Kreis: No Manchester extension for NYCFC’s Lampard, Villa set for Melbourne loan


New York City FC boss Jason Kreis did not mince words when addressing reports of a loan extension for Designated Player Frank Lampard at Manchester City.

“I would say that there is no truth to that rumor at all,” Kreis said while addressing the organization’s participation in the MLS Expansion Priority Draft.

The flurry of rumors began out of England, with the Daily Mail reporting an extension for the former Chelsea midfielder. From there, several outlets throughout the world picked up the story and echoed its message. It only accelerated after the English midfielder scored on his former team to earn Manchester a 1-1 draw vs. Chelsea.

While Kreis would not comment further on the matter, it seemed clear the former RSL boss expects his player in camp this January.

As for the other Designated Player on their roster, Spanish goalscorer David Villa is set to begin his loan journey as well. “He is set to go over to Australia, I believe, the first week of October and start up down there for at least a month,” Kreis explained.

Villa is the club’s first Designated Player, joining NYCFC this past June. NYCFC were able to secure a home for their new star with Melbourne City; an A-League team within their burgeoning global footballing network (City Football Group). Awaiting his loan, Villa has spent his time in New York City with club trainers, keeping fit for the coming campaign.

  • Sam U El

    The great part about this is we will all know if Kreis has any heat with his Man City overlords in January.