Marsch loses cool, gets ejected in loss to Philadelphia



A controversial handball call cost the New York Red Bulls some late momentum — and the cool of their head coach.

Jesse Marsch was ejected in the 90th minute, arguing with the fourth official over a called handball on Bradley Wright-Phillips. Afterwards, he grabbed a pair of balls, spiking one at the feet of Philadelphia Union boss Jim Curtain’s feet, and the other against the wall.

“I had to try to induce change in the referee somehow because he was basically calling every foul for the Union,” an angry Marsch said in his postgame press conference. “So … laughable.”

His frustrations were apparent throughout the game as New York lost the lead on two second half goals from Chris Pontius. “It was a case of mentality and not being up for the challenge in the second half, and thinking that because the first half was totally on our terms that the second half was going to be easy,” he said. “I tried to inform our team that in the second half Philly was going to pick it up, that they were going to get laid into by their coach because they got their butts whipped in the first half. And then they came out and whipped our butts in the second half.”

But the call on Bradley Wright-Phillips intensified that rage. As Wright-Phillips attempted to chest down a ball at the top of the opposition’s box, he was called for a handball, stifling New York’s momentum as they were attempting to equalize the game.

In response, Marsch lost it, apparently taking issue with the referees and possibly Curtain.

“Incredibly disappointing,” Marsch said. “Another horrible way to give away a game on the road.”

Marsch wasn’t the only ejection as assistant coach Mike Sorber was also shown the exit after throwing an additional ball onto the field in an attempt to kill time off of the clock. The move only further angered Marsch.

Marsch will be suspended for the first game of New York’s 2017 US Open Cup campaign and could face a longer suspension depending how severe the federation wishes to deem the punishment.

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  • Eric B

    Fouls were 14 for NY and 12 for Philly. Somehow, that translates to “basically every foul for the Union”. Saying the Marsch lost his cool implied that he had any to begin with.

    Also, it’s spelled “Curtin”, not “Curtain”.

  • slowleftarm

    We didn’t take the tournament seriously. Without Robles, Felipe, Veron, Henry, Cahill, JPA in the starting lineup – it was basically our USL team out on the field. A ref ruining the round of 16 against Philly? Never! Just wait until next year.

    • Jenny

      ahhahahahahahh SOS boo hoo boo hoo yay wait till next year sure. Delussional !

  • smurf040

    That “they didn’t take the game seriously” excuse has to go. If the coach doesn’t up up his best “A” team out on the field then don’t complaint when the other team gets the best of you. Put the best team out on the field so you have the best option of winning and avoid all this referee controversy. Don’t blame anyone for losing but yourselves!!

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