Epidemic: Marsch Blasts Refs, Says Officials Protect NYCFC DPs



HANOVER, N.J. – Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch has been vocal about his issues with officiating this year. That was apparent once again following the team’s 2-2 draw against the Philadelphia Union this weekend.

However, with the Hudson River Derby coming this Sunday, the Red Bulls boss went public with his concerns, hoping those same issues don’t mar the final derby match of the season.

“I’ll say this: going into New York City this weekend, I respect the way David Villa plays. He’s a great player. But he gets a piece of every defender before the ball comes,” Marsch said following the Red Bulls training session on Wednesday afternoon. “He fouls throughout the entire game. He hardly ever gets called for it and if him, Pirlo and Lampard get touched they go down, they draw fouls, they draw yellow cards and it’s an epidemic across the league of these referees who just want to give the benefit of the doubt to star players.”

Despite a pristine record at home with six straight clean sheets and only two losses, the team has dropped a number of games on the road with second half mistakes and uncharacteristic mental lapses. Against NYCFC earlier this month, the team was defensively fragile and couldn’t push their signature high-press to bully the game. Marsch adds officiating to those issues, vocally decrying the referee’s role in matches which he feels have contributed to the team’s woes.

“When you go back and watch the [Philadelphia] game, from the start of the second half, the referee just decided that he wanted to give the Union a little bit of an edge on every little play,” said Marsch. “It’s a trend that we’ve seen with referees.”

The Red Bulls enter Sunday’s game against NYCFC with a lot on the line. Their Bronx-based rivals have their eyes set on maintaining first place in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, the Red Bulls are looking to get their season back on track. After a season high four match winning streak, the team has scored just six goals in six matches, earning a single win in that span (1-2-3) while consistently falling short in the waning minutes of matches.

With the team’s latest draw against Philadelphia, Marsch hopes officiating isn’t what sways the NYCFC encounter.

“We’ll see who gets assigned to this game and we’ll see if he can handle the business,” says Marsch. “The frustration that we have on the referees and the way that we feel that we just don’t ever get the benefit of the doubt, one penalty call all year.

“That frustration continues to mount,” he continued. “I’m just waiting for the referees association, I’m waiting for referees, I’m waiting for anyone to recognize the fact that we’re an honest team that plays in an honest way and gets punished for calls, for plays, for penalties, the whole bit across the board and we never get rewarded.”


  • slowleftarm

    A great coach gets the excuses in before the game, not after. That way he gets into the ref’s head. If NJRB lose this weekend, it’s not because we suck, it’ll be because of bad MLS referees.

    • slowleftarm

      I haven’t posted on this site frequently in months because it’s filled with Cosmos trolls but when I do come back, without fail, someone (Angry Bill) has posed as me and posted something nonsensical. He must do this every day. I guess when you support Cosmos you have to do something for entertainment.

      • Larry\’s a Simpleton

        f.cosmos fans are brainless, witless twats. they dont have the brain power to interact and the best thing they can come up with is pretending to be someone else. they’re sad. just like their team. just like their league.

        angry bill, leo, opencup fan, jsprech. they’re all dieing a slow death. it kills them that there are going to be more people at RB Arena on the 30th than the f.cosmos will get for the entire 2016 season.

        really sucks to be a f.cosmos fanboy. Independent soccer leagues just aint what they used to be.

        • slowleftarm

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. Do you still want to cuddle tonight?

          • Larry is a simpleton

            I want to spoon!

        • Angry Bill

          My deepest and sincerest apologies. You see, as a Cosmos fan I am retarded and making childish slurs and pretending to be someone else is the best I can come up with.

          I really, really wish the Cosmos played in the big leagues instead of the 3rd Division. I have no idea what I’m going to do once the Cosmos go out of business.

          Maybe one day I can come out of the closet and be proud of who I am. I’ve been to Red Bull Arena more times than Shuart Stadium, so I guess when the NASL goes out of business I’ll support Red Bull New York in the open.

  • Nat Mac

    I like Jesse as a coach but these complaints never look good.

  • troy

    Not what I would do but clearly he’s frustrated. Villa does bump and grind like he’s in a mosh pit and never gets called. Lampard and Pirlo do go down easily too. He’s right but will it do any good? Not likely.

  • Jolly roger

    Marsch is the twat here. Such a whiney little bitch. What do you expect from a Princeton douche after all…