Red Bulls Notes: Marsch clarifies Shield stance, backs Lade, more



HANOVER, N.J. – New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch may have spoken out of turn on Friday. In fact, the context of his words were so well understood, that several outlets didn’t even mention the statement.

But reading something in black and white can still be a damning thing.

After a 5-2 defeat at home against Orlando City, Marsch told reporters he didn’t care about the Supporters’ Shield. Most understood the context of his declaration. However, a small swell of anger forced Marsch to clarify his words after practice on Monday.

Of course I want to win the Supporters’ Shield. My point is that we can’t focus on the Supporters’ Shield itself,” Marsch explained. “We have to focus on making sure we move along.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that but I didn’t mean I don’t care about it. I mean I don’t care about looking at it now and saying we want to win it. I want to make sure we continue to honor the process of becoming a better team.”

Being the front runner is something new for the New York Red Bulls. After the tumult of the offseason, New York were a team that was clearly written off by several media outlets, pundits — and even a good portion of their own fanbase. Today, they stand two points out of the Shield race with two games in hand on leaders, LA Galaxy. From players to staff, the Red Bulls have mostly avoided talk about the Shield, preferring to stick with the “us vs. the world” mentality that has brought them to prominence. That is the perspective Marsch hopes to keep going – Shield or not.

“What is really important for us is to maintain the focus of a day-in-day out, game in and game out mentality. That has gotten us to where we are and that will take us where we want to be,” Marsch said. “The only team that is going to take care of the Red Bulls is the Red Bulls.”

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Dropping five goals on a night against any team would be a reason for a club to worry. For New York, losing in such fashion against a bottom-dwelling Orlando City side only made it worse.

With such a large number of goals allowed in a match, defenders have fallen under scrutiny — particularly Connor Lade. The 25-year-old Livingston native was consistently victimized on the Orlando counterattack, forcing the question of his potential as a starter for the stretch run to the playoffs.

Marsch put all those doubts to rest.

“I think that is a little unfair to Connor,” he said. “I think Connor has been really good since he stepped in and he has helped us for a big stretch of the season. We were on a run where we were winning a lot of games with Connor.”

Lade found his place as a starter after regular Red Bulls contributor Chris Duvall fell to injury. He has made 15 appearances on the year, starting in 13 of the club’s last 15 matches. New York has lost all of four games in matches he has started.

“We made a few reminders to Connor and let him know to continue to have confidence and belief and to let him know we have confidence and belief in him,” Marsch said.


  • Marsch on Sal Zizzo as a RB option: “Sal certainly has done well. He has adjusted well to the right back position. He provides something different, he is probably more of an offensive threat, but it is important that whoever plays there really can shore up things defensively.”
  • On The Orlando City Match: “I actually think there was a lot of good. First half we played quite well. We are a little lucky not to get in 2-2 …We need to revisit a couple of things defensively as far as our tactics but I am confident we will get better.”
  • On Changing The Team’s Style Of Play: “It’s not changing anything, it is adjusting what the other team is giving us. Some of the lessons are important because they apply to playing Columbus this weekend. Last time we played them, they abandoned the way they are playing and played direct Kei Kamara in the air and tried to pick up second balls. We have to be prepared for Columbus to show up and play like that and perhaps be brave enough to play through us.”
  • On Zubar’s yellow card: “He was probably waving his arms!”

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  • Lade really good,Miazga a star,Zizzo great….cmon now this guy can’t be serious can he??

  • Anonymous

    Revisit a few things defensively???? You got your ass kick 2:5 to expansion, non-playoff team at home. And you got tosswed for running your mouth. Please stop talking and just coach. I miss Petke’s “to be honest with you” quotes. At least he was a straight shooter. Marsch? Not so much.

  • William

    I cant believe it but Marsch is a worse coach than putz Petke

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