Jason Kreis out as NYCFC manager after inaugural season



Jason Kreis has been relieved of his duties as head coach of New York City FC for failing to reach the MLS Cup playoffs, the club announced Monday evening.

“The decision to part company with Jason and his team after two years of working together has not been taken lightly and this is a difficult announcement for all involved,” team president Tom Glick said.

“We thank Jason for his passion, his efforts and for his contribution to the historic inaugural season of New York City FC.  Many memories of this first season will be indelibly etched in the minds of all involved with the Club and Jason and his team have played a huge part in that. We wish him all the very best in what will undoubtedly be a continued successful career in soccer management.”

Kreis and the board had agreed to set a target of reaching the postseason in their first season of play, according to the club’s statement. The club also added that 37 points and a winning percentage at about 30 percent did not instill enough confidence in the board that he would be able to turn the team around for next season.

The club also announced that assistant coaches Miles Joseph and CJ Brown will also leave the club.

The club said it will appoint a successor shortly to ensure that they are in place before the team begins preparing for its second season in January.

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  • Johnny Feelgood

    This is nothing but a minor ‘bump’ in the road. I can’t explain how proud I am to be a season ticket holder for such a pure, authentic, vibrant, grassroots organization that is NYCFC. I have total faith and trust in the best run football ‘club’ in the world. When I settle into my third base line seats I get overcome with peace, with love…with a sense of meaning. Like I belong. And NYCFC belongs to ME. I have to go now…..my raw chicken is waiting.

  • CosmosPetke

    The crap thing about this is even though I’m in my 30’s, I left the Red Bulls because of the Petke firing and came here. Now this happens. I’m a compplete loser. All the others who joined me are now complete losers too. We even pitched in for that billboard. We are pathetic.

    • The people behind the billboards kept supporting RBNY and didn’t jump ship, compadre :)

    • ashta

      Count me in too as a two time loser (with my principles however in tact); leaving Red Bulls for Petke’s sake and now NYCFC (with whom I really fell in love) for Kreis’s sake. No, they haven’t learnt anything from the Ruud Gullit days. They want to now bring in Capello (a guy on a crutch) for the sake of Lampard and Pirlo who are already in wheelchairs! What is in this great stupidity called ‘Football Ownership and management’?

  • Nick the Dick

    ….could be worse…how about a nycfc tattoo? Then you’re a REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS IDIOT.

  • Matt Rasmussen

    Even with Lampard and Villa before the the season started, why etch in stone “it’s post season or bust” with a brand new team? Kreis will be with another MLS team within two years so I wish him better luck and reasoning with the next owners.

    • BleedingRed

      It won’t take him two years. There are enough teams looking for a coach for next season.

  • :-)

  • I have to confess. I’m a buffoon. A first class buffoon. I really thought we (boy city plastic loser idiots) were going all the way this year. Someone please help me. I keep writing letters to the front office to state my case and demand they recognize my importance but nothing happens. That’s why I’m a buffoon. A loser,a fool,an idiot and a down to earth buffoon. Someone hug me and please tell me we’ll qualify for 6th next year?! If not I may just off myself. How can I live without my blessed and angelic boy city not qualifying in a watered down MLS? It’s time for a letter to the commish…

  • The Insider

    Like I was saying a few months ago, Kreis is out.

    Trust me. I’m on the inside.

    Now listen carefully :

    1) Poku is going to Eutope

    2) One of your DPs is leaving

    3) Season ticket renewals are not as brisk as hoped for and there is real concern

    • Lester the messter with the face pushed in face

      Cindy? Cindy Adams? Is that you? Where is Eutope?

      • The Insider

        It’s a joke, you ass. I’m crossing Europe and Utopia.

        Jesus Christ, is every fan of this team a fucking a moron???

        • Cirris

          When you mash words, it’s customary to just start one word and end with the other, like “Europia” or “Eutopia”. “Eutope” looks like you got fat fingers and mistyped “Europe.”

          • the insider

            No, my fingers are slim. I run; unlike Pirlo who can’t run more than 30 feet without desperately gasping for air.

  • Nick Chavez

    You fools don’t understand what it’s like to be part of a big, worldwide club.

    I do.

    I’ve neen a Madridista for 13 years after all.

  • Go ‘mos

    Who’s next to run from the dumpster fire?!

    Come out and defend your Manchester City daddies, you fucking Lite shills.

  • Cosmo

    I never saw kreis lasting at nycfc, he’s an overrated coach and doesn’t have the experience to handle big name players and a billionaire owner.
    MLS needs new blood in coaching and as the salary gets better and as teams have a better scouting, things should get better.
    I also don’t understand how no MLS teams go after young German coaches or Mexican veteran coaches.
    I would have like for fire to gotten mexicos Herrera and bielsa to the LA2.

  • Anonymous

    This “team” is going to be so much fun for the rest of us to watch!
    They have absolutely no concept of what works in this league and they’re too arrogant to even imagine that they don’t have all the answers

    It’s as if someone took a time machine back to ’96 and gave James Dolan an MLS franchise

  • RobStyles

    LOL. I truly believe NYCFC is making a mistake firing Kreis. At least for his sake he gets out of there before complete disaster ensues.

    • Ali C is my man

      I seem to recall a lot of NYRB ‘fans’ saying the same thing about 10 months ago when Petke got the boot.

  • stop playing with my mind !!!!

    I’m a proud customer of real Madrid, Barcelona, man city .

  • Cirris

    Kreis didn’t want Pirlo for the exact reason that happened in games. Pirlo is a defensive liability.

    It was obvious at that point the Front office and their manager were not on the same page.

    I totally see Kreis landing somewhere quick. Unfortunately for him most of the quality teams in MLS are static with their coaching staff. Maybe Toronto FC will want him over Vanney.

  • for kreis sake

    Unfair sacking. Fat Frank, Ol Man Pirlo and that wretched Back Four have blood on their hands tonight.

  • MTF

    NYCFC has learned from watching their cross-the-Hudson rivals: fire manager, win Supporters’ Shield.

    • Realist

      Actually, it’s a play out of the old Metrostars playbook, “Bring in big name players and coaches and fail miserably.”

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    Kreis is a good coach but he was a bad fit with this team. I thought it was a bad sign when he subbed Villa off in Villa’s first game and Villa and him had words as he was coming off the pitch. Kreis is better off with a young team that doesnt have a lot of big names.

  • Nick Chavez

    Kreis’s firing shows that CFG really cares about NYCFC’s results.

    I know..I’m Nick Chavez..the most interesting man in the world.

    I don’t often watch American Soccer..but when I do, It’s NYCFC.


  • Rip

    This comment board is like a circle jerk of NYCFC trolls. It stinks like sex in here.

    • Grampard

      It never ceases to amaze me how much effort the NYRB and Cosmos fans put into trolling every NYCFC article.

      Their impotent anger gives me almost as much joy as the tears of sad Mets fans.

      • Justin

        But what you said isn’t trolling? Your teams were on the golf course first this year. Sounds like sour grapes

      • Troy

        I don’t see anger from RBNY fans. More like schadenfreude.

        • Rerun

          Isn’t that a German dish? I had it once with a side of ‘kraut.

    • Nick Chavez

      You THINK you know what sex smells like but, let me ask you..are you the most interesting man in the world?

      Have you been a Madridista for 13 years?

      I think not.

      I don’t often post on soccer web sites, but, when I do, It’s EOS.

  • ty

    New York Man-City once again teetering. A lot of neckbeards in Brooklyn are upset. They’ll be stuck in that stinker of stadium forever. Hey NYFC hows the stadium thing any word?

    • Justin

      Reports are that NYCFC is so desperate to be as similar to Man City as possible that they are looking to move to Citi Field in 2017.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember how long Bruce Arena lasted with RBNY. Was it more than a season?

    • Maso

      I don’t see how they move to citi field, home to the mets, when they are part owned by the Yankees. Why don’t nycfc or the cosmos move to Randalls island?

  • Lou Lozito

    Actually I wish man city light moves to Alcatraz and the Cosmos move out of the country. I hear a couple people love em in Sweden.

  • William

    isn’t this larry the loser’s team ?

    no wait he is on the Cosmo board talking about the lacrosse field at Hofstra – get some brains Larry get some brains

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