Manchester United Return To Face The MLS All Stars At Red Bull Arena

"Guess who's coming to town" Image/AP

The spectacle of the 2010 All Star game left an indelible mark on the minds of MLS fans throughout the country. 70,000 plus packed a sold out Reliant Stadium in Houston to witness Manchester United completely dismantle the league side 5-2 (And, let’s be honest; it wasn’t even that close).

This year, they will have a chance to avenge their loss in the first ever rematch of an MLS All Star Game.

Some would argue that the opening jitters of playing against one of the Worlds elite sides, in front of an unusually large crowd of 70,000 plus played into the hands of Manchester, causing the All Stars to make mistakes early and often. You need not look any further than United’s goal in the 22nd second of the first half off of a terrible defensive giveaway for proof.

Well, this time MLS has leveled the playing field (as much as they possibly could of course). The cozy, 25k seat Red Bull Arena will host this years All Star, game in an atmosphere that will certainly be more familiar to the MLS players. That’s right folks; one of the greatest spectacles in the 2011 MLS Season will be taking place in your backyard.

Just how serious will Manchester be taking their offseason challenge? Let’s just say the war of words has already begun.

From the MLS Press Release:

“We’re delighted to have been invited to play the MLS All-Star Game for the second year running,” Ferguson said in a statement. “Last year’s game was a special occasion in front of a noisy, passionate crowd. Obviously we’ll be looking to repeat the performance and the scoreline.”

Wayne Rooney, El Chicharito and the rest of the Red Devils will take on the MLS All Stars at 8:30pm on July 27th. Will you be there? Share your thoughts on this mega-rematch after the jump.

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