Marcos Senna: Raúl “very interested” in joining Cosmos


New York Cosmos midfielder Marcos Senna has a history with legendary Spanish striker, Raúl. Both were key figures in the buildup of Spain’s National Team program and are highly regarded in their country for their work in La Liga and around the globe.

Recently, there have been reports of a reunion of these two Spanish greats under the Cosmos umbrella. During the team’s trip to Dubai, those rumors grew as the former teammates met not once, but twice in just a few weeks time.

EOS caught up with Senna at Cosmos media day where he offered a revealing first hand look of the situation.

“Honestly, he is very interested (in coming to the Cosmos),” Senna tells EOS. “Of course, he is under contract and he couldn’t say ‘yes, I am going,’ because he is under contract and is a very professional person. Of course, he has to complete his contract, but afterwards, you never know what can happen.”

Raúl’s current team, Al Sadd, happened to be in Dubai during the Cosmos training camp for an Asian Champions league encounter against Al Hilal. That offered the perfect opportunity for the former teammates to meet. “We got together at the hotel and we hung out a while,” Senna said. “Later, we met at the Aspire Academy. That was really impressive.”

Aspire is based out of Qatar, meaning Senna would have to make one final stop at the end of the Cosmos training camp before heading back home to the States. Cosmos coach and Sporting Director Giovanni Savarese accompanied Senna for the meeting. Savarese plays the lead role within the Cosmos organization on player acquisitions and recently lauded the idea of signing Raul.

“We are definitely interested, but he is a player that is playing for another club and we have to respect [that],” he told EOS this past February. “Right now, I can say what we have been saying so far; he is still under contract with another club. He would be a great player for us. If we were able to do that, it would be a tremendous situation.”

Senna’s confirmation dovetails with an EOS report from January claiming “mutual interest” between Raúl and the Cosmos.

For now, Raúl is under contract with Al Sadd through the end of the season. Sources tell us that the Dubai club may control an exclusive negotiation window after the contract ends where they hope to offer him another year in Dubai or reigns to the Aspire Academy program. If he rejects either offer, and postpones thoughts of a rumored retirement, he could possibly arrive Stateside in time for the Fall Championship season.

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  • Anonymous

    Well i have to say he is no Demichelis now is he ! :) keep trying NYCFC

  • These rumors keep circulating and keep getting flared up and I love it everytime they do. But wasn’t there news recently about Raul retiring? I guess all retirements are meant to be broken! Lets see how this ends!!


    • Tough to say ‘rumors’ when Senna is playing the point man and admitting to the connection. Nevertheless, retirement can be an option — especially if it means Raul taking over the Aspire Academy. Lots of tempting offers off the field too.

  • Anonymous

    look how many hits Cosmos news has over anything else ! NY knows what they want & it didn’t even take a noobie fan getting a TAT !

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