, what do you base that statement on? MLS teams don’t play Eng. Champ. teams regularly. MLS teams have played friendly’s with Premier league teams and have shown well so I don’t think that statement holds weight.

      • slowleftarm

        He doesn’t base it on anything meaningful. Last week he said MLS was equal to League Two but when pressed admitted he had never seen a League Two game in his life.

        Championship games are on TV here and I’ve been to and seen plenty of them. The top teams in that league are probably better than MLS teams but there isn’t a huge gap in quality between the two leagues. I’d bet that ten years from now, MLS will be ahead of the Championship.

      • Base it on what I see and the fact that MLS franchise median payrolls are something between league 1 and league 2 in England. Combine that with the inadequate youth development when compared to Europe, and there you have it. If you think one MLS team would manage not to get relegated in the championship, you’ve really drank the kool aid Dan.

        The Championship’s payroll structure is exponentially higher than MLS. The teams in the championship have a long track record of player development, there revenues are exponentially higher. So what? Are coaches are just so much smarter than their coaches that they make up the difference? Give me a break. And slowleftarm, like I said, you really need to see a psych for your intense jealousy and obsession issues with me.

        • slowleftarm

          But Leo you admitted you’ve never ever seen a League Two game in your life. I have – it ain’t pretty!

        • Ulrich

          Gosh Leo, please tell me you don’t walk in to a courtroom armed with faulty information like you just posted…. a quick Google search pays dividends. English League 1 & League 2 don’t even show up on this list:


          Yes the Championship has a higher payroll than MLS, but it’s also skewed with the three teams that drop down from the EPL with their Parachute payments to supplement the EPL-level contracts they’re still holding.

          • Why are you so insulting Ullrich, is it because you’re insecure? Were you unpopular in school? I said median salary, not average. Do you go through life not knowing the difference. MLS’s average salary is wildly skewed by the few over inflated DP salaries. That’s why using median salary is more useful, and median salaries in MLS are roughly equivalent to low paying league 1 teams.

            And please, no need to worry about my legal practice. We are a wild success.

          • But hey, keep trying Ullrich, I don’t know why it’s so important to you to try to prove me wrong about something I said, you should concentrate on getting your batting average up above .000. If I state a fact, it’s because it is what it is, a fact. Maybe your focus should be on learning some facts, rather than being obsessed with me and my professional life.

  • Kevin

    you can’t put the Cosmos at old Newark Bears Stadium, Red Bulls Stadium is 10 minutes away. No sport puts two teams within minutes of each other literally.

    • slowleftarm

      Plus the capacity is only 6200. I know that’s more than the current average attendance but I assume they aspire to draw more than that at some point.

      • Newark

        Giants/jets Liverpool/everton Chelsea/arsenal man u/city. Celic/rangers inter/ac, the list of successful close proximity goes on.

        Newark Kearney Harrison would easily support the cosmos even with rba right there. There is soccer history going back close to 100 years right there. Simply try to avoid games on same day at the exact same time. And if nyrb are playing a Saturday 7pm game, Cosmos could easily play a Saturday game starting anytime before 3pm. No one can say people wouldn’t go for a Cosmos/Red Bull double header on a nice summer Saturday.

        Yep I know 6000+ seats now. I know the stadium and area well. 6000+ would almost double hofstra attendance. That’s what makes it turnkey. But bleachers on east side will more than double capacity to 12-15k depending on how it is built. Because of the existing outfield arc from baseball, plenty of room for bleachers. I’ve been there. It is a beautiful park and perfect for NASL soccer.

        And… IT WOULD BE THEIR OWN STADIUM. And a beautiful soccer specific one at that.

        • OpenCupFan

          I think it would be perfect for Cosmos B, with some games from Cosmos. Great for community outreach in the metro area.
          Long term want to duplicate Euro model super club model not sure NJ would – or LI for that matter really. Kinda needs to be in the city, at least it see,s that is the belief.

  • smurf040

    I had a Cosmos representative called me up and asked if i would like to become a season ticket holder. As much I love the Cosmos I respectfully decline. He asked me for the reason, I told him quite simply, as much as my kids (and I), love going to Hempstead, I also want to spend some quality time there. (having a couple of beers). I told him, get a stadium and you’ll have me as a season ticket holder. The team is not the problem, not at all. They’re run by very competent individuals and play beautiful soccer. But as long as you’re playing in a minor league field and on top of that, you’re playing in undesirable dates, you are going to be looked as MINOR league. Build a stadium,,, and we will come!

  • MPArch

    Cosmos should’ve been the second NY team in MLS. It’s a shame they weren’t. I’m an RBNY fan and I can say, their fans deserve better (venue/schedule-wise). The fans that came to RB Arena for the US Open Cup match were louder and more passionate than the NYCFC fans that have made the trip in the past.

    I’d probably watch their games too if they were on MSG or SNY, but they’re not. I don’t get One World Sports.

    • Ali C is my man

      Blame management.

  • OpenCupFan

    The NASL is the most powerful and richest leagues in all the world. Cosmos getting 5k a match is a huge threat to not only NYCFC but Chelsea, Bayer Munich, etc. I call them plastic. We are head and shoulders above everyone, well, except the Hofstra Lacrosse team. Even Putin is threatened by us. MLS is bush league and if you say anything nice about them you work for them. Because I know MLS would hire people to comment, I am that much of threat myself. Snowden wants my e-mail. Sure the MLS have the TV contracts, but the Cosmos are the best run richest powerhouse that ever existed. We will buy the Red Bulls. Really. We will. I’m not just saying that. I graduated high school. I know economics and hash tags. Cosmos power!!!!

    • slowleftarm

      Finally this guy makes some sense.

      • William

        yet u never make any sense thus the continual problem – hey did u ever get me an answer on the MLS cup yes the winning of it from the Harrison team ? don’t run don’t hide. be a man for once and stand proud for that failure of a team.

        • slowleftarm

          Why are Cosmos fans so angry? William, Leo, “Open cup fan”. They’re probably all the same guy but either way these are some angry angry folks. Calm down!

          • William

            not angry at all I can see you have quite the passive aggressive personality pity the person who comes in contact with u face to face – this is bad enuff. Thanks ace !

            • OpenCupFan

              They only reason the Cosmos weren’t on Forbes richest teams with the Dallas Cowboys and Real Madrid is the MLS conspiracy. If you buy tickets to NASL you are superior and probably filthy rich. MLS is for suckers. Cosmos have billions. They might even buy Manhattan and level it. We have washed up stars, so what. We are in the billions in revenue. Kaka, Dorgba, all bush league. Long Island is the soccer capital of the world. Sure this version of the Cosmos and the NASL has nothing at all on earth to do with the last one, but I’ll show you. NYCFC is broke, Red Bulls own a bunch of teams but they are broke too. I am OpenCupFan, I am smart and I know math. #hashtagscoolguywinner

              • OpenCupFan

                This #bushleaguemlsbot is misquoting me.
                Actually, USSF has the tv contracts and they are giving the to mls. Not sure how can any anything nice about #bushleaguemls when it is only surviving by taking the tv money earned by USNTs – so yeah, you’re a #bushleaguemlsbot if you say anything nice about #bushleaguemls.
                Now go back to posting about how cool it is to take $$$ from little kids soccer academies.
                Support your local independent soccer clubs.

                • OpenCupFan

                  USSF and North Korea are hashtagging us. It is all a giant conspiracy. Cosmos are just a local indepedent soccer club. Cosmos are independent. They are not in any league. Cosmos give billions to youth academies. New York Red Bulls have youth acadamies where they got Matt Miazaga. They charged him $33 million to play. They stole from his parents.

                  Oh wait, I’m just a complete loser.


                  • OpenCupFan

                    Tv deal is thanks to USSF and USNTs – mls is a joke.

  • JC11

    1. Location: A study of NYCFC fans ask them the reason they attend NYCFC games. The number one reason location of the Yankee stadium. Easy to get to.

    2. Competition: When they play the Red Bulls or NYCFC they come close to or sell out Hoftsra stadium. Even a bad location can be sold out with the right competition. Most soccer fans in New York no nothing about the other teams in NASL.

    I am a Cosmos fan, because I grew up with them in the 70’s attending games at Giant stadium. I became a season ticket holder because Hofstra is easy for me to get to. I do feel bad for the player when there are only few thousands fans in the stands. They deserve more. If the stadium in Belmont ever happens I will continue to be a season ticket holder. If they build a stadium in Brooklyn, Westchester or New Jersey I will go to a few games a year. I want soccer to be successful in New York and the United States. The Cosmos are my primary team, but I route for both the Red Bull and NYCFC when they are playing other teams. If all three teams can be successful it is better for the New York soccer fans, the growth of soccer in this state and in this country. Good luck New York Cosmos. I love the passion for New York soccer I see on this site.

    • William

      great stuff

    • Jack

      I see I need an editor. Let’s make this happen New York Soccer fans.

    • Smith

      Location is key. For every team. I had tix to multiple Red Bulls games this year. A couple were on weeknights. I missed them because I couldn’t get out of work by Columbus Circle on time to make the long path trek.

      • slowleftarm

        Isn’t RBA closer to Columbus Circle than Hofstra though? It actually doesn’t seem that bad a ride to me. 1 to Chambers, 5 minute walk to WTC, then 20 minute PATH to Harrison. Probably under 45 minutes.

        • Smith

          Yeah, but it’s a slow ride by either car or train at Rush hour Wen to the game two nights ago. There was an accident on the turnpike. 2+ hours to get there. Got in during the national anthem. Brutal.

          It’s not a bad train ride TO the stadium BUT coming home the lines to get on the train are horrible.

          We go, but let’s be frank, Harrison isn’t a great location either.

          The main reason NUCFC draws aside from newness is location. One can actually GET to Yankee stadium in a fairly painless manner.

          • MTF

            Game ends and you walk briskly to the PATH station to be one of the early riders in the crowd. It’s not that difficult. I’m going to Long Island after games. I take the PATH in the opposite direction to Newark Penn and then hop a NJ Transit train to NY Penn. Go with a friend…have an extra beer waiting for your train…it’s not too hard a few nights a year.

            • Smith

              Oh, we do it. We just don’t like it.

              Sometimes work issues stop me from leaving on time.

              As for walking briskly, I kinda like to linger and soak up the atmosphere but u have a point

  • OpenCupFan

    2 articles about the Cosmos in a week, both over 100 comments.
    What’s going on, why all the concern about a team nobody cares about.

    • OpenCupFan

      #naslfolding #jokeclubleague

      • OpenCupFan


        • slowleftarm

          Yes but half the comments are from you and the rest are from fans of big boy teams laughing at Cosmos fanboys like you.

          • Larry’sslowlefttesticle

            now lookee lookee here. this here be the chief muckitymuck aka i is the pappy of my boys larry’sasimpleturd and slowleftteste and i musta apologize on behalfs of dem fools. i knows i shoulda pulled out of they mamma bunghole when i was ready to splode and make a mess all ova her back, but she was so tight and squeezing me so nice i didn have a choices when the time cums, so i’s fills her up and tree weeks later she shats out my two boys larry and slow. an i try an raise dem fools up the right way but they came out the mamma ass so they is gonna always be ass backwards them boys. dem fools grows up watchin and belie ving the soccer mls’s don garbage and ussf a ssssunny gimmes me some money an slobbing they knobs all day ova dere an whatnots. and i try everything i can thinks of, slapping ’em beating ’em. i even try and flush ’em back down the toilet where they shoulda gone when they came out they momma ass in the first place. i tries to tell em boys to be free minded but they inisists on gnawin donny an sunny’s dingleberries and belie ving what dey is told. these boys is fools and they my fools. so i must be pologizing to you alls you here for they ignorance bout certain things. i gives you all my permissions to slap my boyz n dey shitmouth when they spill donnies an sunnies ejaculations from between they teefers. dem fools aint been nothing but troubles on my mind since they was shat into creations from they mammas vacuous bowel. it has been almos twenty years since i makes my last internets statment and i hates to be coming out of retirement for these here foolish boys of mines, but being the chief muckitymuck an they daddy an knowing my friend william shatner’s approvals of this here motion, i declares my boys to shutting up as the shitz dripping from they mouths be getting all stank up in here…

  • Kevin

    Actually thought a good chunk of comments were actually constructive. Nice to see for a change… Cosmos fans and supporters just be at the game on Sunday,plain and simple. See u there

    • DanGerman

      Kevin aside from a few people here and there I think the Cosmos have a lot of fans who wish them well but also follow local MLS sides as well. I really do think the team could get a few extra thousand fans just by being accessible to NYC residents. The smack talking unfortunately starts to happen when certain fans of the Cosmos see a constructive criticism as talking bad about the club when in reality you only want them to do better. Now banter is banter but some fans need to better recognize the difference.

      • Smith

        You are correct. I support the Red Bulls but go see the Cosmos too. The guy a few rows ahead of me supports NYCFC and goes to see the Cosmos as well. It is common.

      • Tom

        @DanGerman To Be fair the smack talking blame has to include the useless comments that come from @Larry’s A Simpleton and @slowleftarm.

        Generally good banter in this thread of comments though, less uneducated info to weed thru this time.

    • john

      Cosmos will have there usual 3,000 fans at the game. Nothing will change and on Monday do a google news search for NY Cosmos and see all the articles and coverage on the world famous Cosmos ou will see no articles as usual.

      • Larry’s A Simpleton

        john is correct. the phrase to note is “nothing will change”. nasl can get div 1 status tomorrow morning and nothing will change.

        no sponsor (major or otherwise) is going to start throwing $$$ at the nasl simply because they are all of a sudden labled div 1.

        no network is going to start throwing barrels of $$$ at the nasl because all of a sudden they’re labled div 1. trust me, nobody at fox or espn is going to look to get that scintillating Indy vs San antonio match on coast to coast tv because its must see tv.

        nothing will change for the nasl. and the delusional types like open cup fan, jspech, and billy boy can yell and scream all they want, but nothing is going to change. reality is a bitch, aint it?

        • Larry’sslowlefttesticle

          now lookee lookee here. this here be the chief muckitymuck aka i is the pappy of my boys larry’sasimpleturd and slowleftteste and i musta apologize on behalfs of dem fools. i knows i shoulda pulled out of they mamma bunghole when i was ready to splode and make a mess all ova her back, but she was so tight and squeezing me so nice i didn have a choices when the time cums, so i’s fills her up and tree weeks later she shats out my two boys larry and slow. an i try an raise dem fools up the right way but they came out the mamma ass so they is gonna always be ass backwards them boys. dem fools grows up watchin and belie ving the soccer mls’s don garbage and ussf a ssssunny gimmes me some money an slobbing they knobs all day ova dere an whatnots. and i try everything i can thinks of, slapping ’em beating ’em. i even try and flush ’em back down the toilet where they shoulda gone when they came out they momma ass in the first place. i tries to tell em boys to be free minded but they inisists on gnawin donny an sunny’s dingleberries and belie ving what dey is told. these boys is fools and they my fools. so i must be pologizing to you alls you here for they ignorance bout certain things. i gives you all my permissions to slap my boyz n dey shitmouth when they spill donnies an sunnies ejaculations from between they teefers. dem fools aint been nothing but troubles on my mind since they was shat into creations from they mammas vacuous bowel. it has been almos twenty years since i makes my last internets statment and i hates to be coming out of retirement for these here foolish boys of mines, but being the chief muckitymuck an they daddy an knowing my friend william shatner’s approvals of this here motion, i declares my boys to shutting up as the shitz dripping from they mouths be getting all stank up in here…

      • Tom

        Wrong, search shows up multiple stories and some pics of the fans(hint- quite a bit more than the 3000 you wrongly predicted).

        Cosmos are averaging 5054 per match at the moment, below the NASL average of close to 6K but thats Hofstra for you, they need another more accessable stadium with a better location as most educated fans know.

  • Newark
  • Kevin

    Newsrk. It’s a beautiful stadium and it would literally cut my travel by an hou. You compared the hets/giants and all the English teams to the Cosmos/RB location. One is the NFL, the other r English teams that have neighborhood storied tradition. I think Brooklyn is our best chance. We go to Newark under the shadow of RB I think it makes it worse. We need to continue to create our own identity

  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    agree with the notion that “nothing will change” if nasl gets 1st div. status or whatever “super league” name status you want to put to it.

    It is still a minor league product that lost 7 straight games to 3rd. div. USL teams, and the cosmos only get about 3000 fans per game minus the bobblehead nights. Real TV won’t suddenly pick them up if they are named something better then now. The better players in the nasl are still MLS retirees or rejects, it is a lower level, plain and simple…

    • Redundant Man


  • George

    It’s the stadium. I have never been to a worse stadium. truly truly the lousiest stadium ever. Horrible surface. The words “Hostra” in bright blue letter in the middle of the field. It’s completely exposed (every game I’ve been to, the wind has been awful! I want to go, but it’s unbearable. And it’s hard to get to unless you have a car. I hate it hate it hate it!

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