Be The Drink: Marsch wants up-tempo side befitting Red Bull moniker


So what will a Jesse Marsch led New York Red Bulls team look like?

The answer is in the can.

The new Red Bull boss addressed reporters Wednesday afternoon, offering his vision for what New York should look like on the field — and drawing inspiration from the very energy drink company employing him.

“To get quickly and briefly into the playing style, this is an energy drink,” Marsch begins.  “And from the beginning, it’s been clear that Red Bull, as much as there have been some talented teams here and I think there has been success, moving forward, I think they want to honor playing a more dynamic and up-tempo game and incorporating more young players and now, having a new direction.

“That fits well with who I am as a coach and how I think about things.”

To make that happen, Marsch spoke about keeping the team’s core players in Luis Robles, Dax McCarty, Eric Alexander, Lloyd Sam and Bradley Wright-Phillips, and building around them with a proper mix of youth and veterans.  Some he will cultivate from the draft.  Others, the Red Bull Academy. One veteran signing he sees vital would be at centerback, where New York lost standout MLS defender, Jamison Olave.

Regardless of his personnel, however, the former Impact boss wants to improve upon the team’s straight forward playing style — a hallmark of the Mike Petke era — adding a worldliness in their style of play, and a touch of energy-drink inspired aggression as well.

“This team will be organized, that is for sure. We have to build in a lot of sophistication in terms of tactically how we defend and tactically how we move forward,” he said. “In the modern game, whether watching MLS or international games or games at the highest level, you can see now incorporating players that are good on the move is very important, then arranging your team to use their strength.

“I want our team to be very organized but explosive and aggressive, on the move, with and without the ball.”

  • Dan McD

    Isn’t this exactly what Petke did when he switched the team to a 4-2-3-1 this season? Sure, it was out of necessity, but that’s a more sophisticated formation than a 4-4-2, right?

    Not that any of this is Marsch’s fault, but it just seems like every “justification” for removing Petke is totally hollow. As if the decision was made and then some reason had to be invented to match it.

  • “I think they want to honor playing a more dynamic and up-tempo game and incorporating more young players and now, having a new direction.”

    And how is this different than Petke’s goal for the season?

  • F****** bullsh**. I’m sorry, can I say that?

  • BG

    Success doesn’t come in a can

  • “this is an energy drink”

  • Tim

    “this is an energy drink,” Marsch begins. what an efn joke.

    • Garth

      Unfortunately it’s not a joke. He is serious.

  • Sam U El

    Well if yer gonna work for **** in a can you may as well embrace it.

  • Concorde

    But it was Petke who had them playing the most hi-tempo soccer in their history – peaking in the early playoffs against Kansas City and DC at home… That was some of the best (most “serious,” as Ben Olsen called it) soccer MLS has seen, i believe.

    Then Marsch talks about filling out his roster with college guys and academy players. None of them are good enough !

  • Sam U El

    The Don said that the owners are committed to MLS but the optics tells a different story. This has all the looks of a team that is reducing costs in preparation for a fire sale.

  • brian

    His comments reek of b.s. corporate approved management-speak. He’s a shill for Red Bull and a yesman for the new SD. The firing of Petke and hiring of this lackey seems to be much more about changing course of the whole team. Downsizing and saving money, are the priorites now, they might call it improving efficiency. This team and organization is heartless.

    I’m done with Red Bull, and it feels so good. I hope to be back in Harrison one day soon though, after Red Bull is gone.


    • Miles

      Brian, I am 100% with you. I will gladly spend my money in Harrison as soon as Red Bull is out of the ownership buisness. Breaks my heart, but I to fell so much better…

  • JP

    Marsch, you ARE IN OVER YOUR HEAD! You and Ali will be bagging grocery’s by June! and Petke will be on a winning team that is not managed by retards.

  • Paul McCrary

    Why not move Alexander to CB and then sign quality CB. That gives you a mid of Oyongo, Dax, Bover, and Sam. If you resign Cahill, he plays forward with BWP.

  • Paul K

    This is astounding. As a season ticket holder, I can say:
    We like “sport” because it is authentic-hence the dislike for steroids or cheating. What if Wise Potato Chips owned the team instead of a fake company selling the “sizzle” (no steak there) of colored water with caffeine-then would the team be expected to play a more cerebral style? Mike Petke was focused on the true goal-winning, not promoting the Red Bull lifestyle brand. This direction of the team makes me sick and needs to be undermined and sabotaged by any and all (players included) who care about the game. Shame on MLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I don’t disagree with some of the things they want to do (espcially the plan about home grown players) but I fail to see why Mike Petke could not be a part of that. I don’t know how good a coach and cerebral Jesse Marsch is, but he guided the Montreal Impact to the absolute last place in the league, not just in the Eastern Conference, this past season. Is that a good record to replace Mike Petke?

  • Mario

    This is exactly what I said when this decision was made. This is such a typical corporate douche answer. This is what we are going to deal with till Ali Curtis gets fired. This guy is turning the Red Bulls into a corporate boys club who would rather study spreadsheets instead of actually watching a game.

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